Tired motivational daily sketch, so I guess this is advice for myself as much as anyone else since this was literally done on a Sunday night.

Warcraft fans will know what this is in reference to but from what I could work out, Durotan and some female Draenai who I don’t know anything about free Grommash and … stuff.  Hmm, I guess if I’m being a bit too hopeful about the upcoming Blizzard announcement about the next arc or something…?  Ah well.

Anyway, enjoy.  Probably the last of its kind I do because I honestly find remaining on-model with Warcraft’s orcs rather difficult.

Inspired by partly Greendorf’s recent interpretation of King DeDeDe and also partly Hirokazu Ando (one of the four composers for the music Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - I love his cutscene music!).  Something to motivate for next week because I knew I wouldn’t rest till I got this out of my system.  Rargh.