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“Will I Be the Lead?” (P3) || Finn Wolfhard

“Will I Be the Lead?” : Part 1 || Part 2

Requested: yessss

Tense: 3rd person

Summary: Josh and Finn hang out whilst (Y/N) is away with her boyfriend, of whom both disapprove. Josh notices something and Finn comes to a realisation.

A/N: okay so this sucks but the next one will be golden // I wrote this whilst listening to Spendtime Palace & (Joe Keery’s band) Post Animal who im proper obsessed with

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then they are HOLDING HAND when entering the castle OMFG KILL ME

of course we’ve all already fangirled about it, but… THE



it’s so dark-themed i do agree but STILL it’s so gorgeous and Anna’s suit is so simple yet so feminine and elegant and ELSA’S ONE OMFGGG I’M ON THE MOON RIGHT NOW IT’S AMAZING

then my icy baby having culpability omg Disney why, why me


also that new trail

that new goddamn trail

soon it will be 25 miles long omfg ELSA YOU BOASTY NERD


It reminds me so much of that scene in Once Upon a Time but anyway gotta hold my feels if I don’t wanna cry

also, do my lynx eyes of Frozen fangirl recognize a concept art that turned into a painting for this short ? HEHEHEH

back to Elsa having culpabilities HAHAHAHAAHA I’M GOING TO FUCKING DIE THIS FALL

but even if the short seems pretty dark, literally and psychologically, they are positive notes



Elsa and Anna and their snow baby


then Elsa being an adorable cupcake as usual


i’m going to cry my eyes out at that scene tho

look at that setting jfc

BUT MY TWO MAIN MOTIVATIONS and reasons I CAN’T wait to see the shot are :

1. it looks really hilarious (Olaf being a king in that) and adult oriented (the sauna joke) and LOOK AT THOSE TWO DORKS







me @ me : rest in fucking pieces

Frozen 2 is going to be so extra good

bonus : Anna learned to ice skate and they’re both doing figures jfc my soul reached heavens


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 5

This episode actually had a lot more of Victor than you’d initially think and he seems to go through quite a range of emotions during just this competition. Let’s take a peek at what’s going on and why he fluctuates as much as he does!

So what I’ll actually start with commenting on with this first gif is Victor’s coaching. None of the other coaches at the competition are wearing anything more than semi-formal wear but Victor breaks out the entire three-piece suit. Why? Does he feel the need to impress Yuuri or the press? No, I think it’s more about his How to Coach 101 point of reference – Yakov. A lot of his habits can be traced back to him – his gruff way of giving feedback, his no-nonsense approach to learning, and even his dress. All of this makes sense considering his longest-term coach has been Yakov (with an obvious touch of Lilia, though she made her mark more on his skating and mannerisms). It also makes sense that he would test run his serious competition coaching as soon as possible – in this case, at Regionals.

For this second gif, I’d like to talk a bit about Victor’s expectations. He starts off overly excited, everything he says and does is overflowing with joy. However, that only lasts until Yuuri takes to the ice for his warm-up (and blows Victor’s enthusiasm off entirely), which causes Victor to start realizing that it isn’t going to be as simple or straightforward as he thought. Perhaps he thought that it could be like he’s seen from others – that he’d give Yuuri a quick pep-talk, Yuuri would get fired up, and then he’d go out and skate with minimal errors through the power of motivation… or something like that. That quite obviously doesn’t happen because Yuuri gets stuck in his own head so deep that he ignores everything else around him until he’s forced to pay attention. So Victor is immediately shown that coaching in reality is not going to be like when they’re in private or how it’s worked for him as a skater and he’s going to need to adjust his expectations to suit it.

This back hug… there’s a lot I could say about it but I’ll actually start with the buildup to it. I felt like I understood immediately what Victor was feeling when he was being grumpy and then ordered Yuuri to turn around, only to hug him. Which, when said out loud brings to light that the emotional tone doesn’t really match up. But I think it shows that Victor’s brain is working; he’s trying to find the best way to shake Yuuri out of his nerves. He knows that hugging has seemed to help before, and so does surprising him. So why not combine both, along with some advice whispered in his ear in an attempt to ground him? And it does work, for the first half anyway (Victor isn’t a cure-all, Yuuri does have his own things he needs to work through to relax more). As for why Victor tells Yuuri to turn around while being so grumpy and then sends the opposite message by hugging Yuuri and telling him to seduce Victor, I feel says that Victor feels frustrated that he can’t seem to get Yuuri to understand what he’s trying to tell him non-verbally. He wants Yuuri to turn around and is annoyed that Yuuri isn’t just doing it without being told – which is obviously an irrational wish because Yuuri can’t read his mind – but that doesn’t stop him from being frustrated anyway and turning it into an order. Along with Victor feeling ignored when Yuuri brushed him off earlier, this hug arguably isn’t only for Yuuri as well.

For this fourth gif, I’d like to focus on what Victor says. In this clip, he says “skate like you’re trying to seduce me” which tells us a few things. Firstly, it tells us that Victor is aware of who Yuuri is skating that particular program for. Secondly, it shows that Victor is aware of Yuuri’s reciprocated romantic and/or sexual interest. And thirdly, it shows us that Yuuri and Victor have talked about Yuuri’s interpretation of the Eros story in words. So any thought that Victor doesn’t know Yuuri is interested by this point in the series is disproven with this simple line, as well as the idea that Yuuri and Victor don’t talk about the meanings behind Yuuri’s individual programs. So by that, we can imply that everything we as viewers know about the meanings behind the programs, unless told otherwise in-show, both Yuuri and Victor know as well.

This fifth gif actually strikes me as particularly interesting because of Victor’s expression of displeasure. The clip before where he’s lecturing Yuuri shows him with a cutesy smile but then we get this next one with a more serious expression. I think that it’s not just Victor emulating Yakov’s coaching style, but that he really is unimpressed by Yuuri’s performance. Overall, it wasn’t a bad skate – he did get a score that would place him in the top 10 in the world – but Victor is aware of what potential Yuuri has and he was genuinely unhappy that Yuuri didn’t seem to get close to grasping that considering there was nothing around to really bother him or shake his confidence. Victor really is invested in Yuuri, and he’s aware of what things Yuuri can achieve when he actually applies himself and performs his best and Victor is invested in getting that best result.

