motogp world championship


Espargabros, Moto2 Catalunya GP 2011

You can measure a week by the size of its trends post.

  • In current events: While Nigeria peacefully elected a new (former) president, the Indiana state legislature legalized discrimination. Also, finally, thankfully, a framework agreement with Iran

  • It’s Passover: Just a few more hours to clean out all the crumbs. 

  • In business: Jay-Z and other mega-millionaire musicians announced Tidal. The new music streaming service promises to democratize music in the same way super PACs democratize politics. Also, a copy machine named Coppy.

  • In things to get excited about: The Trans Day of Visibility would’ve been unthinkable a few years back. #wearyellowforseth helped a little boy with SCID feel pretty damn special. And blackout is now a monthly occurrence.

  • In music: Load up on guns, bring your friends, there’s a new Nirvana documentary. Spencer Smith (Panic! At the Disco) is taking a well deserved break. And we remembered Selena. The beloved Tejano singer died 20 years ago this week.

  • In gaming: Incongruously beautiful Bloodborne fan art considering the subject matter.

  • In entertainment: Comedy Central announced that Trevor Noah would be the new host of The Daily Show and the slowly greying head of hair by which we measure the passing of the next two decades. Wrestlemania was the fullest nelson. And the Kids’ Choice Awards: the largest consumer of gak in the continental United States. 

  • In Tumblr stuff: It happened again, and why shouldn’t it? Mishapocalypse.
  • In sports: Riding for Yamaha, Italian Valentino Rossi took the top spot at Losail in the first race of the MotoGP World Championships. 

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