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Motley Crue “Asylum” print on front

Raw edge, distressed body

Hollywood Rock and Roll!!!



I was laying in my double bed with my small cat, Carmichael curled up at my feet reading a romance novel.  I peeked up from the book to glance at the yellow alarm clock across from me on my bureau.  In blinding red numbers, it read 11:23.  I yawned once and pulled my floral duvet a little snugger coming back to the enticing novel.  

           Just as I was getting to the good part, the music started.  Then the thumping footsteps.  Then the loud, drunken singing.  The neighbors above me did this every few weekends.  I looked at the clock and it read 12:15.  Always around the same time.  They seemed to tire themselves out though and were usually quiet or asleep by 1:30.  I’ve never gone and complained to them about being so loud, but I might have to tonight.

           I have a job interview in the morning for a positioning doing marketing for a band.  Living in LA, there were bands everywhere and they were always looking for representation and consultants.  The band that I would be working with is called Black Veil Brides. Waiting for the music and drunken antics to end, I pulled my laptop from the other side of my bed to where I was sat and put down my novel.  I put on some of the band’s music and popped in my headphones.  I then pulled up Pinterest and went scrolling away.


           I woke up a while later to see my alarm clock displaying 3:05 in those same bright red numbers.  I searched for the source of what woke me up and was met with the cheers of the upstairs neighbors.  The headphones had fallen from ears after falling asleep and all I could hear was the loud noises coming from upstairs.  And with that, I was faced with a choice.  I could either try to fall back asleep, even though I was now wide awake, or I could go upstairs and face the loud neighbors and ask them to quiet down.  I laid on my bed a while longer, debating and weighing my options and with a loud crash from the ceiling, I knew my decision was made for me.  

           I hoisted myself up and threw on my slippers.  I was wearing a loose Motley Crue tee and plaid pajama pants.  My hair was a tangled mess, so I threw it up into a pony tail.  Grabbing my phone, I headed for the door to go plead with the neighbors.  I glanced at the clock on my way out and it read 3:14.

           I climbed the stairs to the foreign floor of my building to the apartment above mine, 33C.  I approached the door, tugging on my tee and readjusted my thick glasses.  I knocked as loud as I could to try and overpower the raucous laughter.  As soon as I had, the noises stopped short and from the other side I could hear “Dammit CC it’s probably a neighbor or the cops, I told you to be quieter!” I held in a smile and waited for someone to open the door. I heard a loud rumble of steps and then the door was quickly flung open and I was met with five attractive men staring me down.

           “Hi, can we help you? You aren’t a cop right?” The one on the far side asked.  He had long black hair, well they all did, but his eyes were a piercing blue.  I smiled and let a chuckle slip out.

“No, I’m not a cop.  I live below you guys and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind quieting down?  I have a big job interview in the morning.” I explained, trying not to sound to cross.

“Oh yeah of course, sorry about that, we’ll settle down.  Good luck with your interview!” the one with brownish hair called as they shut the door with a wave.  I trudged back down the stairs to my apartment, 22C, and crawled back in to bed. I was then lulled to sleep by the quiet.


           Waking up after only 3 and half hours of sleep was miserable.  I woke up around seven to my blaring alarm and quickly showered and changed into a red pencil skirt, black and white striped top, and black blazer.  I wore my hair up in a bun and threw on some sandals, rushing to get out the door on time.  

           Pulling into the lot of the studio the clock read 8:53, meaning I was running a tad on the late side for my 9:00 interview.  I climbed out of my car, tugging my skirt down and making sure I looked alright.  I grabbed my yellow purse and made my way into the building.  I opened the door in a rush walking up to the receptionist.  

           “Hi, I have an interview for the marketing position for Black Veil Brides.” I said as politely as I could muster.

           “YOU!” I heard and spun around.  I was faced with the five boys from last night, “Why are you here?” The one I can only assume is their front man questioned.  

           “I’m interviewing to work for Black Veil Brides as a marketing consultant” I said backing off and wondering why they were here.  

           “Well clearly you aren’t much of a fan then, hi, I’m Andy Biersack, and we’re Black Veil Brides.”

—–Hey guys its Mich, I hope you enjoy it :)


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