For next one, we see Victor jumping in front of Yuuri/answering questions in front of the cameras for him again. This is actually something that started in episode 3, when he put his arm around Yuuri on the podium. Victor has gotten the impression that any time Yuuri is nervous in front of the camera, he can/needs to jump in and help. In a sense, this shows that Victor doesn’t really trust Yuuri to handle himself in front of the media. I’ve talked about it at length here before so I’ll spare the repetition but we can really see that Victor can get extra protective of Yuuri when he feels like anything is even slightly starting to go downhill.

I absolutely adore the intimacy shown in this seventh gif. The way that Yuuri sits back and lets Victor take care of him, the way that Victor is checking the small things like his hair being in place or his lips being chapped, and the way that there’s no actual pep talk between the two of them tell us that they’re absolutely on the same wavelength – a complete 180 from how they were the day before during the short programs.

Ahh, the Makkachin tissue box. This entire episode, Victor can hardly be spotted without it. Even when he’s upset the day before, he slams the skate guards down and walks off with it still in hand (though logically it’s Yuuri that would need it the most). But even more interesting than his attachment to it as an object, is the fact that he quite often uses it as a shield. He hides behind it, or uses it to talk, or says that it’s the one sending a message often enough that it makes me wonder if this is how he comforts himself when at competitions (as in, he looks at the box and sees Makkachin cheering him on or that the box is a stand-in for her and not just a cute tissue container). If something works to comfort the self, people tend to try it as the first thing they do when trying to comfort others. The concept of the box being a comfort for Victor can also be applied to how he hides behind the box, using it as a way to comfort himself (as well as Yuuri). Interestingly, he may use it as a wall a lot in this episode, yet it seems to lose that particular use past this particular competition.

“Oh, it’s me!” This clip sticks out to me as having 2 very obvious implications. The first meaning is the literal one that Victor states in his monologue, that he’s wondering where Yuuri gets his rebelliousness from in regards to not listening to his coach and trusting his own instincts first and foremost (which, interestingly, is a departure from how he was pre-Victor – but that’s a topic for another time).  The second comes from the message Yuuri’s program and final pose send, that his program (and thus his skating in its entirety) is a dedication to Victor. Put these two together, and you get a more overarching meaning to Yuuri’s program and the fact that he insists on taking the reins with it – that everything all come back to Victor. “Oh, it’s me!” indeed!

And for this last gif, I just love his shocked face. I think what’s shocked him the most is that he’s hearing Yuuri say things that would otherwise be left for more private settings – not just in regards to the romantic implications (Victor being the first person he wants to bond himself to) but also the fact that he’s admitting publicly that he struggled on his way to seeing and accepting the love around him (a topic that before now was only talked about at the beach with the specific mention that Yuuri hid it from other people in an attempt to not appear “weak”). Yuuri put a lot out there in this press conference so it makes sense that Victor would be so surprised by it and then not be able to process all of it fast enough to be able to form a response appropriate enough for in front of Yuuri’s family and friends better than commenting on his clothes!

As you can see, Victor experiences quite the range of emotions and reactions to things this episode! There ended up being a lot more of him here than I initially expected going in but I hope everyone has enjoyed this short journey with me! See you all next week when we finally get to go international!

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Bonus because if this isn’t the most relatable gif then I don’t know what is:

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prompt: yakov/victuuri/yuri's grandfather reacting to welcome to the madness. bonus points if christophe says something about yuri being too innocent for this!

“What the hell is he doing?” Yakov growled from the edge of the rink. Victor and Yuuri were standing next to him, mouths agape in twin shock as they watched Yuri strip, throwing his jacket towards the crowd.

“I…think he’s found his eros,” Yuuri said quietly, gaping at how sensually their young friend was skating, “Victor, this isn’t at all how he practiced it the other night!”

Victor was following Yuri’s routine with his eyes, noticing a dark figure skating onto the ice to join Yuri. They watched as the figure raised an arm, pretending to shoot Yuri with a finger gun. Yuri dropped into a graceful slide, his shirt rising up to bare his entire chest, pants riding low, mimicking taking a bullet from the invisible gun.

“What the hell is he doing?” Yakov hissed again, looking distressed at his student’s actions, “I told him no wild clothing, no stage makeup. Yurachka, you are in for it when you got off of the ice!”

Victor coughed a little, like he was trying to hide a smile. “This is…definitely an impressive routine. Adding Otabek in at the last second was a risky choice. This must’ve been what they were getting up to the other night when they wouldn’t come out to dinner with us.”

They watched as Otabek joined Yuri on the ice now, the routine fierce and, well, maddening. The audience was losing it, Yuri’s fangirls screeching from every corner of the stadium. It was hard to pair in their minds the graceful, ethereal Yuri who had just won gold in the Grand Prix Finals with the wild, reckless skater they were seeing now.

“Johnny Weir would be proud,” Victor affirmed, watching Yuri and Otabek leap and twist across the ice, “But this is going to give Yurio’s grandfather a heart attack.”

Christophe padded up next to them, his mouth hanging open as well, watching the wild teenage display of reckless abandon and carelessness for rules. “Wow, is this how he skates when he doesn’t have medals to win?” Christophe asked, “I thought he was too innocent for something like this, especially after his short program.”

Yuuri was ignoring the conversation, watching as Otabek lifted Yuri and threw him into a jump. Yakov spluttered and groaned at the danger of the move, but Yuri landed perfectly, continuing the routing. Yuuri watched as Yuri nailed a quadruple flip, something he secretly had been working on with him in practice.

“GO YURIO AND OTABEK!” Yuuri screamed suddenly, “DAVAI!”

Victor looked at his fiance cheering excitedly for the wild pair and he laughed, joining in with whoops and hollers each time Otabek and Yuri did something on the ice. Yakov’s face drained of color as he watched Otabek drop Yuri into a spin. He sat down on the bench, mumbling Russian curses into his hands.

Yuri and Otabek went through one final step sequence before ending with Otabek lifting Yuri above his head into a final hold. After the final chord of the music, Yuri slid down Otabek’s chest, far too sensually for his coach’s liking.

“He is only sixteen, what is he thinking?” Yakov groaned, “Oh, the press damage for this is going to be horrible.”

Victor grinned brightly as Yuri and Otabek skated off the ice, hand in hand. “Cheer up, Yakov! At least Yuri has some new motivation.”

The crowd was losing it as some of the more exciting aspects of the program were replayed on the big screens above the rink. Victor and Yuuri looked proudly in Yuri’s direction, watching as he chatted excitedly with Otabek.

