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DAY 2721

Jalsa, Mumbai                Sept 20/21,  2015               Sun/Mon  1:02 am

Witnessing the lives and times of those that have contributed in their creativity, a level that has changed the world we live and exist in, has quite obviously put thoughts and suppositions in the mind .. 

At once a person of limited means considering the advent of greater things and preparing in anticipation of it, has always been a most motivating experience .. we have witnessed and lived in those spheres, in our minds several times, but have never had the courage like many others, to bring it to fruition .. those that do so, show greater belief in their own capacity, or have been desperate in their desire for achievement .. may they be blessed, for they have had vision and compliance with it from a very early age .. these are special individuals, that need special understanding and concern .. their dedication and will, has been storied and replicated often enough, but it is only when in your moment of contemplation, do you find that there are several motivational aspects to it, that it is never too late to indulge ..

The main moto from their lives has been to not wait for the right moment .. but to make the moment right by getting into it, living in its uncertainties, and continuously accepting failure, often enough, for one to stand out and be of eminence .. 

There is an age and time for severe contemplation in the times that we live in. Often we wonder when that right age and time shall be. The time is to stop wondering and to start .. just start … things shall fall into place as we move along. If they do not then we have erred, mistaked and need to now move to another sphere  .. there is never going to be a correct time and place to initiate anything new and adventurous .. its the mind that shall decide .. the mind shall speak to you and tell you to hold or move or simply to be where you are .. and when it does .. then nothing in the world should stop or prevent you form doing it ..

Communication and its ease, has given window and apparel to express whatever they or any other may chose to express .. many find reason to compliment, to love, to show allegiance and togetherness .. but there are those that do not .. and they shall and do show revolt and accusation ..

When the truth is in your favour, then any amount of threat or deliberate accusation, shall always be codified .. this may not agree with those that put forth accuse, or blame or fault to you .. but the facts of life are never too far away from identification .. 

My laughter at some of the pernicious accusations thrown at me, may or may not satisfy the accuser .. for them it is seldom the nature of the accusation .. it is the mere publicity of it all .. the fact that they were brought to notice simply because they took a swipe at that fruit laden heavy tree, the falsely accused !

Be of concern I tell them in silent breath .. they that are and were, the real and main, involved in the accusation that you throw at me, shall be given opportunity to laugh, for they see that the attention has been diverted to another ..

Catch them that are involved. Do not give them an opportunity to laugh in false consideration, knowing that, not they, but someone else is being accused for what they have done !!

This is then the reality ..

It took 25 years .. yes ladies and gentlemen of the extended family, 25 years .. for the Chief Prosecutor from Sweden to bring out the truthful statement on the Bofors Scandal .. and to announce that the ‘Bachchans were never involved in it, and that worse still, their names were asked to be planted in the list of culprits ..’

There is that joke that I once read and heard many a year ago, about the Jew, persecuted and traumatised throughout his life and through several generations, of reaching the doors of Heaven and asking the Lord ..

“ Lord .. is it true that we are the chosen people ..?”

“Yes my son .. that is correct .. you are the chosen people ..” boomed the Lord’s voice in reply ..

To which the Jew replied : “ Well, do mind choosing someone else for a change ..”

When you are blamed, accused, charged with, arraigned, for deeds that you have never even been involved in, it has sometimes occurred to me to speak to the Lord and say similar, like that tormented Jew !!

Those that are traitors to not just their land of birth, but to their very themselves .. they shall never be in the presence of the Lord. Their guilt, later at the inconsequence of their falsehood, shall deliver to them the wisest of thought, when they shall reach where they should reach ..

Limited time and deed of active of delusional speech and thought, shall damage more, than that which lives in peace of his or her solitude.

Those that shall seek truth, do not and shall not seek the truth for its intrinsic value, but for the value of its detrimental and utterly undiluted rubbish that flows out to portray nothing else but lies and attention seeking device.. 

I shall not ask the Lord to forgive them, nor shall I lament my ‘chosen’ request. I shall bend more towards them that pleasure themselves through the pelting of their stones meant for a tree, bent with the burden of its laden fruit .. and cherish the fruits of my labour .. not the size and dimension of the rocks that come my way …

Remain in good heart and unlimited joy of existence .. 

Amitabh Bachchan