How quickly our world can change

Tonight on my way home tonight I started scrolling through Tumblr on my phone. I hadn’t refreshed it so I was looking at posts from this morning, which I didn’t realize because I was half paying attention to a conversation further down the bus, and because I was thinking about the awful events of the day.

Until I got to a post … 

“Good Luck Boston Marathoners! …”

It was one of many such posts. I had been kicking myself this morning for starting work without posting something similar to cheer on some awesome tumblrs who were running today.

Doesn’t this morning seem so very far far away?

I’m so happy to see the posts from y'all up north in and around Boston saying you’re OK. I felt sick to my stomach today fearing the worst but praying for good news. So reading posts from each of you was a small but cherished point of light in an otherwise dark afternoon. 

Tonight I’ll pray for those affected, those killed or wounded, and their families. Tomorrow I’ll run my miles for Boston.

Good night Tumblrs. Take care of yourselves. You are much loved.

Setting limitations on your dreams is stupid

Earlier this week I was messaging with motivationforfitness, expressing my desire to change my whole career up to a different industry. And I said something about “no more school” since I’ve already got my graduate degree (and all the student loans to prove it).

Since then I’ve been thinking about that conversation.  Why, when I want to change everything, would I rule out something that might help get me there?

Have you ever done that?

You know things have got to change. You WANT things to change. You even know which direction you want to go … and you set limitations on what you will do to get there.

Hmmm. Just feels wrong, doesn’t it? It’s you against you … and not in a good way.

So back to my original problem.

I know of two fields where I’d love to earn a living. I have lots of transferable skills. I love learning, and having earned my MBA while working full time, I know what it takes to work hard.

I won’t be going back to school (family, finances etc.). However, I am going to put together my own damn curricula. I will be spending the next few months going deep in research in two industries; lots of study, and reaching to make contacts to seek advice, and find a place that will feel right for me.

Study time!

I was tagged by lifeweightsandpavement, so here’s my Smile Train post-run selfie with a bottle of Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat beer (for recovery, right?).

I’m going to tag fivefootsomethingrunning, sinkrate13, mar-kicksass, run-doozer-run, and motivationforfitness - five great folks 

Tonight’s run was only two miles, but the weekend was so insane that I had to go run to gain back some mental balance. And with that restored, I’m able to smile, and I’m good and ready for next week.