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Something I came across whilst rereading the manga: In Clash of the Titans, Reiner tells Eren it's not necessary to kill the Walled people anymore as long as Eren comes with them. Yet, in the SInagashina arc (insert sob for Erwin), Bertolt tells Armin that they require Eren AND the death of everyone in the walls. Do you think Bertolt was just angry over Reiner's state and exaggerating (he does say *he* decided that), or was Reiner bluffing so Eren would join them earlier? Or did something change

Reiner Chapter 42

Zeke Chapter 77

Bert Chapter 78

RBA’s original mission seemed to have been locate the coordinate and wipe out humanity, but talking with Eren in ch42, Reiner believed Eren was enough. It’s possible Reiner was lying, or simply confused. 

The only thing that might have changed the mission was the appearance of Zeke. His rock throwing, thought spewing monologue made one thing clear - history was repeating itself. This conflict had happened before. Zeke, Reiner and Bert used the phrase “end this” several time. It became Bertholdt’s mantra. The only way to permanently “end this” once and for all was for humanity to die.

Thanks for the ask. It’s such an interesting question, one I hadn’t considered before. I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts about this.

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You are one of the few level-headed people who can put aside shipping and be unbiased. Please convince me logically that the eruris aren't gonna die. Erwin especially. Please, I know you're clear-headed and can give a decent argument.

Okay, firstly, I’m quite convinced it will be fine. I’ll admit, ch 80 did throw me off for a bit, with its intense emotion. But I am quite certain both Levi and Erwin will be fine.

First reason and LEAST important: eruris are the top two most popular characters. Levi is safe no matter what. I thought very seriously about Erwin. I wasn’t sure if Isayama would be willing to kill him off, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it would not be worth it. Erwin came second in the polls, beating Eren by a really solid 1000 votes. It was not a close call; Erwin is significantly more popular than the main character. Remember, Isayama was gonna kill off Sasha, but decided against it because of her popularity. Erwin is way more popular than Sasha.

Second reason: It would be too obvious. Isayama keeps building up this dream of Erwin’s, presenting his impending doom as this constant thing that could happen any minute now… It positively screams RED-HERRING.

Third reason: Levi won’t let Erwin die. Just a moment ago, Levi was willing to give up his own life as a decoy for Erwin to escape, because humanity still needs Erwin. Levi communicated to us readers that Erwin is humanity’s hope, who can’t afford to die yet. Levi was then thrown off for a second, because Erwin suddenly showed his weakness. He broke down with his doubts, with fear, and Levi was not expecting that. My theory is that Levi needed a way to motivate Erwin. He had to be strong for his Commander. So he agreed to the plan. He’s letting Erwin believe he’s going to die, perhaps.

The best thing about this theory, is that it would mean Levi is lying, and is intending to disobey Erwin’s orders. Wouldn’t that be amazing character development for Levi? Instead of following Erwin’s orders without question, he decides to think for himself, act to save the life of his most trusted person. It would make the eruri relationship even MORE EQUAL and mutually healthy than before.

Fourth reason: Parallels. Most people in the eruri tag have noticed the parallels between ch 80 and acwnr. It seems Levi is kneeling down in front of Erwin, the same way Erwin did for him 6 years ago. Erwin saved him from the underground, and helped him realise his dream of seeing the sky. If the parallels are intentional, doesn’t that mean Levi is going to save Erwin, and help him realise his dream of seeing the basement? The choice he made to follow Erwin is a choice he has never regretted. Erwin saved him. Don’t we think he would want to repay Erwin somehow? Save his saviour, now that their roles are reversed?

Fifth reason, and strongest argument: The serum. It is humanity’s trump card, and has not even been mentioned yet. It is in Levi’s possession. He is allowed to do whatever he wants with it. Titan Erwin is a very logical, possible outcome of this. Levi could inject himself, sure, but wouldn’t it make more sense to inject Erwin, and have two powerful soldiers fighting: an Ackerman and a Titan shifter? Together? Side by side, the top two leaders of the scouting legion?

There are parallels between the Ackermans and the people they protect, as well. Kenny, Mikasa and Levi are Ackermans. The people they protect (Uri, Eren and Erwin, respectively) are all Titan shifters, except Erwin. Are these parallels not foreshadowing that Erwin will definitely become a shifter, just like Uri and Eren?

EVERYTHING IS FINE. You’re fine, anon. I’m fine. We’re all fine. ERURIS WILL BE FINE.

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You know whta would be sad if Erwin dies here? My true OTP on a superior tier than eruri, Erwin/Basement, will never come true! We all know that Erwin's true love is the Yaeger basement! Isayama, why must you let me suffer that way?

Erwin and The Basement

My snk ship appreciation series is a celebration of the canon relationships in SnK. I would be remiss if I didn’t include perhaps the most significant relationship of all, the one that has been the driving force behind so much of the story, the relationship that has motivated Erwin Smith like no other. Objectivity be damned! I’m just gonna put it all out here:

Erwin Smith puts the Bae in Basement.

