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I dreamed of a Batman 4-panel comic one night (not even dreaming of the plot——I literally dreamed of these panels and style and actual comic) and woke up in the middle of the night thinking “wow that made so much sense but I’m too tired to get up so if I still remember it in the morning I’ll draw it”. The first thought I had in the morning was “Batman comic” so, here is the Batman comic from my dreams.

I finished FE Awakening and oh boy.. It was quite something. I’ll just say again what I said about 2 hours into the game: I should have tried this series way sooner.

Well I’ll start enjoying it now! Also Lucina is my favorite. (I’m planning out a cosplay of her!)

“He deserved to die”
The biggest moral dilemma I’m seeing here is
Team Family’s thinking that, just by being affiliated with negan means you no doubt deserve death and that line of thinking is EXACTLY what got them all lined up in front of him back in the season 6 finale. You can’t make that assumption and then act like you’re above it all and “the good guys” when no???
Like I just keep thinking about that entire outpost they killed last season like they didn’t even know those people other than that the were just on negans side

Custom Bio: Section I

I. Origins

   For centuries the Grimleal cult of the Plegian Theocracy had been attempting to resurrect the Fell Dragon Grima by breeding a human worthy of possessing his power. Generation after generation studied the dark arts, purified their magic, devoted their souls to the grim and the arcane in the hopes of even touching upon so ancient of a power. People became projects of the clergy; councils experimented with bloodlines, selecting pairings every few decades whether through birthright, volunteers, or arranged by force.

   The best they could produce was a vessel worthy, but not strong enough to maintain the connection. Seclusion in castles and dungeons and caves had made the bodies of the chosen too frail to take the form a dragon. The council quietly approached a border town in Regna Ferox known to be a collection of many former champions and lesser khans, some of which had even become Grimleal sympathizers - young veterans disillusioned with their warrior ways. They offered gold and Plegian fineries in exchange for nothing more than a well-built man in want of a wife (who wouldn’t object to a widow who may or may not be happy about him).

   Dark Feroxi skin and thick Feroxi muscle joined the arcane blood and aura of Plegia’s finest, palest sorceress. Validar was born. Stronger of constitution, he progressed through the usual devotions to become a hearty and powerful sorcerer worthy of his heritage. But still not of Grima.

    They were close, they had to be. A focused mind, a strengthened body - the challenge would be spirit next, the council decided. They would move one more step away from magic to create a better balance within the child’s heart.

    High Priestess Aminah offered herself to be Validar’s bride. A protege of the clergy and a woman of the people - one of the few Grimeal not feared by commoners of the land - she spent what time was not in Grima’s devotion helping tend to Plegia’s lost and wounded. In reality, she had been lowborn, all hails to Grima merely an act which gained her sanctuary, respect, and a way to rise into a life of relative luxury - rather than being victim to the very religion’s terror. She deemed marrying into the resurrection project as the ultimate way of ensuring safety and care for herself and her own.

    She never expected, in her lifetime… to see it work.

    (And would prove far more clever than anyone could have predicted upon learning it had.)



First week of school is done! I’ve been enjoying a rainy afternoon while planning my weekend and drinking lots of tea! 

I’m excited to get back into the swing of things, here’s hope to senior year. 

summer study challenge 12/30: spring cleaning masterpost

cleaning is a really good way to feel organised and fresh but it can also feel super tedious and it’s hard to find the motivation to start so here are some tips that will hopefully help

before you start:

  • make sure you have plenty of time to clean
  • wear comfy clothes (preferably layers you can take off if you get warm)
  • have some food or a snack so that you have enough energy
  • fill up a waterbottle to keep with you because you’ll probably get thirsty and this will save you having to stop what you’re doing to get a drink
  • put on a playlist of upbeat music


  • clear all of your surfaces. this includes the floor, desks, tables and your bed. take everything off and put it in one place out of the way.
  • wipe down and dust surfaces. make sure you clean everywhere, especially places that you dont normally think about such as the top of bookshelves and behind furniture.
  • clean windows, doors and mirrors and inside any drawers, cupboards and wardrobes.
  • vacuum the floor and clean any carpets and rugs.
  • if the place where you put everything earlier wasn’t your bed, go ahead and make it by putting on fresh sheets. but dont worry if you put everything on it because you can just do this at the end instead.


