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Hey guys!

I have my elk antler pendants finished for sale! In light of how popular these are, I decided to price them affordably so you guys can enjoy them!

Each is drilled out with a hollow center so that you can fill them with herbs, stones, or small motivational messages. The sizes are 1 ¾", 1 ½", 2", 2 ½", and 3". If you purchase the 3" pendant, I will carve a small sigil or rune for free!

Shipping on these is $5, and I can only send within the US (sorry).

Contact me if you would like to purchase!

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I am thankful you are my best friend in In An Instant. You are hilarious honestly that is how our friendships would probably be lol. Anyways great freaking story and keep up the amazing work

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In An Instant

This is going to be a long post.

I believe it’s always healthy to look back on yourself. To see how far you’ve come and to see yourself improve. I also want to this post to reassure anyone ho may be having doubts in their own cosplays

^ Here we see my first ever post on this blog and Toy Bonnie, back before the only thing about the game was screenshots and trailers back in October.

Remember to matter where you start, you will always get better. Everyone has room for improvements.  

^ Because sometimes less is more

Because sometimes all it needs is a background alteration 

If you feel it’s necessary, getting a wig can help improve anything…so long as the wig is kept clean and safe

Try experimenting! Never stop adding or changing! 

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the light source and brushing your wig

Remember less is more sometimes? i learnt that with the mouth. 

But the experimenting never stops! Changing your outfit can add to the character…i’ll never do now what i did here with my mouth, but thats another thing i can tick off in my mental notes

and i learnt from that. 

and added more in other areas that needed it. For example, the eyes.

Never stop experimenting. Never stop trying, you’ll get better in time. We all do.

These gifs have been an accumulation of nearly 4 months work on my cosplay, i have learnt so much with make up and brushes and paints. What works and what doesn’t and i want to say to everyone. To those who have been following me since the early days, thank you so much for sticking around and watching my Bonbon grow. and to the ones who have recently followed, i hope this post just shows that no one starts out really good. it takes time and dedication. I love this blog. I love my cosplay and i love you guys because you encourage me to be better and to continue being the very best i can be. 

Thank you.


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

You must choose the freedom on the outside of your cocoon
Fight or fly
You can choose to come up from your heart
out of the layers of grief and ire
Fight or fly
You should choose surrendered wings extended 
folding over and opening again
Fight or fly
Basking in pockets of air bracing your landing 
Fight or fly
Choose your flight, your ascension 
into your heaven on Earth
Gravity is on your side
You can walk slow or glide
But come what may, you have to fly


To Those Receiving Anon Hate [Specifically RPers]

Do not give two shits what other people think.
You RP for you, not for them.
Fuck them.
They do not matter.
They don’t know you.
They aren’t your friends.
Their messages are meaningless input of word strings
Something that every RPer needs to realize is there are people who will always hate.
And you can take that hate and turn it into motivation, drive, and fuel for your potential.
These people do. not. know. you.
Even if they think they do, they don’t know the first thing about you.
They judge based on some words on a website, and take it too close to the heart for whatever reason.
They overreact and can’t control themselves
They are the ones who are to be pitied.
They are the ones to feel bad for.
They are the ones who have received hate themselves and twisted to it.
They have twisted so much they have become the thing they hate most.
They don’t matter. At all. Ever.
They might talk a good game, they might spout a few big words, they might even make it too personal for you. But they do. not. know. you.
Then take that, and turn it around. Use it to fuel your actions to write more.
Take all that negative energy, bring it in and turn it into positive motivation.
They do not define you.
They do not tell you how to be, act, speak, write, or to see.
They tell you how much they hate you and you tell them how much that motivates you to continue to do what you do and be who you are.
That is the true meaning of being the bigger person.
That it the true meaning of fighting your demons and facing your fears.
That… That is showing yourself that you are strong.
And I might not know you, and despite what has happened in your life and what has yet to come, but I believe in you.
Now it’s time to believe in yourself.