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“Tea or coffee?” Erwin asked, lifting his chin as he fastened his navy, striped tie. He had been the first one ready this morning, which was fairly unusual considering Levi’s body clock almost always woke him up much earlier.

Erwin supposed, with a hint of pride, that last night’s activities might have worn on him.

Having pulled on his underwear, Levi was now retrieving a crisp, white shirt from his side of the wardrobe. “Tea.”

“Tea it is,” Erwin replied, stepping forward to kiss the man’s temple. A soft chuckle sounded in his throat as he was swatted away.

“Oi, let me change.” Levi’s arm was half way into a sleeve.

“Couldn’t help myself,” Erwin said, taking his blazer off of the peg he’d hung it on despite Levi telling him there would be a lump in the back of the collar.

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Character Perfection and Imperfection: Chapter 78 Edition

Lets do a new roll call.

Eren recklessly ran into a Titan’s mouth.

Armin’s methods of manipulation are extremely underhanded.

Levi was willing to force Historia into her role of queen through any means possible.

Erwin’s motivations are extremely selfish.

Hange can overdo with her enthusiasm for her Titan research, for the discomfort of Eren.

Reiner manipulating Annie was terrible and how the Titan Trio left Marco to die also awful.

Historia was extremely easily manipulated by her father.

Finally, Mikasa attacked Bertholdt without assessing the situation first.

I feel like I’ll make this a habit because so many people always fall to the same patterns, too.

Seriously. We went through this last chapter with Reiner and the chapter before that with Erwin.

Now it’s Mikasa’s turn, huh.

Again, looking at things out of context (of her character) and jumping into conclusions. With some very sexist language added to the mix, too because she’s a girl.

Just like with Reiner and Erwin I think it was out of believable and understandable character motivation.

We had a flashback to it back in chapter 76, where she was clearly thinking of her failure against the Armoured Titan.

If nothing else makes it clear, then I feel this moment completely should, but Mikasa’s strength is kind of her weakness and that’s one thing that caused this situation.

The second is her desire to fix her mistakes.

The third is the desire to protect those dear to her. It was all well-intentioned on Mikasa’s part, but still shows she has much to learn as a fighter. This time it wasn’t Eren and it wasn’t due to the lack of ability working as a team - she demonstrated that perfectly when taking down Reiner. It was her inability to assess the situation that caused it. The same thing happened with the Female Titan. She failed to process that Annie could crystalize, was too instinctive.

It’s a very interesting flaw to me because it’s rooted in her inexperience as a soldier.

From what I understand from the spoilers - it was the combination of pure instinct and following Hange’s orders. They talked over this beforehand, as seen in the flashback with thunder spears in chapter 76 - the order was to kill them.

After this, if I see Mikasa called a “Mary Sue” one more time… so frustrating. If her flaws are highlighted she gets shit and if her strengths are highlighted, she gets shit, too.

(Note: this is based on the spoilers of the chapter. As of this post the full chapter and thus the full picture of what’s going on is not available yet.)

Character Perfection and Imperfection

What is with the obsession of people making or wanting their favorite characters to be perfect?

I feel like many other people have talked about this so many times already, me included, but I still really dislike it.

I’m talking about Attack On Titan here, but it happens with a lot of series.

Most of the characters in Attack On Titan have fucked up massively at one point or another.

Eren ran off to fight the Titans blindly back at Trost and got himself eaten.

Mikasa hesitated to finish off Reiner and Bertholdt.

Armin’s methods of manipulation are extremely underhanded.

Levi basically forced Historia to be queen against her will.

Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands.

Historia was very easily manupilated by her father.

and now Erwin’s motives turn out to be extremely selfish.

Turns out there is no perfect human being out there. Well, that’s exactly it - there IS no perfect human being out there and it’s good character writing if fictional characters also aren’t perfect.

Sometimes these flaws aren’t sympathetic with real humans either, but they definitely should be beliveably human and understandable from the character’s perspective. Which I think all of these instances are. Some of the other characters I didn’t list are also this way.

I think Erwin is a much better character because of this flaw of his that has been explored now - nobody ever can be completely selfless without eventually going insane. Self-preservation instincts will kick in and Erwin developed a personal goal for that. It might not be completely sympathetic, but it definitely is very human.

So why this strange thing of trying to downplay a character’s flaws to feel better about liking them or looking at whenever a character fucks up so negatively/condescendingly? That’s the point with a lot of series about human nature, including Attack On Titan. At least, I think so. Unless, of course, you believe the characters don’t feel beliveably human or something like that - that is the biggest flaw I think a series about human nature can run into at least: the question of whether a character’s actions make sense considering their characterization/human nature.

As an example, the most basic stuff in AoT: I see people complaining that all the characters end up freezing up, but that makes sense; they are just scared of the Titans. It’s natural for any human being to be scared of death; the Titans look horrifying and are huge, and nobody really knows anything concrete about them, especially in the beginning of the story. It all plays to natural human fears. I feel it’s one of the points of the point of the story to display and explore that and for that the characters need to feel like real human beings and again real human beings don’t always have 100% sympathetic flaws.

Edit: Just a note that this is written before the official (and full) translation of the chapter is out and my evaluation of Erwin isn’t 100% set.