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  • my dad: I was reading online that people wanted to give captain america a boyfriend
  • me: yeah
  • my dad: I wonder why?
  • me: well I feel like people want more LGBT representation-
  • my dad: no yeah I understand that but why pick captain america?
  • me:
  • me: well I think-
  • my dad: [gasps] Bucky

with the way he is, if he found out, he might even stop eating lobster thermidor entirely. there’s no way I could do that to him… plus, I can tolerate seafood. ..but I will admit eating it nearly every night can get annoying.


As children, we are our moon signs. In adolescence our sun sign starts making an appearance, but is clumsy and underdeveloped. Here are examples what the underdeveloped sign is like, versus the mature and fully developed sign. Sometimes, our sun sign never fully develops until middle age or never at all.

Aries Underdeveloped: Brash, aggressive, violent, impulsive. (The Incredible Hulk from Marvel)

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Aries Developed: Lively, optimistic, brave, strong. (Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin)

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Taurus Underdeveloped: Greedy, stubborn, lazy, possessive. (Homer Simpson from The Simpsons)

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Taurus Developed: Gentle, determined, protective, generous. (Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games)

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Gemini Underdeveloped: Manipulative, anxious, flighty, “two-faced”. (Loki from Marvel)

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Gemini Developed: Intelligent, curious, adaptable, friendly (Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled)

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Cancer Underdeveloped: Temperamental, self-pitying, pessimist, clingy. (Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter)

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Cancer Developed: Creative, loving, protective, leader. (Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon)

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Leo Underdeveloped: Vain, power-hungry, domineering, calculating. (Uncle Scar from Disney’s The Lion King)

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Leo Developed: Warm, generous, confident, loyal. (Mufasa from Disney’s The Lion King)

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Virgo Underdeveloped: Cold, unwelcoming, solitary, afraid. (Elsa, in the beginning of Disney’s Frozen)

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Virgo Developed: Smart, witty, independent, analytical. (Hermione Granger from Harry Potter)

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Libra Underdeveloped: Catty, sly, self-absorbed, indecisive. (Regina George from Mean Girls)

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Libra Developed: Charismatic, peace-loving, clever, fair. (Elle Woods from Legally Blonde)

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Scorpio Underdeveloped: Intimidating, jealous, demanding, secretive. (Marla Singer from Fight Club)

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Scorpio Developed: Intuitive, faithful, determined, unafraid. (Natasha Romanova i.e. Black Widow from Marvel)

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Sagittarius Underdeveloped: Chaotic, uncaring, careless, arrogant. (Harley Quinn from DC Comics)

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Sagittarius Developed: Endlessly optimistic, honest, adventurous, quick-witted. (Anna from Disney’s Frozen)

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Capricorn Underdeveloped: Selfish, apathetic, serious, frugal. (Voldemort from Harry Potter)

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Capricorn Developed: Disciplined, motivated, reliable, logical. (Batman from DC Comics)

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Aquarius Underdeveloped: Controlling, aloof, special snowflake, extremists. (Violet Harmon from American Horror Story Murder House)

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Aquarius Developed: Friendly, entertaining, unique, inventive. (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter)

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Pisces Underdeveloped: Unpredictable, paranoid, escapist, irresponsible. (Cassie Ainsworth from Skins)

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Pisces Developed: Selfless, compassionate, eccentric, sensitive. (Alice from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)

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I dreamed of a Batman 4-panel comic one night (not even dreaming of the plot——I literally dreamed of these panels and style and actual comic) and woke up in the middle of the night thinking “wow that made so much sense but I’m too tired to get up so if I still remember it in the morning I’ll draw it”. The first thought I had in the morning was “Batman comic” so, here is the Batman comic from my dreams.


Really quick Batman comic I call “Days after Release of Pokemon Go:Gotham City crime rate at all time low”

  • wonder woman: hey bruce, uh, question
  • batman: shoot
  • wonder woman: what's mr. freeze's motivation again
  • batman: his wife is sick + in suspended animation, he's also sick, wants to find a cure
  • wonder woman: so like. loss of a loved one basically
  • batman: more or less
  • wonder woman: right, right, and he's planning to do this...
  • batman: well he's a brilliant researcher so mostly he crimes for funding
  • wonder woman: and your day job is?
  • batman: owner of an incredibly successful corporation, practically the cornerstone of the Gotham economy
  • batman: why do you ask