“This is going to make next season very interesting,” Victor observed brightly, “Now, who wants to call Yurio’s grandfather and explain?”

From the bench, Yakov let out an exasperated sigh.

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Victuuri is so beautiful almost only because of Victor's actions and words (unfortunately, bc I'd like it to be more balanced). Anyway everyone who ships it should appreciate Victor more

i actually think a big part of why their relationship seems unbalanced to some is how different mental places they were in during the series!

vitya obviously put his entire skating career on hold to coach yuuri and moved his whole life to another side of the world. that’s some commitment alright. vitya could throw himself into it completely because yuuri himself had asked him to. he knew yuuri wanted him there!

meanwhile, yuuri had no idea of vitya’s motivations behind suddenly turning up and becoming his coach! he spends pretty much the entire series thinking vitya’s presence in his life is only temporary and preparing to let vitya (and his own career as well) go, so of course there’s an imbalance between their actions and words. yuuri asking vitya to stay with him in figure skating (even if only for one season) is a huge turning point in his way of thinking, and i feel pretty confident we can expect the imbalance to even out now that they’re finally on the same page ♥

i do agree that everyone in this world (including me) should appreciate vitya more! we can never appreciate him enough ♥ and we should also appreciate yuuri just the same! they’re both wonderful characters and i can’t wait to see how their story continues ♥

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Are you going to tell us now how you changed the story after you saw episode 10? You said you had to go back and re-outline the whole thing. I am interested in knowing how it differs.

i’m sorry if someone has already asked you this but can you share with us the original plan you had for umfb before episode 10? or can you not tell us until after the companion fic?

How Episode 10 Changed Everything (and other fun stories):

So as I’ve said a couple of times before, episode 10 was an absolute game changer for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches and now that the fic is finally done I’ll try and explain how although this may get a bit long and I wont go into too much detail about Viktor for companion fic reasons.

So the main three things that episode 10 changed in the fic was Viktor’s entire character, Yuuri as an unreliable narrator and the program music.

The most significant by far was Viktor’s character. Because pre episode 10 we really still didn’t know that much about Viktor and we had no idea about the banquet. So before episode 10 I assumed that Yuuri fell in love first and Viktor came to coach Yuuri out of curiosity because he likes surprises and doing something different and eventually and unexpectedly found himself falling in love. In a draft for another fic I was tossing ideas around for it actually centred on Viktor only realising he was in love with Yuuri just before the kiss in episode 7. Viktor was always very mysterious and I’m sure people who were in the fandom pre ep10 will remember all the theories that he was just using Yuuri and all that and while I didn’t believe that, I did assume that Viktor’s character trope was the ‘workaholic slowly learns how to love by being loved’ one.

But then episode 10 comes and completely knocks that out of the water because we find that Viktor is actually this adorable sappy romantic who calls Yuuri sleeping beauty and adores him and fell in love with him when he was wasted and dancing and brought life and love back into Viktor’s world. And that completely changed Viktor in the fic because after an episode from his pov I had a much better handle on his character and realised he absolutely wouldn’t act like he had been planned to act in the fic.

In the original plan he wasn’t ever a bad person or anything but he was actually a rival for Yuuri and he didn’t fall in love until much much later. But with episode 10 we also found out that Chris and Viktor are best buddies and Viktor likes skating with Chris and can’t imagine a season without him which means that in the fic there’s no way that Viktor would feel threatened by Yuuri as a rival because in canon he’s besties with his competitor and he’s way too much of a sweetheart for that. So in the fic it changed from Viktor reciprocating the rivalry to Viktor actually enjoying the challenge and excitement it brought into his life.

As for him falling in love, in chapter 10 the singing thing was always planned but that was originally the first sign that Viktor was starting to feel affection for Yuuri and was just the very beginning of him falling in love. It chapter 10! But after ep10 I realised that Viktor ‘love at first drunken dance’ Nikiforov would definitely not be having a solid two years of a ‘relationship’ and just be starting to fall because that would be seriously ooc and we finally saw just how much he adores Yuuri through his own eyes. And so in the fic I reworked the whole thing to fit with Viktor as a character as I now understood him and that included him falling first, falling hard and falling early.

Episode 10 also showed us just how much of an unreliable narrator Yuuri is, with the banquet and also how different everything seemed from Viktor’s eyes. And so that meant that I started to play with the idea of Yuuri being a seriously unreliable narrator and trying to tell a story where his version is very different to the version the audience see, which is obvious now pretty crucial to umfb&mha.

I also went back and reworked all the program music for the fic once episode 10 came out. Before it was all important and did have significance but after I knew that Viktor was going to fall early I decided to play around with the idea of showing the audience how he was feeling through his music. So I went back and completely changed the program music to tell a proper story (funny story, originally Yuuri was going to be the one skating to Sun and Moon. And then episode 10 happened and I looked at the new outline of the fic like ‘this is such a Viktor song oh my god).

Another thing that episode 10 changed was originally Chris wasn’t involved in the fic at all until we found out about his and Viktor’s friendship and that he’s actually such a bro not just a weird guy who gropes Yuuri and comes on the ice. As well as that, in episode 10 we also found out that Yuuri was actually the unknowing playboy in the Eros story not Viktor, coming into Viktor’s life, stealing his heart and then leaving without a word, which lead me adapting the fic to umfb!Yuuri becoming a perceived playboy by others through certain things that will be explored fully in the companion fic as a reference to that. There were also some smaller changes like the inclusion of the drunken Olympics and Yuuri knowing how to pole dance as a shout out to the episode.

Episode 12 also changed a lot. One of the things was Yurio and his role in the fic and how he feels about Yuuri which will be explored more in the companion fic. Also the original end of the fic was that Yuuri was going to try and fail to do the quad flip which ruins an otherwise perfect skate and potentially loses him the gold but he was willing to sacrifice it to tell Viktor. But in episode 12 we see that Yuuri can do a quad flip with his love for Viktor as motivation so it changed to Yuuri still potentially ruining his skate because he isn’t sure if he can land the jump but doing it anyway and actually succeeding because every time he tried and failed before it was because he was doing it out of bitterness trying to beat Viktor and this time he was doing it out of love.

The fic also changed a lot over the course of writing it just because characters take on a life of their own and my first draft was very rough and done before I’d written anything so I’ll try and do a chapter by chapter run down of the big changes from the rough plan I wrote before starting the fic to the end result.

