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You’re a Wizard, Neil

Part One: Neil finally discovers Harry Potter and he likes it Part Two: Part Three:

  • It started with Andrew reading a book
  • Neil wasn’t into reading, seeing as he had been on the run for a good portion of his teen years and never had the time to just sit and relax
  • And his parents weren’t the type to read him a bedtime story when he was little
  • But Andrew likes to read because books had always put him into another world where he could pretend to be the hero worshipped protagonist and didn’t have to actually worry about anything because it wasn’t real
  • So Neil finds Andrew reading all the time
    • Stuffed in a beanbag chair while Nicky and Aaron are playing some dumb video game in the living area, in the back of the bus to one of their away games, snuggled in bed waiting for Neil to be done arguing exy strategies with Kevin (and to come snuggle him to sleep)
  • This one book Neil has noticed Andrew reading lately is one that he’s seen him read before and the title looks familiar:
    • It’s Harry Potter

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(Not as pretty as the first one. BUT) I upped my workouts for this month. Can’t wait to start (and die) tomorrow morning! 😂If anyone wants to join and try this, you’re more than welcome!(:

talk shit, get hit

genre: delinquent!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 3,021 words

author’s note: part of a Johnny/Jaehyun collab with @chipsandwaffles . Go read Johnny’s part here it doesn’t disappoint. 

And remember, Say No to Double J™ 

*explicit language, read at your own discretion*

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opening line: “Rules are simply restrictions passed down from past generations to limit us from doing what they couldn’t do in their lifetimes.” 

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spro10. 5. 2017.

Hey Everyone!

I’m a new studyblr, lol. here’s a quick introduction

y’all can call me ami

I’m Mexican American (first gen all that stuff lol)     

 Full time student at the University of Washington    


Work part time as a Student ambassador, & at front desk at an advising office 

Like kpop, anime, movies, music…. If you guys know any good shows/artists please lmk·      

Aiming to double in Business (focus in International Business/Marketing) and International Studies

I know my notes aren’t as pretty or aesthetically pleasing as others but I really wanted to post something.. hopefully they get nicer as time goes on :) Currently I am taking accounting, I’m not math inclined at all so I am hoping making a studyblr will get me more motivated to study everyday. On top of that I really trying to meal prep workout stay healthy inside and out. 

Here are a few blogs I have started to follower pls reblog if you’re a studyblr too I wanna make more friends and hopefully be part of this community:)

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I dreamed of a Batman 4-panel comic one night (not even dreaming of the plot——I literally dreamed of these panels and style and actual comic) and woke up in the middle of the night thinking “wow that made so much sense but I’m too tired to get up so if I still remember it in the morning I’ll draw it”. The first thought I had in the morning was “Batman comic” so, here is the Batman comic from my dreams.

hilllyrioz  asked:

RFA+V reacts to MC getting into a fistfight for them and winning?? Like someone was messing with them and MC won't have any of that shit??! Bonus if she knows a type of martial arts :)


  • he praises you SO MUCH afterwards its not even funny
  • he’s extremely impressed he almost wants to see it again


  • he’s impressed but holy shit you fist faught for him???
  • he scolds you about violence before hugging you and congratulating you on your victory
  • “That was really cool… But don’t do it again, ok? You could have gotten hurt.”


  • she tries scolding you but it was too cool to not be proud of you
  • I mean you left the other person in the dirt
  • she showed you off the rest of the day and praised your martial arts skills


  • he’s impressed and frightened, yet slightly aroused
  • “MC, that’s what we have bodyguards for. Though I admit, your skills are quite admirable.”
  • he ends up becoming interested in martial arts so he takes classes and eventually spars with you


  • he scared SHITLESS
  • “MC are you ok?! I had no idea you could do that!”
  • he compares your fighting moves to LOLOL characters attacks with this little twinkle in his eye
  • bottom line: he loves it


  • he doesn’t even scold you, he praises your skills
  • “Don’t put such skill to waste to fight for me, MC. It’s likely not worth it”.
  • You assure him it’s very much worth it, and the person who made fun of his glasses deserved it
  • he just laughed and hugged you while thanking you for being by his side.
Reversal of Net Neutrality: Unintended Consequences

So if you are like me, you’ve been worried as you envision a bunch of board-room ISP people chuckling and twirling their mustachios as they contemplate the simple brilliance of their three point plan:

-       Take away the Net Neutrality policies set in 2015

-       Direct net traffic to their products

-       Profit

But I do not think they have considered all the possible consequences of a truly pissed-off customer base, namely, the Start-up ISP.

