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It’s August already! Time flies, doesn’t it? It feels as though last week we were just reflecting on our past year and planning for the year ahead. Most of us start every new year with a set of goals we are determined to achieve. There may be changes we want to make in our lives, bad habits we want to get rid of , places we want to travel to, activities we want to try, or things we’d like to tick off our bucketlist. 

I am just like you. Sometimes I become side-tracked. I let my lazy mind overtake my willpower. I let my mood get in the way of what I ultimately want to achieve. I procrastinate, put things off, and feel even worse later when I try to get things done in such a short period of time. Sometimes life gets in the way and disrupts my good habits. The next thing I know I’ve fallen back into this hole of laziness, procrastination, and not doing what I know I should be doing. Then I wait for the new year or my birthday to come around in order to get excited about my New Year’s Resolutions as if the date is going to make any difference. If you feel like you can relate to this and are starting to feel unmotivated, even though it’s only February, read on!

Here are 6 tips on how you can remain inspired and motivated.

1. Get used to forcing yourself to do things.

This sounds tough, doesn’t it? Our mind has muscles. It memorizes patterns. By doing this over and over, you’re building your willpower and self-discipline. Forcing yourself to do things that you don’t feel like doing (but you know you should be doing) is a habit you can learn. 

Every time I don’t feel like doing something like going to the gym or abstaining from eating chocolate, I tell myself that if I keep doing it for several weeks, one day it will become a habit. At that point, doing it will become second to nature. The next thing you know, you won’t even feel like breaking your good habits anymore. 

Let me put this another way: Inside your head, there is Mr. Better Man and Mr. La La Land.

Mr. La La Land will always try to persuade you not to do things that Mr. Better Man know you should do - like exercising, eating healthy, or being productive with work. These two guys don’t like each other, and they are in constant competition with one another.

When you don’t feel like exercising, remind yourself that if you don’t go, it will become even harder to force yourself to go the next day. Why? Because when you follow Mr. La La Land’s advice by not going, you’re giving Mr. La La Land the permission to control you. You also boost Mr. La La Land’s ego and self-esteem by listening to him. Over and over, Mr. La La Land wins and Mr. Better Man becomes the loser. 

But if you learn to tell Mr. La La Land that “Hey, I’m going to listen to Mr. Better Man because he knows what’s good for me”, Mr. La La Land will feel small. He will start to lose his self-worth and self-esteem and eventually he won’t have the confidence to tell you what to do anymore. He already knows you will always listen to Mr. Better Man. 

Don’t let Mr. La La Land win. Nurture Mr. Better Man and he will lead you to the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. 

2. Seek inspiration - every day.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

No matter how intrinsically driven we are, we can easily lose our motivation if we don’t continue to seek it out. Ever since I was a child, I have made it a habit to look for inspiration. The Internet has given us the power to find anything and everything. It is up to you to use that power to your advantage. Because I am a creative person and I feel stuck, bored, and stagnant the moment that I don’t feel inspired. To feel alive again, I look for inspiration. I read books, watch videos, read articles, and do things that reflect what and who I aspire to become. I find ways to better myself and find inspiration every day.

If you have lost motivation with exercising, try going to new fitness classes, join a bootcamp, watch fitness videos, or get a personal trainer.

If you have lost motivation with work, see if you can do more challenging tasks. Read articles and watch videos that inspire your creative spark. Meet new people. Go to events. 

Everyone is different and you’re the only one who knows what suits you the most. 

3. Focus on the emotional reward you will get. 

When you’re on the fence of fear, doubt, laziness, and tiredness, you have to focus on the emotional reward you will get if you just push yourself a little bit more to jump over that fence.

Focus on the feeling you feel after doing something that you know is good for you.

The feeling of an adrenaline rush.

The feeling of being fit and healthy.

The relief you feel after having finished a big project.

The pride you gain from an accomplishment.

The confidence you feel after having faced your fear.

Focus on these feel-good moments and remember that achieving that feeling again is just one step from saying “Yes”. 

4. Track your goals weekly and periodically.

Tracking your goals is crucial. We hold ourselves accountable when we don’t achieve our goals. Failing to track our goals is the easiest way to let ourselves fall off track. It is one way that our mind tells ourselves that we do not fully commit to those goals. If we can’t even tell our mind to commit to those goals, especially difficult goals, how are we going to accomplish them?

Writing things down is a way to reinforce to our subconscious what we want. Just like the practice of prayer. The more we tell ourselves what we want to achieve, the more likely we are to take action. We’re not letting those goals slip through our minds. The subconscious is powerful. The thoughts you say out loud are not as powerful as the thoughts you whisper to yourself. Positive affirmations hold their power. By tracking your goals and telling yourself over and over what you want to achieve, eventually you will overcome your laziness.

