The room was dark. almost nothing was visible. Shedinjas quietly glided through the air carrying souls. The shedinja that held Dimona’s soul floated with it’s back the the center of the room. At the center of the room there was a circle of litwicks that illuminated what was in their interior- A clay doll at the shape of a four legged creature. Lampents floated around the statue shaping it. And by the dim light of the souls and the litwicks a human skeleton with red hair was seen resting against the wall, though it was hard to make out in the darkness.

“Pardon me but I hardly even got your name. And these…shedinjas of yours are a little slow. Mind explaining the deal hmm?” Dimona asked.

No one answered and the ghost pokemon just went on with their business.

A scowl could almost be heard from the bringer as she merely watched. What else could a soul do? Threaten??

 It is finished a voice boomed. I created a body for you made out of clay from the Cave of Origin, mixed with my dark magic. Once you enter it it will shed the clay and reveal you new form

“Hmm doesn’t that sound nice. ” She eyed the statue slightly “only one way to find out what the form will be.”

Dimona’s shedinja flew close to the clay doll. A lampent took Dimona’s soul out of the shell and into the statue’s mouth. Remember our deal.

Upon entering the Statue and inhibiting it . Dimona shook off the clay around her body “Remind me what exactly was the deal? ”

You will do one mission for me when time comes. the voice boomed. the shedinjas flew aside and a door opened and a carpet of light shined through it infront of Dimona.

She looked at the door before flicking her tail “And what would that mission be? I just want to be well prepared this time. Now that I know my enemies better.”

No one responded. The room was empty except for the dry clay on the floor.

She sighed as she walked out of the door.

(this is a repost of an RP I had with niv-ryo. The first pic is by me, the second is by her from the original post (Permission granted by her). the original post could be found here. The only reason for the repost was because the original post was a text post and I needed a photo post)

YOI - Ep 11.

Just can’t. So I decided to wake up all night to write, for both myself and my friend. Anyone love love YOI and now is confused. Being torn, like me. 

After watch it online, I just can’n handle my heart, all of my emotion. I even think I can’t watch YOI raw. But now, I feel better. After a quick look at that scene. 

Yuuri’s mother doesn’t talk very much. But she always know Yuuri’s emotion firstly. Like ep 1, she know that is Viktor, who her son love very much. Who his son always looked up. Or in ep 7, she know Yuuri not used to become the champion, while another still happy, cheering for his victory. 

In that scene, I feel that she know Yuuri is not ok. But, her smile like she also know that his son will come over that. His son is growing up enough, change enoght to fight again that, and win. She hold Makachin, like she want to hold Yuuri in her arm. Yuuri need that now. But in live, you just can’t have it. Can’t alway have it when you exhauted. Like Viktor can’t fight instead of Yuuri himself in the rink. Or directly stay here to become his anchor forever.

In ep 3? I don’t remember clearly, but it has one sentence: Stake always alone in the rink. In the competition too. Just Yuuri, alone. Viktor is outside. His fan is outside. Just him. So, if he must to fight, he must fight alone, I think that the way creator want to say. That the way Viktor want Yuuri do too. I don’t think Viktor will retined. And if it’s happen, Yuuri must to learn to fight alone, fight to confirmed his skill, his talent, take the spotlight. Not just for love with Viktor. His love can’t hold Viktor. Viktor knew that and Yuuri himself knew that to. Viktor belong to the rink. Not all of his live and love, but still, he is a living legend. 

I think, when Viktor watch other staker, including Yuuri too, the fire inside his heart, his “ Russian boys’ fighting spirit” , like Darksapphire08 said, it burning him. Viktor is a chaser too, a champion. He, more than everyone, is aggressive. In particular, when Yurio, a child, 15 years old, break word record. Get over him. The boy who he teaser in previous episode, right, that boy. The way he saw Yuuri himself overload with emotion when he fall, how much efforts he tried to win. Everything! Everything burning him. He found his motivion. He overflowing with new emotion. He found his love. He must to expect all of this through his stake. In the rink. 

That why in a moment when Yuuri called him, he didn’t reply. 

He love stake. Both stake and Yuuri is his live. Love in live. Always. 

Don’t trust me. It’s a lie, I wrote all of this. But some part in my heart, I still want to call Viktor is fucking russian bald….. He make my precious cinnamon roll worry. Look at Yuuri eyes. Break my heart like that. I still can’t watch eros performance again, when Yuuri was exhauted. Disappointed. You fucking russian bald….. =((((

But, after that. We see him exhauted, sad, nervous, but did not give up. Never give up. Do you remember last years GPF, when Ciao ciao tried to comfort him. He told a lot, and rubbed Yuuri’s back. But Viktor didn’t. He still hold Yuuri shoulder, think a lot, but didn’t speak anything. 

He nervous too, but after all he smiled. Because he knew that Yuuri will over that. Now, he did’t see his tear. He saw Yuuri eyes burning with fighting spirit too. 

You know, we need end to start. End doesn’t mean break up. 

We know how much love they are falling in. 

We know how much special they are. How much beautifull this anime is. 

So, don’t worry too much, my friend. 

Stronger like Yuuri!