  • sort everything into piles: keep, throw away, relocate
  • for clothes separate clean from dirty. this is also a good time to clear your wardrobe of clothes that are too small or you dont wear anymore.
  • once this is done, put everything in the keep pile where it should go in your room along with your clean clothes
  • sort things in the throw away pile into trash, recycling and donating and take these out
  • put everything in the relocate pile where it needs to go in a different room.

other tips:

  • while you’re sorting our your things it’s also a good time to replace anything old or used up such as makeup or stationery.
  • open all of your windows while cleaning do that dust doesnt get trapped in your room and it will also keep it feeling fresh

and yay you’re finished!! time to relax. i hope this was helpful and feel free to message me about anything :)

Cliquez sur l’image si vous n’arrivez pas à lire :> 

(Okay french starting from here, if you’d like to have this pic/post translated drop me an ask!)

Un an. 
Un an et tellement de changements… Si on m’avait dit où j’en serai aujourd’hui, je n’y aurai pas cru.
Parce qu’à l’époque, je ne croyais pas en moi.
Je ne regardais pas la personne que j’étais telle qu’elle est, c’est à dire ma meilleure amie, ma plus grande alliée, et un femme fichtrement forte. 
Peut-être (sûrement) parce que j’avais appris à me contempler à travers les yeux d’un autre, qui ne voyait pas le quart de qui j’étais réellement. Et ça me bouffait. Un cercle vicieux, donc. Ajoutez à ça ma vie de l’époque empreinte de violences et voilà, un petit zombie. Ouh qu’il est mignon! Non, vraiment, j’en étais devenue cynique.

Et à partir du moment où j’ai commencé à me répéter doucement, comme une petite mélodie, “ça suffit”… l’effet domino était enclenché. 

Non, je ne subirai plus ces violences. Non, je refuse de rester dans cette vie que j'endure comme si de rien n’était. Non je ne veux plus me blâmer pour les dysfonctionnements d’autrui. Et non, je ne déverserai plus cette haine que les psychiatres appellent “normale quand on sait ce que vous avez subi moui moui” sur autrui. Pas d’excuse pour les braves.
Et soudain la roue tourne. Elle s’élance vers moi, me prend dans ses bras, me fait monter haut dans le ciel.
Et pour la première fois de ma courte vie, je vois

Avec cette vision nouvelle j’ai pu commencer à construire. Pointer ce qui n’allait pas. Fixer mes rêves dans les yeux, les toucher, les saisir, et me dire, “J’en vaux la peine. Ces concepts-là ont tous été inventés par des humains. Je ne suis pas moins humaine qu’eux. J’ai donc tout autant le droit de toucher le système qui régit ma vie, et d’y foutre le feu si ça me chante.”
Aujourd’hui, je peux enfin sourire à mes bourreaux et dire: “Je vais bien. Vous ne m’avez pas aidée, mais je vais bien. Prenez-en de la graine.
Ah, et replonger dans les pratiques spirituelles de mes ancêtres m’a aussi énormément aidée: je parle du Zoroastrisme si ça vous intéresse. La phrase qui résume ce mode de pensée est simple: “être bon est bien, et la bonté est la voie à suivre.” quoi de mieux dans une société qui encourage la jalousie, la vengeance et le mépris?

Je pensais que les gens qui s’en prennent plein la tronche et que ça adoucit comme les galets dans la tempête, c’était un cliché. Eh bien, pas complètement: ça adoucit les coins qui doivent demeurer purs, et ça aiguise toutes les défenses qu’un être humain peut avoir. Le truc, c’est simplement de bien gérer les deux, et c’est vraiment pas compliqué.

Bref, je suis en route pour devenir ce que je voulais être depuis le début:
Plus forte que la tempête.

- Mae