Chapter 4:

·       Phichit originally wasn’t a big part of the fic but that very quickly changed because it’s Phichit and he’s so damn important to Yuuri and such an amazing character so I added him in early and made his part much bigger

·       There was originally going to be a discussion between Viktor and Yuuri that went badly and they both ended up annoyed and offended which sparked Viktor’s side of the rivalry but there was no way to do that without making them both dicks and ooc and after episode 10 it changed to Viktor trying to be helpful but unreliable narrator Yuuri taking it wrong and cutting the conversation short

Chapter 6:

·       Yuuri was originally going to be watching interviews and stuff of Viktor and thinking how arrogant and self-assured he was but this changed with Viktor’s character change because that’s just not him

·       Viktor was going to make a comment about Yuuri’s quads but this one was actually going to be an insult and again changed when Viktor’s character changed

·       The idea for the dream sequence only came later

Chapter 7:

·       Pole dancing only became a thing after episode 10

·       Viktor was going to only miss the GPS and come back for Worlds but lose because he wasn’t fully recovered but I decided I didn’t want the first time Yuuri won against Viktor to be so unsatisfying

·       The watching Yuuri skate at the rink didn’t originally happen at this point in the fic until after I saw ep 10

Chapter 8:

·       Yuuri never lost motivation originally but I decided at that point it was important in his character to almost give up but then come back with a vengeance

·       The drunken Olympics never originally happened

Chapter 9:

·       Yuuri was originally still going to be very hostile before I realised it was ooc and a dick move after Viktor was being nice to him so it changed to him congratulating Viktor after Viktor won. That then changed the sex scene from the mutual hatefuck it was going to be pre ep10 to Yuuri and the comments thing that sent him spiralling. The not-talking thing was also added as a plot device because Viktor as he became acted very differently to him as he was originally planned to be and it would have been too easy if he had been allowed to talk.

·       Viktor was originally going to take Yuuri out to dinner at the WC purely out of guilt

·       There was originally going to be another sex scene after the WC and dinner where Yuuri was angry at Viktor for ruining his skate but it would be ooc for both of them and got changed early on

Chapter 10:

·       Number swap was supposed to be just for hooking up but changed after ep10

·       Yuuri’s theme was originally going to be something related to hatred but it changed as his character developed and I realised how he was being affected by the events of the fic was different to the plan and that would be doing him a disservice as a character

·       Conversation with Phichit was very short and didn’t involve a lot of the stuff it did in the final chapter

·       Viktor was going to be acting very different in the second sex scene with none of the need or desperation that happened which all came about during his character change

·       Conversation with Chris never happened until the third of four re-writes of ep10 when I realised Viktor’s actions needed some more context for people who were ignoring the music

Chapter 11:

·       Lots of sex was supposed to happen in this chapter before I changed it for plot reasons and also companion fic reasons

·       Sex scene was supposed to be all about Yuuri acting like Eros Yuuri but those two idiots in love were very sappy and sentimental instead and it became a crucial relationship shift point instead

·       All domesticness from that chapter was planned out later in the fic as the details were not being written in the first plan, including the borscht scene

Chapter 12:

·       Meal with the other skaters never happened

·      In the rough draft of the chapter,  the revel about Yuuri’s virginity happened at the same time as the second reveal but I split them because it worked better that way

·       This was when Viktor was supposed to secretly watch Yuuri skating his routine

·       Yurio wasn’t originally involved at all and Yuuri left after getting jealous. The love revelation never happened

Chapter 13:

·       Yurio appeared in this chapter instead although the conversation was very different in the rough plan because everything he talks about in the final version came about after episode 10 changed everything

·       Yuuri was originally going to be much more angry at the scandal and used his anger to win while Viktor still fucked up his skate but this changed early when I realised it was ooc and Yuuri would actually react very differently and that emotional devastation and heartbreak would ruin his skate instead

Chapter 14:

·       None of the conversations with Yuuri’s family were planned in detail in the first rough plan, I just knew he needed to go back to Hasetsu and have some revelations

·       Yuuri was supposed to convince himself that Viktor never loved him and never could and only realised Viktor’s feelings after seeing stammi vicino. This changed because it was very important for Yuuri to go and get some distance and time and then decided to come back and decided to try again with Viktor before he saw stammi vicino. It also changed because with Viktor as he became after ep10 and how he reacted there was no way that Yuuri would convince himself that Viktor never cared for him. He’s a bit emotionally dense sometimes but not an idiot

·       Yuuri was going to fall on the quad flip

So yeah, all this is from the very rough draft before I wrote any of it and the story adapted and changed along the way as I got more into the characters and got a better handle on how they would act until it became what you see today. It definitely became a much better story and I’m very happy with all the changes that I made! Having a plan is great for a framework but letting the characters grow and change naturally during the writing process is much more fun and I think makes for a better story

Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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Yuuri slowly becoming one of Yakov’s favorite skaters in Russia is my new secret headcanon. 

-Yuuri rarely complains about skating, is always polite, and is one of the hardest working people in the rink.
-Yuuri always brings out a side of Victor that Yakov hasn’t seen in years. 
-Yuuri helps motivate Yurio and makes him work harder
- All the Russian skaters love him
-Yuuri is sometimes overly emotional in a way that Yakov isn’t used to (and he wants to protect it.)
- Yakov and Yurio correcting Yuuri’s Russian while at the same time being incredibly proud that his language skills are increasing. 
- Yakov always giving Yuuri recommendations about places to go. “No no no Vitya shouldn’t take you to that restaurant. Here, I know a guy who makes the best borscht in St. Petersburg.” 

