Just listen

You see, I don’t see you as you do
For me, you are perfect
You should start seeing it too

Your art is amazing and your writing is flawless
Your posts are the best in a world full of darkness

And you have bad days, but those turn into weeks
And then into months and from there in years

And you’re so used to not believe in yourself
And you’re so used to never be enough

You lost all the joy doing the things you loved
Forget about how those made you feel proud

And time goes by and you forget everything
About your love for drawing and how you used to sing

About your silly stories or your poetry
And you built up walls, you built them up slowly

To protect yourself from everything that hurts
Without realizing, you just made it worse

Now take a deep breath, start counting to ten
Grab that old guitar, find your favorite pen

Start doing again everything you loved
Bring back to life your lost inner child

Promise you’ll do that, or at least you’ll try
Believe in yourself, because so do I.

You are the creator of your destiny!! Now what do you want your destiny to be!?
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anonymous asked:

What exactly do genderists mean when they call us terfs, like what's the e? What are we excluding them from? Our sex lives, our birthday parties...?

lol yup anon, from our sex and romantic lives, from female-only subcultures and from female-only movements and spaces. 

Apparently, us having our own spaces, having our own cultures we created based on our socialization and embodiment as females and having sexual autonomy is on the same level as men killing transwomen….because us having our own community based on our experiences and denying them access to invade our boundaries and not giving them validation and emotional labor/support is totes murder. Yup….

Actual transactivism - separate from feminism - that actually tackled issues such as how the enforcement of gender motivates male violence, housing/job/medical discrimination, and sex trafficking (all which is ACTUAL transphobia)? Bringing attention to these issues that in no way required perpetuating misogyny, the appropriation of the (actual) lives and experiences of women in society and advocating the coercive and corrective rape of lesbians? Somehow fell on the backburner….maybe when men who don’t even have dysphoria infiltrated and now dominate transactivism to spread their hatred and need to dominate women. KInd of like what they are trying to do with lesbians….hmmm this looks familiar!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey Connor, any tips on surviving a kinda shitty minimum wage job? My family pressured me into taking this job for the summer. I want to be a hardworking person, but I have a hard time staying motivated when the job is really draining.

Don’t view the job as the end. View it as a piece of the puzzle. Learn stuff. Kick ass at this job. Make a little money. This is foundation building for life moving forward, and it’s significant if you allow it to be. There is so much to learn from grinding it out at a job, way beyond money. Take pride in working for something and be stoked for yourself that you’re doing something that makes you exhausted. You’re earning that exhaustion and it’s making you a better person I promise. Developing a work ethic is something that took me a while but it’s now a cornerstone of my life and who I want to be.


Before my interview at Omni Hotels in Downtown and afterwards. I got the job!

You don’t understand how happy this makes me since I’ve been so unhappy at my current job. Not to mention the fact that it’s been years and I’ve been needing the change.

Honestly I was shitting bricks when I walked into H&R and there was another candidate to compete with but the cards were on my side on this one. Once the background check is done, I should have a new job to get started on!! I’m so happy!!

tfw you’re so captivated by a certain scene you want to write and commission one of your fave artists to draw it… but completely forget to think about in detail what happens before and after that moment

I lost three followers omg

My Pokemon Go story

It hasn’t been long since Pokemon Go came out but you can see how much good it’s been doing lately. You’ve probably already read a couple stories about people benefitting from this app; and now I have decided to tell my benefits from pokemon go. It may not be as inspirational as the story about the autistic kid learning to socialize, or the war vet with PTSD leaving his house for the first time since he got back from the war, or the kid with mental issues like depression and anxiety finally venturing outside to enjoy life, but I think my story is still worth noting.
I started my first job the day after pokemon go came out. And it was actually kinda scary for me because I didn’t know anyone in the bakery. I’m not a social butterfly, so I just decided not to talk to anyone unless I had to. I just kept quiet and did my work until my shift was over. Then I’d go home. Now there was nothing wrong with what I was doing, but my boss wanted me to socialize more. (He said I was ‘too damn quiet’). I mean I wanted to socialize with these people, they seemed like fun people to talk to, but I’m too akward when it comes to being sociable. What was I supposed to say? But that all changed on day 4.
I probably had about 45 minutes to an hour left of work and I barely said a word all day. So I’m just quietly packaging cookies in a corner just minding my own business when the store manager walks in. My boss and coworker ask “what’s going on?” when she replies with “Playing the pokemon app.”
I immediately stoo what I’m doing. Did I hear her right? Is the store manager actually playing pokemon go?! I walk over to ask what she was playing to make sure I wasn’t hearing things? And sure enough, she’s playing pokemon go! Next thing you know, I’m pulling out my phone and showing everyone my pokemon, answering their questions and just having a conversation. Once the manager leaves, I go back to work. Then my boss says to my coworker: “Ashley hasn’t talked much since she started but now we know how to get her to talk!”
And now, ever since that day, they always mention pokemon go at least once during the day. These guys were never pokemon fans and here they are, talking about it simply because they know I’ll talk then. They’re making an effort to get to know me and I’m trying to do the same for them.
I’m still quiet, but I’m making an effort to talk more, and it’s all thanks to Pokemon Go.