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It strikes me as strange how people are so closed about their feelings. They are afraid of doing things they want to do. We have a lot of insecurities. Maybe there is something we want to do, maybe there is something you want to say, maybe there is somewhere you are afraid to go. Maybe there is something that you are afraid to do because you are afraid of getting hurt. You may have a lot of things to say to a lot of people. But you’re afraid to say them. You’re afraid that people will lie to you, will misjudge you, will see the your darkest places. So you don’t say anything until all those things bottle up inside you and you explode, like a grenade, leaving places in ruins. I want you to do what you want to do.I want you to shout out your feelings out top of a mountain. I want you to tell that person you hate that you hate them. I want you not to care how loud you laugh, not to worry about strange looks. I want you to do the crazy things you want to do, regardless of what people think(Just don’t get arrested or violate other people’s happiness). Sure, I know it’s not easy to let go of what other people think about you. We are practically raised to appeal to other people, our parents, our teachers, our relatives, our friends, the society. But once you let it all go , you are free.
—  donutofdoom
Sometimes you have to reach the lowest you have ever been to collect yourself back up. Reaching a negative point in your life will only ever affect you if you fail to change your behaviour, attitude and actions. Reaching rock bottom means there is no where to go but up, and it may be just the thing that inspires you to reach greater things than you ever believed you could. Next time you feel like your world is crashing down, remember that is a new opportunity to start over, build something greater, and see stronger benefits then ever before.

Rock bottom by Amy Kennedy