Cute/Domestic Victuuri headcannons
  • Victor and Yuuri going ice skating in a public park 
    •  Everyone is just so stunned because holy shit they’re good 
    • Also, everyone wants to know why the fuck they can skate and make out at the same time 
    • This is why Yurio doesn’t come with them anymore
  • Working out together
    • They may not look like it but these boys are strong as shit
    • Thighs for days
    • They’re ‘That Couple’ at the gym, the one everyone loves because their so perfect and goals but hates for the same exact reasons
    • They’re great at motivating each other though and they keep one another going when all they want to do is give up
  • Victor taking every chance he gets to tell people how much he loves Yuuri
    • In an interview? He loves Yuuri
    • On the ice? He loves Yuuri
    • Talking with sponsors? He loves Yuuri
    • Ordering food at a restaurant? He loves Yuuri
    • Taking pictures with fans? He loves Yuuri
    • And Yuuri blushes every damn time
  • Makkachin is like a child to them but they know eventually they’re probably going to want human kids too
    • Yuuri tries to have the talk with Victor but Victor turns into a blushing mess which makes Yuuri blush too
    • It gets to the point they can’t even speak anymore they’re just staring at each other while red in the face
    • Yuuri has decided to postpone the talk about having kids until a later time
  • They both crave insane amounts of affection
    • They’re all over each other at first and it’s unbearable for Yurio
    • But soon enough it’s died down to just pecks and winks and hand holding and he decides maybe he can stomach living with them for a little bit longer
    • Phichit takes every chance he gets to document anything he considers even remotely cute
  • Cooking for each other…
    • They love to make food for each other
    • Yuuri makes Victor packed lunches and rice bowls and of course katsudon
    • Victor makes all kids of Russian dishes for Yuuri like Okroshka and Olivie
    • It doesn’t always go well but it’s one of their favorite things to do for each other
    • Teaching one another to cook certain dishes is a common activity as well
  • Kissing the others ring for good luck or when they’ll be separated for an extended period of time
  • Laying on top of each other on the couch to ‘save room for Yurio’ even though there’s plenty of room for him even when they don’t 
  • Arguing over who has to do the dishes for so long Yurio get’s tired and does them himself
  • Just being generally really cute and caring and healthy

figure skating meme: [2/?] favorite friendships: ashley wagner + adam rippon

“To be at this level of any sport is incredibly stressful, and so few people really understand what you’re going through. Unless you’re in the middle of it, it’s hard to gauge how difficult it is. To have Adam there and to be able to support him, it makes things a lot more manageable. We push each other, and we keep each other in check. When one person is really stressed out and having a tough day, the other one can bring the other one up. We feed off of each other’s energy and motivate each other.”

This is why I’m at peace with Episode 12 

Part 1 of 2 - Katsuki Yuuri’s journey

I have a friend who was somewhat disappointed with the ending of Season 1 of YOI, so I’ve written a full analysis on Yuuri and Victor’s motivations and goals.

It’s lengthy, but I hope it does help some of you feel more satisfied with what happened in Episode 12. Yuuri and Victor will have separate posts.

Click here to read Part 1 - Yuuri’s analysis.
Click here to read Part 2 - Victor’s analysis.

(And I am really sorry about the length of this, guys. There is a KEEP READING cut beneath this paragraph, but I know sometimes phone apps ignore them. I apologize in advance that tumblr doesn’t always recognize its own coding.)

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Reasons to be Happy

1. You are unique. There’s no-one on the planet quite like you!

2. You are loved – probably much more than you realise.

3. You have the chance to give love to others.

4. You still have time to change your life.

5. You have the chance to be creative, and experiment with your gifts.

6. You can explore your interests and learn new things.

8. You have the chance to enjoy the gift of laughter.

9. You can experience and enjoy eating, sleeping, friendships, music, the beauty of nature, animals, the scent of flowers, etc.

10. Even when today has been a bad day, you get a new start tomorrow – and can turn a fresh page.

11. You can dance, sing, jog, ski, cycle, run a marathon – or participate in any sports or form of exercise that brings you pleasure.

12. You can travel, meet new people, and broaden your perspective on life.

13. You can hang out at a lake or you can walk along the beach – and enjoy skimming stones, and being a kid again.

14. You can splash in puddles in the rain, or skate on the ice, or throw snowballs at your friends.

15. You can choose to make a difference in someone else’s life, and brighten their day, and bring a smile to their face.

United Arab Emirates women's player lives dream with Caps

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) – When Fatima Al Ali first started playing hockey in the United Arab Emirates, she skated with young children half her size.

“They were looking up at me like, ‘What is she doing here?”’ she said.

On Wednesday, she was halfway around the world skating with the NHL’s Washington Capitals, and they knew exactly what she was doing there. Capitals great Peter Bondra was impressed by Al Ali’s advanced stickhandling moves during a visit to Abu Dhabi, and the team flew her to the United States to meet her favorite player, Alex Ovechkin, during the league’s “Hockey is for Everyone” month.

The 27-year-old Al Ali only began playing hockey six years ago after falling in love with the sport as the official photographer for the men’s national team, and now she’s among the best players on the women’s team in the United Arab Emirates. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, the UAE has only 82 adult women’s players among its 802 skaters and just nine rinks in the country of almost 6 million where the average winter temperature is about 79 degrees.

“Hockey is getting more and more popular, and Fatima is one of the key factors to this success,” said Rasti Pavlikovsky, who runs the hockey camp where Bondra saw Al Ali in November. “She loves the sport, she is at the rink every day, not just skating and training, but also helping out to run the practices and games, she is also a great referee at international level.”

Al Ali recently got punched in the face while breaking up a fight as a referee but finished the game. She’s a hockey player, all right, with skills that could probably earn her a spot on women’s club team in North America.

She has had a busy week.

After visiting the National Mall and seeing sights around the nation’s capital Monday with her brother, Mohammed, Al Ali took in the Wizards’ overtime thriller against LeBron James and the NBA-champion Cleveland Cavaliers at night and visited the UAE embassy and met ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba on Tuesday. Overwhelmed by her first trip to Washington, she cried in the Capitals’ locker room Tuesday night as she met players after their game.

She found some comfort on the ice with them Wednesday. As cameras from about a dozen media outlets documented her every stride, Al Ali talked about herself, the sport in the Middle East and stick curves and different moves.

“I was so nervous going on the ice, but once we started talking it just calmed down,” she said. “We’re just talking about hockey, something we all share and something we all love.”

On Thursday, she did the ceremonial puck drop at the Capitals-Red Wings game.

Like her country, her hockey skills are still a work in progress, but Capitals coach Barry Trotz was impressed.

“You think a lady playing hockey in (the United Arab Emirates) it doesn’t sort of mix, but it’s great,” Capitals coach Barry Trotz said. “To see what she’s doing is fantastic. She’s going to be a real role model, and I think it’s a good symbol.”

Al Ali got a signed stick from Ovechkin to commemorate her visit. Ovechkin also hopes she takes home more motivation to play and spread the sport.

“It’s good for the game, it’s good for me, it’s good for hockey,” Ovechkin said. “I told her I hope she’s going to bring more interest in the game to her country and maybe it’s going to be a new league because she’s got to meet some people out here.”

