motley crue tee


So I am re-doing my giveaway, because my other one sucked. Anyway I reached past my goal of followers so that’s why I am doing this. All this stuff is mostly brand new. I am ending it on April 17th so that’s plenty of time to reblog as many times as you can. But I have one rule, You can only reblog, Likes DON’T count.

1. Van Halen: Best of Both Worlds, Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard of Ozz, The Who: Greatest Hits, Metallica: Black Album.
2. The Osbournes Season 1, Megadeth: Greatest Hits, Prince and The Revolution: Purple Rain Motion Picture Soundtrack, Ozzy Osbourne: Randy Rhoads Tribute.
3. AC/DC Live at Donington
4. (This comes all shipped together) Music Keeps My Heart Beating, Jimmy Page 1973, Jimmy and Robert 1975, Randy Rhoads ‘81, Metallica Backstage, Megadeth Logo, James Hetfield Live, Led Zeppelin '68, Randy and Ozzy '82, Beatles Guitar, Beatles '65, Jimi Hendrix '69, Jimmy Page '73, Misfits Logo, Anthrax and Metallica.
5. Medium AC/DC Highway To Hell, Small The Doors Live August 5th, Meduim Rolling Stones Logo through the years, Small Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction, Misfits Feind Meduim Skull, Large Motley Crue Concert Tee 30th Aniversey.
6. Small Real Demin Homemade Ramones Vest, Large Led Zeppelin Pullover.
7. Size 7 Pastal Orange Vans (Goes with Rolling Stones shirt)
8. 47 Led Zeppelin Double Sided picture collection 1968-1980 (This comes as one)

Well thats all I got people, remember it ends April 18th!!!! So REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. Also Likes don’t count and yeah so do it people, you all know how bad you want these things!!!!