motivation to recover

When your mind begins to fall off track, handle it delicately. Be careful when it begins to think irrational thoughts, for it is then when we become the most vulnerable to our greatest fears.

At every single moment of every single day, oxygen is constantly diffusing into your blood stream. The SA Node in your heart is continuously pumping. You are alive. At every second, you body is fighting to take care of you. Show it kindness in return. Nurture it. Love it, for you wouldn’t be able to function without it.

12 Ways To Live A Happier Life☀️
  1. stop doing things you don’t want to 
  2. communicate clearly
  3. stop people pleasing
  4. say what you really mean
  5. trust your instincts
  6. never talk yourself down
  7. follow your inspirations
  8. don’t be afraid to say no
  9. don’t be afraid to say yes
  10. be kind to yourself
  11. exercise to boost energy
  12. do yoga
help is there for everyone, it does not make you weak. It does not mean you are defeated and it does not mean you are unworthy. Accepting that you need somebody is the bravest thing you may ever do. If someone asked you for your help, would you doubt their worth? No. If you answer was yes, then you must be a coward.

help by Amy Kennedy