Al Ali is not from one of the countries targeted by President Donald Trump’s executive order barring travelers from seven Muslim majority nations from entering the U.S. At the Capitals’ suburban Washington practice facility she skated around the rink wearing a hijab and enjoying what she called the best thing to happen to her in her life.

“I’m not here for politics,” Al Ali said. “I’m just here for sports and hockey.”

During his trip to Abu Dhabi, Bondra met with UAE hockey officials and coached an under-18 practice. He said hockey is on the way in a very nontraditional market.

“Doing a little hockey clinic, there was various stage of the level of game,” Bondra said. “There was some good skaters - you could tell that they’ve been skating for maybe two years more or there was some kids just starting. The hockey’s young there and it’s growing.”

Al Ali is at the forefront of that on the women’s side, and Pavlikovsky said nine or 10 more players from her team want to participate in their next camp run by former NHL and European players. That’s the impact she hopes to have.

“That’s my goal,” Al Ali said. “Everything I started doing in my life I hope it inspires other people to do something and break the barrier in their culture, whatever they’re doing.”

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Head Over Heels||Zach Herron||Why Don’t We Imagine

Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the crap out of me.”

“Babe, you’ll be fine!” Zach chuckles at your scared expression. “It’s not even that bad, I swear!” He tugs you by the arms toward the ice skating center, but your feet stay firm on the ground. 

“I’m not going, Zach! It’s too scary! What if I fall?!” You shout trying to wiggle out of his grasp. The WDW boys were spending Christmas in New York and Zach, your boyfriend of five months, invited you to come along. After doing a radio interview that morning, Zach was free for the rest of the day so he decided to take you out exploring the city. But of course, the first thing he wanted to do (after getting Chipotle) was go ice skating in Times Square, which just so happened to be one of your greatest fears. You thought you would fall on the ice and break through it into the icy cold water. 

“Zachary, do you want me to die?! I’m going to drown!” 

“Y/N, it’s ice! You can’t drown on a solid object!” He lets go of your hands and you think you’ve won, until he wraps his arms around your waist and carries you into the skating center to get ice skates. 

Ten minutes later you have lavender purple ice skates strapped to your feet and Zach has black ones. He holds your hands and gently guides you towards the ice. You never thought about the possibility of ice skating, let alone ice staking in Times Square where there are hundreds of people who could laugh at you. 

“Baaaabe!” You whine. “I don’t wanna do this!” 

“You haven’t even given it a chance, Y/N/N. You’re not even standing on the ice.” Zach says, pulling you a little closer. With one big tug, he pulls you onto the ice and into his chest. 

“Zach!” You shriek, suddenly scared out of your mind. The two of you start sliding on the ice from the momentum. You breathe heavily and stick to Zach’s chest like glue, refusing to let go. Zach turns around on the ice, so he’s skating backwards and you’re skating forwards. 

“That’s it, princess! Just move your feet like that, good!” You smile at his motivation. When you start to get the hang of it, you pull yourself away from Zach’s body, but still hold on to his hand in case you fall. The two of you glide around the ice smoothly, a smile spreading wide on your face. 

“I’m doing it! Oh my God, I’m doing it!” You laugh as you look down at your skates in disbelief. You let go of Zach’s hand, having new found confidence in your skating skills.

“No, no, babe! Careful! Look where you’re going!” Zach shouts before skating directly in front of you so you both crash into the barrier. When you open your eyes, you find yourself on top of him,his back against the plastic barrier. 

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay? I’m so sorry!” You say, getting off of his body. He cringes as he opens one eye. 

“Ouch.” He says, pushing himself up on his elbows. You hear loud laughter and look up to see Christina and the boys standing behind the barrier. Christina has her vlog camera out, holding it steady as she laughs with the guys. 

“Did you get that on camera?!” You yell at her, your face turning red. She nods as she continues dying of laughter, leaning into Corbyn so she doesn’t fall. 

The five of them get skates, and join you and Zach on the ice. You find that Christina is practically a pro skater, her doing a bunch of jumps and spins on the ice. You also find that Jack’s skateboarding skills do not transfer to his ice skating skills, him falling on his ass just as much as you do. 

After what felt like hours of skating, you and Zach split from the group to go to little cafe on Lexington Avenue. You sit outside, sipping your espresso, Zach eating a sandwich. You catch him staring at you several times, “What’s wrong?” You ask, taking another sip of your drink. 

“Nothin really.” He responds, finishing off the last of his meal. He stands up, his chair scraping against the concrete. He takes your hand in his and rubs the back of it with his thumb. 

“What are you doing?” You ask, laughing under your breath. He smile down at you, not answering. 

“You have my focus, I can’t control it

I find your magic in every moment

No slight of hand, cause you’re my truth

And when in love the ordinary just won’t do” You cover your smile with your other hand, shaking your head as your boyfriend serenades you in the middle of Manhattan. Just when you thought that this couldn’t get any more insane, the rest of the WDW boys come around the corner, Daniel’s guitar in tow. You see Christina vlogging the whole thing. 

“You look so beautiful, you walked out of a dream

I’ve never felt this way before, your eyes are all I need

To make forever feel like just a little while

I swear I’d walk, I’d run, I’d even learn to fly

Just to see you smile”

The boys continue singing your favorite song off of their first ep and by the end you’re smiling like an idiot. Not to mention that quite a large crowd had gathered around to witness this public display of affection. When they’re done, you stand up and pull Zach into a long kiss which earns several whistles from the crowd. 

When everyone disperses, and the boys and Christina go into the cafe to order, you sit with Zach, him still rubbing circles on the back of your hand. 

“What was that for?” you ask, your face still red from all the attention. 

“I don’t know.” He shakes his head. “Y/N… I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me.” He confesses, scratching the back of his head. Your smile widens even more, your cheeks starting to hurt. 

“Zach, you have nothing to be scared about.” His eyes snap to yours and his smile mirrors yours. 


“Really, cause I think it’s safe to say that I’m head over heels for you, country boy.”

He leans back in his chair, clearly relieved. “Oh, thank God!” He says, making you laugh. 

“I love you.” You manage to say before the rest of the gang walks through the door. You and Zach smile at each other from across the table. You could tell that Christmas was going to be good this year. 

