Do You Know about Indoor Air Quality?

There is saying that charity begins at home. Well so does environmental awareness, particularly air quality control.


Very simply put, air quality is a measure of the pollution level of the air we breathe in.


In a world that is increasingly releasing greater amounts of carbon dioxide due to growing number of vehicles, increased use of electrical appliances and increasing deforestation, it is no surprise that world over, air quality levels are deteriorating and causing serious health concerns. While most governments are taking measures to tackle the issue of public air quality, what about the air quality in your own home?


Improving the indoor air quality is something that you must consider seriously because poor indoor air quality can cause several health ailments including allergies, respiratory troubles etc.


How Does Indoor Air Quality Deteriorate

The reasons why the indoor air quality deteriorates are many. It could be lack of suitable ventilation that prevents fresh air from circulating in the house. If an exhaust fan is not used in the kitchen, moisture and gases tend to remain within the home atmosphere, supporting old growth and causing allergies. Air conditioners, not properly serviced will have compromised filtration systems, letting more air pollutants escape into the air you breathe. Besides, of course consuming more electricity, resulting in a larger bill for you.


Knowledge is Power

The fact is if you are aware of the various factors that compromise the air quality of your home, you can take corrective steps. This is where Motley Green can help you. The Motley Green community will include discussions, debates, tips and advice on matters related to making our planet greener and making the air you breathe in cleaner. You can find out which are the best methods to improve your indoor air quality. And what is more, you can post a tip or two of your own.

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