One day at a time, you can build a habit. Start with the habit of tracking your goals because tracking your goals is making a commitment to those goals. You cannot achieve difficult goals without making a commitment to yourself and to your subconscious mind. 

5. Set a reward for yourself.

Who doesn’t like rewards? Rewards can keep us motivated. And if a reward can keep us motivated for 30 days, then we might have successfully changed our habit by then too. Pick a healthy reward for yourself. While a material reward like a new outfit, a vacation, or a massage can be great, an inner reward feels better and is more sustainable. 

What is an inner reward? An inner reward is the emotional reward you feel from within. This brings us back to point 3 - focus on the emotional reward. Instead of focusing on rewards such as “if I lose 10 lbs, I’m going to buy a new outfit,” focus on the confidence and happiness you’ll feel from being fit and healthy. Think about how much more productive you’d become when you feel energized. If you focus on a material reward, you may get excited when you get the reward, but after a while, you will lose your motivation again. The emotional reward is sustaining and it is built from within. Make it a habit to focus on the emotional reward and it will become easier to make real change in your life. 

6. Find someone to hold you accountable for your goals.

Instead of tracking your goals yourself, you can ask someone you trust to keep you on track with your goals. This can be a sibling, friend, partner, or even a professional such as a life coach or a personal trainer. They can be your source of motivation, and even better, inspiration. It is important to pick someone you believe in or someone whom you know would not let you fail at achieving your goals. Pick someone whom you know will kick your butt and will push your limit. Most importantly, you need to pick someone who believes in you. The feeling you get when you know that “someone believes in you” can be tremendous. This feeling will help push you forward and restore faith in yourself when you feel like giving up.

Try all of these tips and get yourself back on track with your goals again! Make 2016 your year. :)

Serina submitted: 

Weight before: 220
Weight after: 153
It took me 4 and a half months.
For the first 2 months I cut out dairy and red meat.
Always drank a bottle of water before meals also always ate a bowl of fruit before eating anything else.
After I cut back to a strict vegan diet.
No gym, just running a mile a day.

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Anonymous Submission

5'3. Start: 240/ Now:180/ Goal: 160-150
Looking in the mirror I still see 240 pounds but comparing these photos blows my mind! Down 60 pounds in 9 months! Hoping to get back to the gym & lose the last bit! Once the semester ends I want to make a tumblr and be able to help anyone who might need it!

If you’re avoiding doing something that you know will make you better, ask yourself: am I avoiding pain or just discomfort?

- Getting bundled up in cold weather to get to the gym is just uncomfortable, not painful.

- Avoiding an unhealthy craving by instead eating something more fulfilling that you’re not necessarily craving is uncomfortable, not painful.

- Being slightly hungry between meals is uncomfortable, not painful.

- Sticking up for yourself and sticking to your process when others are being crabs  is uncomfortable, but not painful.

- Eating too little or too much until you experience pain is not discomfort, so eat when you need to and stop when you need to.

- Painful or injured muscles mean you need time to heal, and are not just discomfort. Skip the gym today or take it easy on those muscles specifically.

If you don’t take care of yourself much of the time because of discomfort, toughen up to turn your life around.

New Year's Resolutions

1. Get my eating back under control.
🌟Seriously. Whole30 starting January 1st. Watching what, how much, when I eat. Not buying stupid shit that I don’t have the money for anyways. Log it. Drink more water.

2. Really focusing at the gym.
🌟I’ve been going, but not being super-serious. I am paying for a membership. I need to use it. I want to do a pull-up by the end of the year.

3. Get a part-time job.
🌟My motivation for this has definitely suffered. I have a bomb-ass resume, but I need to apply places.

4. Save money!!
🌟I’m think about filing bankruptcy and just getting it over with. I also want to plan a vacation for next year, just for me. There are a few things I’d like to buy. But this requires #3.

5. Take myself on dates.
🌟Movies, dinners out, maybe bowling, who knows. I want to enjoy time with myself. Go to the humane society and wait for that perfect kitten.

6. Explore myself a little.
🌟 Buy a nicer packer, maybe a binder. Attend a local trans support group. Maybe, IDK, be with someone casually who is open to me exploring things with them (is that a thing??)

7. Take care of my mental health.
🌟 Make that psych appointment. Take my meds every day. Meditate, art, yoga, some sort of reflection every day. Understand I am growing and changing, and that I am still deserving of love, especially from myself.