Who of us was not touched when Erwin first realized the bae’s existence. Gripping her key firmly, eyes on fire, we knew that he would stop at nothing to attain her.

Darius Zackley is no stranger to dreams, wants and unusual desires. Using words that remind us of fairytales of old, Zackley likens her to a sleeping treasure awaiting her prince’s Erwin’s arrival.

It’s significant that in chapter 72, the chapter where Erwin finalizes his plans to reach her, he smiles a total of four times. His dream is within reach and he’s accompanied by people he trusts. He can’t contain his joy at the thought of going inside and uncovering her secrets. He’s giddy at the prospect. The progression of photos serve as a pictorial essay of his growing desire. 

But tragically, Snk has never been a love story. This ship, so close to sailing, so close to reaching its canon fulfillment, will sink like so many others as that devil Isayama-sensei crushes Erwin’s dreams, and our own.

SnK Ship Appreciation/14 of ??

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You've been given another chance. Talk about Erwin's character. Go.

Gosh. I’m scared. I feel so unworthy….

Since my instructions are to talk about his character, and not his flawless face, blue eyes, or perfectly groomed hair, I will highlight my 5 favorite Erwin Smith moments that speak to his character. These are in no particular order.

1. Erwin cut off his own arm to escape a titan.  And continued fighting.

That level of badassery is unmatched in the series. Even Levi with all his swooping about on 3DMG has not done anything so amazing.

2. His honest speech during the choosing ceremony

“Join me and die” is probably the worst motivational speech ever. But Erwin is brutally honest with the kids. He will not hesitate to send them to their deaths if he thinks it benefits humanity. It’s important they have no delusions about that. I’m sure he sleeps better at night knowing they were warned.

3. He treats everyone as equals

The Commander of the Survey Corps treats brand new recruits with respect. He knows their names, he deals with them as individuals. In the panel above he doesn’t get mad at Jean, he calms him down. He also listens to Armin. If the plan is solid, he doesn’t care if it’s a 15 year old who came up with it. He’s humble enough to accept good advice regardless of the source.

4. His bromance with Pixis

I love the friendship of these two. Look at how warmly they greet each other. They have a wonderful understanding, a shared experience. It’s a good thing since they expect to spend an eternity together in hell.

Dot Pixis and Erwin Smith have never white washed their actions.  They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of soldiers at their command.

Granted, these deaths are needed to secure the safety of people living within the walls. But these Commanders feel a responsibility for the lives that have been lost. They hold themselves personally accountable.

5. He’s always a few steps ahead of everyone else.

Erwin calls himself a gambler, but he’s more like a chess master. He has pieces all over the board, he knows how to use them all. When the opponent makes a move, he’s ready.  (Levi is so impressed by it that he forgets about his childhood teacup incident and holds the cup normally.)
6. He’s rather easy on the eyes

Wait, did I say five things i liked? I meant 6.  I couldn’t leave this image out.

Put a ♪ in my ask box and I’ll put my playlist on shuffle and make you a starter based on the next song that plays

For everyting a reason“ by Carina Round

They say that everything happens for a reason. Levi wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to — or should — believe it. He used to believe in a lot of things, after all, either of his own free will or because of what people said, and some of them did him no good.

"Was it necessary?” He asked, not looking back at the person standing behind him even once. He didn’t have to; he knew who it was, he could feel it in his bones. “To pretend that you’ve died, to make me mourn you for months, and to make me think that I’ve lost you? And to come back now like nothing happened, Erwin? What was so damn important?”

Maybe he should turn around, stop talking to headstone that won’t answer him anyway, and start talking to the person that could.

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Erwin doesn't give a shit about humanity why do you like him



This is amazing.

Anyway: I’ve got a 385K fic & growing that’s basically a love letter to Erwin (and Levi) and why I love these flawed men, so you’re welcome to read it if you really want to know my stance. But I’m guessing you’re not a fan of eruri, right? And the fic isn’t to everyone’s tastes, anyway. So I’ll just say that everyone on the SC has selfish motives, and Erwin is an unreliable judge of his own character. It’s complicated.

But you don’t really ask because you want a legit answer, do you? You’re just trying to stir the pot. Anything I say here is giving you the attention you’re craving. Meow, meow, meow, meow. More words, more attention for you, poor attention-starved Anon. And a big hug. ❤❤❤

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How do you think Erwin would react if he got on tumblr/twitter and seen all his fans?

If he sees the Erwin Smith hate post reblogged by his fans, maybe he’ll agree to the haters more than the defense post because he is NO. 1 hater of himself and he think his fans must have been deceived by his motivational speech.

Current Erwin is not capable of believing anybody can love him because he think himself as despicable human being, he even despises himself outwitting Levi in acwnr and consider himself as a liar. While on the contrary Levi, who Erwin regard as a victim of his deceit, only think that this man is very capable and worth to follow. He stays loyal to Erwin for 6 years and keep telling Erwin “I trust your decision” repeatedly for who knows how many times and to recent development “Is your dream is more important than humanity? Ok I trust your decision”. Still this Erwin regard himself as despicable human being and I just want to give him a big hug but at the same time slap him awake.