Y'all the amazing roller derby team i wanna be a part of so badly are going to have more tryouts in December. I’m nervous because I have NO idea how to prepare for tryouts, where to go to practice skating, and what exactly I should be practicing. Does anyone have any advice or resources for me? I’m SO motivated to try to do this,even if I don’t make it on the team the first time i try out im still going to try.

rami707nowaifu  asked:

HC FOR RFA + SAERAN + V + VANDERWOOD about their first time skating on ice with their S/O who can skate please! 8|

***OOooo Cute! So, once again, we’re going to go with all the guys after their Good Ending, an after Secret Ending 02 Saeran, V after an operation to restore most of his sight, and Vanderwood from my Vanderwood Backstory fanfiction. Let’s do this! ~Let’s Connect! FFC***

(send me some more asks! Patrons get first dibs but otherwise is first come first serve, SFW and NSFW accepted)


  • This is way too adventurous. Jaehee would much rather have been at Jumin’s office working on cat projects, that was how nervous she was.
  • You’re going to be on slippery ice in shoes that have blades on them. She looked it up, that’s what they’re called, the spiky bits are called blades.
  • Somehow, you manage to get her into the skates. She’s not the most graceful on the ice, but you skate backwards and help her.
  • In the end, she ends up hugging the wall the entire time, watching you skate next to her, no assistance needed. “Are you sure I’m not holding you back, MC?”
  • You just take her hand and give it a squeeze. “Of course not, what are partners for!” romantic partners?


  • If his babe wants to go on a date, it doesn’t matter where, he will go all out. Although, he is maybe just a little worried about his face, though. Wouldn’t want to trip and lose all that beauty.
  • Zen still takes to the ice and thanks to his great physical coordination, part of dancing in musicals, he actually gets pretty good pretty fast.
  • So good, in fact, that you’re able to teach him a couple starting jumps. “This is fantastic, maybe I can do one of those shows on ice!” As his manager, you totally agree. Why didn’t you think of that before?
  • Zen slips away to the bathroom for a moment, but when he returns, the loudspeakers state that everyone but you two should leave the rink. At first you’re so confused, but then a romantic song comes on and Zen takes your hand and starts skating backwards with you like how you had started out teaching him.
  • He does this whole really cute mini routine, since he doesn’t know as much as you do, but it certainly ends with a kiss to remember.


  • Wait…you’re a skater? That is just so cool! Okay, so, Yoosung is impressed by anything you do because you’re his precious girl, but yeah, this is super cool!
  • He’s really nervous, and also quite embarrassed when you lace up the skates for him. “I can do it myself..” Yoosung doesn’t like being treated like a kid, but he does appreciate your help and makes sure to give you a little thank you kiss.
  • He’s wobbly at first, and keeps making a break for the wall again when he gets too freaked out, but by the end of the night he is skating around the rink with you, albeit a little slowly.
  • You stop when he pulls on your arm, his face completely red with blush. “So…um…MC…do you think…you could show me a routine?” Of course you can! And you do! And his mouth hangs open because you are so amazing!
  • He won’t stop singing your praises. Ever.


  • This goofball asks you if you have any ice skating outfits that you’ll let him borrow while you’re teaching him. And of course you do.
  • This isn’t really scary to him. Like with everything, he rushes into things and asks questions later. The guy is like “lolol this is easy”, goes out onto the ice and immediately falls. Well done.
  • Now he’s a sad bean. “I fell on my butt, and it hurts…” Casually looks up at you with that look in his eyes that tells you “Kiss it better?” Yep, he’s going to say something inappropriate.
  • You skate away from him and he scrambles to get up after you. “C’mon, I was kidding!” You thought he was supposed to have changed to a serious person, but you were kind of glad he hasn’t lost his silly edge.
  • You end up having a great time, and by the end of it, there’s the more sweet and serious Seven as he holds your hand while you skate around the rink.


  • Why of course he would like to go skating with you. He just needs to research everything he possibly can about it before you go. Jumin actually has a team of assistants put together an informative packet on all the technical aspects of skating.
  • This does not help him one bit once he is actually on the ice. Sure, he laced his skates perfectly, but he looked so stiff trying to stay upright. It was cute.
  • He watches you meticulously, but you keep telling him practice is the only way. “It’s not like golf.” “I hate golf.” He really does, but this is for enjoyment.
  • If there is one thing he does enjoy, it’s that he gets to hold your hand and show off how beautiful you are.
  • “Would you like me to get you your own personal practice hours?” He is definitely offering to rent the place, but that is way too excessive and you just tell him you want to be there with him. “Good, then we will rent it for dates.” Not what you meant, but, you’ll take it.

V (Jihyun):

  • “I’m not exactly sure that’s a good idea…” And then you think it over, and he’s right. His vision is only a little restored but…”We can go very slowly, I’ll hold your hands the entire time.”
  • V agrees, he hates to see you upset, and will do almost anything to make you happy even if it puts him at risk. This man‘s self-sacrifice is pretty extreme, but you’re going to keep him safe, of course.
  • Okay, so he ends up stumbling a good bit when he can’t quite see where the bumps in the ice were, but you managed. It was like a big trust exercise, not that you needed one. Falling in love with you in the first place was a trust exercise.
  • So, V enjoyed himself, but it’s not likely that you’ll take him along to enjoy your hobby again. It just isn’t for him.


  • This does not sound like fun but…at the least he can watch you do something you enjoy? That’s something he likes. So you decide to do a little routine. 
  • After Saeran watches he is just amazed. That was beautiful. He only wishes he could have learned something like that when he was younger so he could be as good as you are. Except, wait you can teach him!
  • He’s super wobbly, but for some reason he is so motivated. Maybe because he didn’t get to just enjoy beautiful and fun things as a child? You decide to let him have as much fun as he can today.
  • Saeran is still not the healthiest after the years of malnourishment, so he wears out kind of quickly with this much physical exertion, but he wants to come back and try again sometime. Anything to experience new fun things with you.


  • …You really want him to get on skates? Doesn’t sound like something he’s going to enjoy or even be good at, but he will. #whipped How do you have control over a guy who could kill you in a second?
  • Because he is stubborn, he insists that he will be terrible at it. In fact, you’re pretty sure he was pretending that he needed to be hugging the wall, so you fake fell only to have him let go and grab you.
  • After that, he stops pretending and blushes like an idiot as you tease him for his stubborness. This man is so cute when he blushes. But don’t you dare call him cute, because he so is not.
  • He’s just holding hands with you by the end, giving you kisses whenever the chance comes, secretly having a great time, but you know. You always know. And this is why he is #whipped.

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So here is my ideal ending for season one of YOI.