When I move, I will be posting these on a goal board or something. I also have a count-down calendar for Whole30. Oh, and I plan on writing ALL OVER my bathroom mirror with an Expo marker.

2017 Bodyweight Challenge

I’ve decided to put on a bodyweight workout challenge for 2017. The purpose of this challenge will be to help those just starting out get going at home and stick with it through January in the hopes of developing healthy habits that stick through the rest of the year. The challenge will be ideal for beginners or people looking to get back into working out. But it will also serve as a supplemental workout, warm up or cool down for those who already go to the gym or workout regularly.
I’ll be doing the challenge along side everyone and offering suggestions to make it fit the intensity of difficulty that’s appropriate for you. This challenge will be all bodyweight work that can be done at home that won’t take much of your day. I’ll be working out the specifics and details over the holidays so stay tuned for a future update with all the details.

Well it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted one of these. It has also been a long and trying year. This year in trying to take care of sick parents I fell back into the habit of not really caring for myself.

However, I have been slowly focusing on finding balance again. I have removed the scale from my house. And making an effort to move everyday. It’s always tougher for me to do so in the winter I am such an out doors type person that going to the gym for cardio is just SO blaaaaah

Now I am going to make an effort to return to my blog. So I am posting a new before and during (I never felt like I could post one cause I hadn’t lost anymore ‘weight’ but I have realized that is silly because I have worked out all year and know my body composition has changed.)

Photo on the left was Summer 2013 and Photo on the right is current. ☺️☺️


It’s been a while since I posted on here, predominately as I’ve been so busy and forgot I had started it. :) That and moving house took up so much time, my fitness journey took a back seat. But we’re in 2017 now and things are back on track. 

Above is a photo to remind me how far I’ve come. The pic on the left is July 2012 and the right July 2016. 5 stone lighter, much fitter, healthier and beyond a shadow of a doubt happier. 

Although I’ve put weight back on in the last few months, I know what I can achieve and am motivated to get back on it big style. My plan each moth will be different to change my eating/gym routines and for January my plan is as follows;

1. Concentrate on fitness and not gaining muscle at the gym. 

2. Intermittent fasting. I’ll be eating my daily 1750 calories between 12-6 on a gym day and 12-8 on a non-gym day.  I tried this in October for 2 weeks and it was amazing. 

3. More sleep. I plan on being in bed for 2230 every night, which for me is at least 2 hours early. 

4. Drink more water and cutting fizzy juice to the absolute minimum. Whilst the calories in Diet Coke and Sugar Free Irn Bru (my drinks of choice) may be negligible, they are full of chemicals and rubbish that I don’t need.

5. No take-aways.

6. Eat only whole, home made foods, no processed rubbish.

I’ll try and post photos of food I’m eating, in particular what I’m taking to work at least once a week. I plan to weigh myself tomorrow morning at the gym and again on Thursday 31 January and will keep my blog up to date with progress as the month goes on. 

Al 1 Jan 2017 


Sebastian Stan x reader

Summary: Going to the gym have become an addiction to our reader. But it was a good one because she needed this. She wanted to get back her body, the control of it. She needed this… and one day when she had almost quit… she met someone.

Part I

Part II.


Day 02 after getting back into a bodybuilding style kind of training. I personally train shoulders twice a week, one workout focused on strength and the other focused on volume.

In this workout we will go heavy on shoulders and lighter on arms.

I will document my progress on my YouTube channel:

Nothing could make me happier today than to be at the gym. Exactly 1 year ago I was in the best shape of my life, until a distracted driver slammed into me with her car while I was biking 🚲💥🚗 Since then it was been nothing but an uphill battle trying to get myself not only back into shape but back to the point where I can work as much as any other person without my body needing recovering time between work days. Thanks to my chiropractor and repetition I’m finally seeing real recovery results, and am even cable to run a few miles again and workout with weights for several hours at a time now. Just months ago I didn’t see myself being at this point any time soon and I won’t stop pushing until
I’m right back where I need to be again 💪🏻🚴🏼‍♀️💖 #nevergiveup #keeppushing #selflove

Lots of people are starting a new year resolution to start going to the gym and to gain/loose weight. This year im getting back into the swing of things after a massive bout of depression made me take 6 months off.

If you’re starting to go to the gym, do it along side me, post updates and tag me and ill throw some motivation your way :)

Taking a break from lifting will result in muscle atrophy but it’s kind of like where you get really far in a game and you turn the game off and you’re like ‘holy crap I forgot to save it’. You’re pissed, you gotta start a little further back but you’re like ‘I really like this game, I’m gonna keep on playing and just re-do that whole thing over again’.
—  Maxx Chewning