I feel like the reversal of Net Neutrality could open up a whole new market here, and while I don’t know much about ISP infrastructure, I do know a bit about irritated customers and brand loyalty. Envision a world where no one can get where they want to go on the internet. They hear about ISP startups that would like to grow, but they can’t even reach the Kickstarter page to give these startups money. Then they see a poster on a telephone pole saying to go to a particular coffee shop or restaurant, which is the first in town to have Start-up ISP available, and they can use the wifi for free. People FLOCK to this place of business, and suddenly EVERY restaurant wants Start-up ISP to handle their wifi, too.

Start-up ISP is now receiving donations hand-over-fist, even though there are only maybe 2 or 3 places in town where people can sit and use the wifi to reach their Kickstarter page. Time for Phase 2. What do you do with a bunch of underemployed Millenials who can’t watch Netflix or Youtube on their phones? Ask them to volunteer or work for you, setting up infrastructure and helping new customers. There’s a dual motivation here. Start-up ISP is the one free choice for wifi that won’t slow you down, plus Millenials now have a way to spit in the eye of the big guys who tried to reverse good FCC policy for monetary gain. An ARMY of people will engage with little Start-up ISP and it will grow and grow and grow.

So suddenly, the board-room mustachios are in a panic. Their customers are leaving in droves and their products aren’t doing so well, either. The only way to compete with Start-up ISP is to allow customers all speed to all destinations once again. The damage is done, though. Customers have brand loyalty and long memories for grudges. I still don’t eat at Jack-in-the-Box because of That One Time 17 Years Ago. Pretty soon, the big guys will have to drop their prices to entice people back, and quit trying to screw them over when they want to switch or compare pricing.

So if you know anything about ISP work, and the reversal at the FCC does go through? Start boning up on good business practices, etc. This may be your time.

summer study challenge 12/30: spring cleaning masterpost

cleaning is a really good way to feel organised and fresh but it can also feel super tedious and it’s hard to find the motivation to start so here are some tips that will hopefully help

before you start:

  • make sure you have plenty of time to clean
  • wear comfy clothes (preferably layers you can take off if you get warm)
  • have some food or a snack so that you have enough energy
  • fill up a waterbottle to keep with you because you’ll probably get thirsty and this will save you having to stop what you’re doing to get a drink
  • put on a playlist of upbeat music


  • clear all of your surfaces. this includes the floor, desks, tables and your bed. take everything off and put it in one place out of the way.
  • wipe down and dust surfaces. make sure you clean everywhere, especially places that you dont normally think about such as the top of bookshelves and behind furniture.
  • clean windows, doors and mirrors and inside any drawers, cupboards and wardrobes.
  • vacuum the floor and clean any carpets and rugs.
  • if the place where you put everything earlier wasn’t your bed, go ahead and make it by putting on fresh sheets. but dont worry if you put everything on it because you can just do this at the end instead.


  • sort everything into piles: keep, throw away, relocate
  • for clothes separate clean from dirty. this is also a good time to clear your wardrobe of clothes that are too small or you dont wear anymore.
  • once this is done, put everything in the keep pile where it should go in your room along with your clean clothes
  • sort things in the throw away pile into trash, recycling and donating and take these out
  • put everything in the relocate pile where it needs to go in a different room.

other tips:

  • while you’re sorting our your things it’s also a good time to replace anything old or used up such as makeup or stationery.
  • open all of your windows while cleaning do that dust doesnt get trapped in your room and it will also keep it feeling fresh

and yay you’re finished!! time to relax. i hope this was helpful and feel free to message me about anything :)

I finished FE Awakening and oh boy.. It was quite something. I’ll just say again what I said about 2 hours into the game: I should have tried this series way sooner.

Well I’ll start enjoying it now! Also Lucina is my favorite. (I’m planning out a cosplay of her!)



First week of school is done! I’ve been enjoying a rainy afternoon while planning my weekend and drinking lots of tea! 

I’m excited to get back into the swing of things, here’s hope to senior year. 

I want to Celebrate You!

Seeing you all reach your goals is so much more motivating that any slogan or pretty picture. 

So of you set a PR, break through a physical or mental barrier or reach any milestone you want to celebrate, write about it and tag fatmaninalittlesuit. I am so happy to celebrate along with you! :) 

See also my awesome people tag for awesome friends and followers doing incredible things. If you are looking for motivation - start here


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