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It may look like you have so much farther to go. At times, this may be daunting. But look. See behind you? You’ve already come so far! Keep doing what you’re doing, for its working wonders in your life and getting you to where you’d like to go. Just keep at it.

amorphous-tranquility  asked:

How do you motivate yourself to study when you are feeling down?

I don’t. Motivation is fickle and fleeting and unreliable. Screw that, you can’t waste all your time waiting for it to come. You gotta work on your discipline and force yourself into good study habits. The key isn’t how to motivate yourself, it’s how to work without it.

The last few weeks I’ve been very down myself, and I just had a whole week of exams which was painful enough. But had I only relied on motivation to get myself through, I would have got nothing done. Motivation is overrated, focus on building habits by self discipline.

anonymous asked:

Good evening! I have school tomorrow but still have to edit an essay and take notes and I'm very tired. I have no motivation rn any advice?

aah sorry i didn’t get to this in time but i hope ur feeling a little less tired now!! in general, i recommend to take it easy when ur tired. have a break, recharge and then tackle ur workload when u feel more refreshed. try not to procrastinate though - the sooner u get it done, the sooner u can relax without guilt 💕  take care of urself bub!! don’t overwork urself, ok? 

tiny sentences for the signs ♡

check ☼ and ☽

Aries - You can do anything.

Taurus - It’s okay to not be okay.

Gemini - You’re beautiful, inside and out.

Cancer - You deserve to be happy.

Leo - Just let go for a moment.

Virgo - You’re alive, you’re okay.

Libra - Stop blaming yourself.

Scorpio - Live in the moment.

Sagittarius - You do you.

Capricorn - You are enough.

Aquarius - Not everyone is out to get you.

Pisces - The past is the past.

Don’t worry about ten years from now. Don’t worry about what happened a couple months back. All that matters is what’s happening in the present moment.
Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, take a moment to stop and admire how far you’ve come. Acknowledge all of the hard work you have put in to get to that achievement.
Give time for your seeds to grow. They will not become flowers overnight, for development takes time. Be patient.
when it feels like everything is falling apart, you still have...

•friendly hugs
•infinite things to learn
•nighttime drives
•the rest of the world to explore/travel
•chord progressions
•leaf piles
•warm showers
•friendly hugs
•fresh flowers
•lilac skies
•unexpected kindness in strangers
•languages to learn
•animals to take care of
•the changing of seasons
•the power of sleep
•billions of people to possibly love
•billions of people to possibly love you back

5 Easy Productivity Tips That Won’t Require You to Overhaul Your Personality and Lifestyle

Sometimes advice to be more productive asks a lot of you, perhaps too much. It’s okay if you’re not ready to throw away your TV. It’s okay if you don’t want to get up at 4AM to work out. Through extensive reading of self-help books and trying these myself, I found these little tips yield big results.

1. Get Out of Bed Earlier. Most people naturally have more energy in the morning. But not all of us are morning people. It helps to:

  • Let in natural light. Open the blinds to wake yourself up.
  • Drink a glass of water. After sleeping, you are usually dehydrated, and often dehydration is confused with tiredness.

2. Get Ready to Face the Day. It usually helps to be dressed when facing the day, even if you have nowhere to be.

  • Get dressed. Nothing fancy, just something comfortable, something you might wear to school.
  • Wash your face + brush your teeth.
  • Eat a substantial breakfast.

3. Start With the Hardest Thing. If you haven’t already made your to do list for the day, make one, and then begin with the hardest task on the list. Since the morning is when you have the most drive and energy, putting it off might mean that you may not have the energy to accomplish it later.

4. Unplug Yourself. Untether yourself from your phone while you work. Attempting to multitask just divides your attention and makes you less efficient. Get an app that keeps you away from your phone. I find Forest works well for me. If you’re really struggling with the internet, put your computer away and go analog: do your work long hand.

5. Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated. As I mentioned before, sometimes when we feel tired, we’re really just thirsty. Also, some people find they work best in 90 minute sprints, while others work best with shorter periods of focus broken up with short breaks (See: Pomodoros).

I hope this helps. Good luck out there!