The Storyline of Kid Cudi's Albums

A Kid Named Cudi: Scott’s day to day life
MOTM I: Scott Mescudi’s experience on Earth and his dreams/nightmares, explaining “In My Dreams” and the scenes called (nightmare)’s.
MOTM II: The protagonist, Scott, almost overdoses on cocaine, as in real life, becoming Mr. Rager, specifically in the song “Mr. Rager”. Mr. Rager then realizes the battle is with himself and so he kills himself, hence “The End”
WZRD: Mr. Rager arrives in heaven: “The Arrival”. He meets God in the “Upper Room”
Indicud: Mr. Rager is sent back to Earth, “The Resurrection of Scott Mescudi”, stronger and powerful; he is the “Lord of the Sad & Lonely”. In the end he begins his Journey back to the moon in “The Flight of the Moon Man”.
Satellite Flight: Scott’s, or the character’s, journey in space, which is why it is a prelude to MOTM III. This explains the songs “Satellite Flight”, “Going to the Ceremony”, and his goal which is “In My Dreams 2015”: to be back on Earth, hence “The Return of the Moon Man”. Now the cliffhanger comes here in “Troubled Boy”. We thought he was all ok and powerful, but he is still “troubled”; yet, he must show them, his enemies perhaps?, that he is “stronger”. The album and song ends with “Goodbye”. How is Mr. Rager? How is The Lord of the Sad & Lonely? How is Scott? We don’t know, except for he is troubled.
MOTM III: Scott returns to the moon, hopefully; that is his goal. Does he make it? Who knows?

Scott is a genius. For me, the beats, the lyrics, the sounds, overall, don’t need to be “dope”; they just need to allow me to comprehend the story. He originally studied film making in college, but converted to music making. He really is a genius. He is unique and so very special. I’m so glad we did not lose him to a cocaine overdose or alcohol or anything else reckless. Otherwise, we would have never experienced the journey. Some of you may be thinking that Satellite Flight sucks, but it really doesn’t; it conveys the story so well and sets the atmosphere and mood so much stronger than the rest of his albums. In his real-life goal of telling an amazing story, Satellite Flight truly is considered his best work yet. He wasn’t lying with Indicud either, that was his best work at the time. Indicud was a great, successful attempt at conveying the storyline. Please get this post to Scott’s eyes. It would mean so much for him to know that I get it, along with a limited amount of individuals across the world. Spread the word. Thank you for reading.