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#2 Top Look of the Week: Practice your pucker with these gorgeous and glossy Ombre lips from Melissa M. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, learn how to make your lips extra kissable with the how-to:

searching for blogs to follow

ok so i had to move accounts and my dash is SUPER empty so……reblog/like this if you post:

  • witchy things (herbs, sigils, plants etc)
  • foresty things
  • magical themes
  • body positivity/feminism etc
  • ocs
  • cathedrals??
  • plants
  • art refs
  • pastel maybe
  • outer space
  • motivational things
  • folklore
  • crystals
  • angelic (/pastel, soft) things
  • fashion
  • cosmetics
  • glow aesthetic (like those rad signs. yknow)
  • architecture
  • reptiles (mainly snakes. i love snakes)
  • journalling

also!! please have (mostly) sfw content! if you have some not sfw stuff it’ll be fine but good if it were tagged