Bike is all packed up and I leave Fort Wayne tomorrow at 10am! First destination, Little Lost Creek Conservation Area in Missouri. 434 miles, 8.5 hours avoiding interstates, and it’s a free camping spot from what I gather.

And, as a small reminder, if you’re feeling generous,

Thank you to the one person that has donated so far, that’s honestly more than I imagined I would gather. It’ll pay for the first days gas and a small snack.
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July 23rd, I'm packing up my motorcylce for a cross-country trip with no destination at all. I have no plans to where exactly I'm going, when, or when I'll be back. Follow me on Social Media on and past that date to see my travels: Instagram Facebook Tumblr That's what I'll be on, and roughl...

So, here’s something not many people know, but I quit my job a year ago to travel, and I’m finally getting around to do it on a motorcycle. 

Since, I’m not a rich person and I’ve had people offering me support when I take off, I made a gofundme to make that process a little easier. I’m not in trouble, not in need, not even begging for money, just giving those who have offered me support a way to do it.