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MotoGP Legends on Marc vs. Valentino

Phil Read:
“Valentino was very clever, actually. He’s been pushed out of the circuit by Marquez, but he realized: Pick it up, go straight, jump the kerb and gently open the throttle and go straight. He won by 50 metres! Brilliant riding, brilliant.

I think it was a racing incident that Valentino took advantage of. That Marc caused him to run out of road but he made an advantage of it. Cut the corner, but terrific, yeah!”

Giacomo Agostini: 
“I think Valentino can not cut the chicane, but Marc can not push him out, so. I think if I’m the jury I stop the race just in the corner. So who leading, is the winner. That time Valentino leading, so he’s the winner.”
(This is pretty much what RD’s line of reasoning was, with the addition that Marc also cut the chicane, so it ‘balanced out’.)

Freddie Spencer: 
“You know in the end Valentino won the race. And he was definitely the strongest during the race. Marc tried - he did a very good job trying hard in the end, and made up the distance but just couldn’t pull it off. But for him to come back, he’s had a rough couple of races. So he rode a good race too.”

Casey Stoner (Didn’t see the race):
“No I haven’t had a chance to watch the race yet, I’ve been down here doing these sort of things. Heard a little bit about what’s been going on and Valentino miraculously pulled it out again. I heard it was a fantastic battle, so it’s fantastic I mean Assen has always been a track that Valentino has been very competitive on so. He looked good all weekend, you know with pole position I think it was going to be very hard to take the win away from him.”