things u should do in the morning

- wake up early, like before 8
- make yourself tea/coffee and drink water
- make your bed
- if you feel unfocused and chaotic, write a list of “to-do”s for the day
- put on some calming morning music
- eat a good breakfast!!!
- wash your face
- do a little exercise (as little as doing 10 squats or running up and down the stairs twice)

things u should do at night

- wash ur face/take off all makeup
- set ur clothes out for tomorrow
- drink a sleepy tea or glass of water
- put on some music (or not) and just daydream/reflect/think
- dont look at ur phone!!
- read ! (if u want to)
- relax

In this very moment, you are capable of everything you dream , if you would just get over your fear of trying. Life may not hand you every utensil to get where you so wish, but it will create ways for you to make them yourself. You must push on, look for ways to succeed and fight through the struggle. It will not be easy, getting to where you wish to be, but the battle will make you stronger.

Push forward, no matter the size of the mountain - By Amy Kennedy


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If you look back on the darkest hours of your life you will feel just as low as you felt then. However, what you often fail to see is the fact that you are still standing tall, even after the darkness. Life has a funny way of setting every  hurdle and mountain in your path and convincing you that it is not possible, but would you look at yourself persisting? Even after the mountain, you can still laugh, you can still smile, and you can carry on.

the mountain by Amy Kennedy


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