Just because they’re succeeding before you that doesn’t mean they’re succeeding in replacement of you. There is still a place for you. There will always be a place for you. Even if they came up after you and are doing the exact things you dreamed you would do, they have not replaced you. Even if you put years into things, they are not still not invalidated by those who are passionate about similar things. No two people’s stories are the same, and there is no way to know when, where, or how things will play out, but you can know this to be true: what they have done with their lives does not limit you. Who you have been called to be is who you have been called to be, and it does not matter what others do.

And while you are waiting, you are not just waiting. You are growing into who you were meant to be. And maybe…some of the things you thought you wanted were actually rooted in something deeper that went beyond what you could see. And maybe, you will start to see those deeper, richer things when you focus more on growing, and less on worrying, letting everything fall in place the way it’s supposed to…even if it ends up looking a little different than you were expecting.

Perhaps it has not felt like it lately, but there is still a place at the table for you. You know that gut feeling you have been having lately? The one you feel when you see someone else is doing the same things you want to do, or when it seems your dreams have been pulled out from beneath you? Perhaps that is more than a feeling of inadequacy, but a fire slowly igniting brave within your soul, reminding you there is more than what you currently see and what you are feeling is the process of becoming who you were meant to be.


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23/100   Glad it’s the weekend! Though I have some pretty busy study plans for the next two days. Also feeling pretty motivated to exercise which is cool :)