I love Marc dearly and I love the way he rides, and I even kind of love that he took a stupid chance here, but I’d also like to know how he defines mistakes, because he’s made plenty this year, but only classified some of them as mistakes.

Like today he says he made the perfect last chicane. The perfect line. Well, ideally, yes, except Vale was already on it, as he had every right to be. Two riders don’t fit in one space, as we all know, and as Marc very well knows. He tried, he failed, and Vale seems pretty cool with it.

If Marc doesn’t realize at this point how incredibly lucky he is that Vale made it through that gravel trap and to the finish line, then I don’t know what is going through his mind. Does he understand the clusterfuck he avoided by not taking Vale out today? It’s time to shut his mouth and move on now. Make no mistake: Vale remembers everything, and if Marc wants to play games, he’ll be stepping up to someone he’s not quite ready to take on yet. At this point, there is no off-track fight with Vale that he can win, and he would be wise not to try.

To sum it up: there’s only so many times the master will let the puppy make a mess before he rubs his nose in it. I love Marc, but he needs to do himself a favour and reel it in here.