motivational thread

{{ My biggest dilemma so far with tumblr roleplaying is i speed through every notification, rp or ask I get so friggin fast I have none left to entertain me 

And even when i get good rps going I gotta wait for the other person mostly cause time periods are different sometimes 

I totally get that sometimes you just don’t have the muse for a thread. But when you always seem to have the muse for threads with OTHER muns and not ME, and it lasts for weeks or months…well, actions speak louder than words and your actions are telling me you just don’t have the guts to tell me the truth about our threads together.

okay i’m still thinking of doing a super selective low activity come back while i get into the swing of things and then being more broad again. i’d love to start with some plotting threads because plotting always gives me the most motivation for threads! so if you’d like to plot just let me know

Then and Now: 15 year old me and 21 year old me.
I don’t think I will ever be 100% happy with the way I look, I will always strive to be better, but honestly, looking back, I am proud of how much I’ve changed.

Being teased and taunted on a daily basis and being “that fat ranga chick” in high school messed me up a bit and made it impossible for me to talk to people, look at people or even leave the house without having a full blown panic attack for 3 years after high school.
And I cannot even express how wonderful it feels to see the people who made you feel as low and low can get, and have them not recognise you, tell you how incredible you look, take you out on a date and even become great friends. But it does make you realise how shallow people really are.

Taking Stock

[[I’m gonna be busy for most of today, and most of this week frankly. I have a huge convention this weekend in another state. All the asks I got over the weekend are either posted or in the queue by now, so now it’s down to this stuff. Maybe I’ll get to some of it today, maybe not. We’ll see what I’ve got the motivation for.

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Motivation Mega Thread

Okay, so it’s second semester and we’re tired of being tired and frankly, we almost don’t give a hoot.

But too bad, we can’t just ditch it all - we’re so close to the end and we’ve worked too hard (and sacrificed so much sleep) to get here. 

Might as well keep going, because we can do it! 

First, take a deeeeep breath and relax. Freaking out over the workload won’t get it done.

Picture the main goal and visualize yourself getting there. Plan small steps to get there.

Pace yourself as you complete the steps. Remember to take a breather too (the brain needs a break ugh).

Do your work where it best boosts your mojo. Being in a super loud and distracting place might set you back (unless that actually helps you)!

Study with a buddy. Maybe you’ll encourage each other to stay on task.

Get a little perspective from experienced folks, they can help you see solutions. 

When get the going gets too tough, find helpful ways to relieve stress.

Step away from social media for a bit. It’s seriously distracting.


And get started!

CHAPTER 1 [MOTIVE PHASE] START. [6/22/17 - 6/??/17]

The blog is now in it’s first MOTIVE phase. Students may react to the motive, and generally do whatever, keeping the motive in mind. Threads can take place anywhere.

The date for the body drop is currently being debated, though it will be sometime NEXT WEEK, at the earliest, THIS WEEKEND [Sunday]