After Yuuri wins Gold at the Grand Prix Finals and beyond, Victor surprises everyone by challenging him to a public Face Off.

It’s Victor’s return to skating that everyone’s been begging for. He has his motivation back that he was missing before—and he found it in Yuuri. Before Victor came into his life, competing against him was a huge goal of Yuuri’s, so of course he accepts the challenge. The competitiveness between them is sweet, friendly, and adorable. They banter about it like a married couple, then go make out.

The Face Off is held at the Ice Castle in Hasetsu. And it is a BIG DEAL. Two consecutive Gold Medalists battling it out. It brings in a load of tourism. Yuuri’s family and the Ice Castle profit greatly from it.

Yuuri and Victor set a wager for the friendly duel. The winner gets anything they ask for.

Victor goes first and skates his “Stay Close to Me” routine, but he changes the end into something hopeful. Like he’s asking a question. Yuuri skates to “Yuri on Ice” and dedicates it to Victor. Both performances are flawless.

Victor wins by only half a point.

Afterward, he gets on a microphone and tells the audience about the wager. That he gets to ask for anything he wants. He tells everyone about the meaning behind their performances. About how the past year hasn’t just been about Victor helping Yuuri blossom. He helped Victor find himself just as much.

And throughout this speech, Yuuri is nervous. Because even though the entire night has been a dream come true, he’s nervous about the wager. Part of him still fears losing Victor to Russia, and Yuuri thinks that’s what he’s going to ask for.

Instead, Victor gets down on one knee and asks Yuuri to marry him. That’s what he wants as his prize.

Complete chaos in the audience. Internet: broken.

Yuri says yes. The next year, they make their debut in couples skating with rings on their fingers.

mon ange pt. 2

read part one here!

(read on ao3)

see everything related to this au

Jack had decided that he did not like Bittle that much.

Everywhere he went, Bittle showed up. He’d make small talk, then just sit near him and do… whatever it was Bittle did in his spare time. Sometimes he would drag Jack into the kitchen and prattle at him while he baked something for the team. And always, always, Bittle was watching him.

He stole tiny glances at him while they studied together, tracked him during their practices, was always within eyeshot at parties. To be real, Jack was tired of it. If he had been a fan, why wouldn’t he just say so instead of skating around him like Jack would snap at him if he came clean.

That’s why, when Bittle proves to be unable to take a check, he volunteers his own time to coach him instead of letting someone else do it.

Jack says it’s simply in the name of productivity that he gets him up at four in the morning to practice. Really, he’s been on this earth for 25 years, longer than Bittle, and he knows that you have to tire people out to knock their guard down. Plus, he might be slightly motivated by spite.

“Ugh. Lord, it is too early to be out here. What are you, some kind of hockey masochist?” Bitty complains.

“Your mind is clear in the morning, Bittle. C’mon, skates on, let’s go.” Bitty laced up his skates and did a careful lap around the rink.

To his credit, Jack didn’t yell at Bitty. He was a good skater, but… this block was something almost insurmountable. Every time Jack came at him, he shrank away, whimpering in panic. Jack just… didn’t know what to do.

After their clinic, they sat next to each other as they changed into street clothes. Jack sighed, then said, “Do you wanna get coffee at Annie’s? I have some stuff I wanna go over with you, and I don’t have a class until ten.”

“Sure, Jack!” Bittle bubbled, and five minutes later found them walking to Annie’s in slightly stiff silence.

“So, I was thinking… if we can get to the real root of this problem, we might be able to make some more headway by dismantling it from the bottom up,” Jack suggested, staring into his black coffee.

“Oh! Well, uh, I’d really rather not talk about that? I think if we just keep working on it, I can just get over the physicality of it. That would work better for me.” When Jack looked at him, Bitty was frozen, hands clenched around his coffee cup so tightly he was in danger of crumpling it.

“Bittle. If you don’t wanna tell me, it’s fine.”

“No. I just…” Bittle trailed off, hissing something under his breath angrily. When Jack raised an eyebrow, he giggled unconvincingly. “If I open up, can we start clinic later next time?”

Jack shrugged. “Maybe.”

“This boy,” Bittle sighed with a smile. “Well, if you must know… it’s uh, it’s kind of unfounded. I’m just not a big fan of physicality. Probably because I’m so small.”

Jack pressed forward. “Most of these fears have to come from something, Bittle.”

Bitty stared over Jack’s shoulder. He could see the gears turning under Bittle’s floppy blond hair. Eventually, Bitty comes to an agreement with himself and shakes his head brightly. “Nope! If some repressed memories come up, I’ll be sure to tell you about them, though.”

“Euh. Bittle, if… if you’re having trouble talking to me, I can always have Shitty or Lardo-”

“Jack, I swear on my mama’s life, I can’t think of anything that might have caused this.” He glanced down at his phone. “Oh! We should get moving if we don’t want you to be late for your class, Jack.” They parted ways outside Annie’s, Bitty waving goodbye cheerfully and heading back to the Haus.

_/ \_

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anonymous asked:

Good work see you're not dead! How about some lucio fluff, frog boy doesn't get enough love

(( I’m SO SO SORRY I WAS DEAD i lost all motivation to write))

- for your one year anniversary he doesn’t just make you a song, he makes an entire freaking album
- He loves to cuddle
- especially spooning, he is the little spoon though
- He wants to introduce you to his fans, but he knows how wild some of them can get, so if you’re worried he won’t pressure you
- will go on cute cheesy dates that are straight out of movies
- sometimes when he gets hounded by fans he’ll take pictures with you and them doing cute poses
- He loves to go on drive in movie theaters, and roller skating dates with you
- He will probably just cuddle up on you for no reason, or a ridiculous reason. “I was tired so i hugged you.” “I wanted to sleep so i put my head in your lap”
- He really likes it when you come to his concerts, he likes the support and he likes having someone to rant to if the crew was being bad, or mean
- He likes to play in your hair, and he loves it when you play with his.

Why I think Victor was so salty in episode 2...

So remember how Victory was being a little shit in episode 2, calling Yuuri a little piggy and everything? 

His fake ass, ‘I’m actually pissed right now but I can’t show it’ smile? 

I’ve seen some ideas tossed around about him being jealous of Yuuri and Minako’s closeness, or his frustration about being rejected by Yuuri. And while I wouldn’t put this jealousy and frustration past Victor (he did just jump on a plane and traveled half the world to coach the banquet boy who never texted back)… Yuuri hasn’t actually rejected him yet.

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