motivation for writing

A book is just words. A movie is just images. These things can’t change you.

Only the story can.

So if we can accept that books can — and are meant to — fulfill all kinds of purposes, we can stop pretending that a good book only means a book that demands probing analysis. If we can further accept that genre is merely a jacket for the story, we can possibly also stop arguing that this shelf or that shelf in the bookstore has the corner on intellectual greatness. Someone who writes smart stories can put them into any form, any medium, any length — and they do.

Day Seven Hundred Eighty Seven.

there’s a certain kind of longing
for a love we left behind 
not so much to reignite a spark
we convinced ourselves existed 
but to remember what it’s like
to find a soul mate that was 
only ever meant to be a friend

Sentence Game

@holmezyan guessed ‘Bee’.

Well. Yes. Obviously. But good guess because

Sherlock is stretched out in a puddle of sunshine on the carpet, Bee using his leg for a race car track.

This is fucking adorable. Enjoy!

That’s it for the Sentence Game folks. Thanks for playing! also I’m astounded no one guessed ‘dick’ or anything like that. Tumblr being dead classy tonight. Nice one. 

i hope you have a great time ahead, drinking hot chocolate or apple cider, reading your favorite book in bed while it rains outside, studying hard and taking care of yourself, collecting pretty leaves and jumping in rain puddles, wearing your new oversized red sweater

And no matter
how hard it goes,
may you found
inner peace
even if
you are
by a world
full of chaos.
—  ma.c.a // Silence

enchanting things

- the reflection of sunlight on the ocean
- feeling like you’re in a movie when you’re happy and having adventures
- seeing a beautiful stranger
- looking into someone’s eyes
- stargazing and talking about life
- the color palette of the early evening
- feeling like you’re in a dream with someone and everything feels perfect

My eyes
will always
search for you.

Even in the
darkest night,
even around
millions of
shining stars.

—  ma.c.a // Lost Love

When you’re on a plane and you’re listening to your favourite music and you watch all the colours of the sunset transition like a lava lamp until darkness arrives like a blanket. 
When you sleep knowing you love someone and they love you back.
When you’re with friends and you feel things you never thought existed… a fuzzy sense of belonging and meaning you didn’t know you could feel.
Watching the dust swirl in the late afternoon light. 
Climbing into a soft bed, listening to music and sleepily thinking back on good memories from the day. 
Being close to someone that feels like home…You never thought you could love anyone this much. 
Reading something and it’s so real and beautifully written that it changes something in you. 
After you do your skincare and everything feels clean and smells nice.
Laughing so much with someone and for a rare moment, every cell in your body is happy. 
Putting your face into your warm towel after a long shower. 
Seeing someone cute and you briefly fall in love with them. 
When it’s evening and you’re on the balcony looking over the city lights and the stars and the moon seem to smile at you and you feel so insignificant but in a comforting way. 
Looking at someone and thinking “this is why I love them." 
Looking at someone doing normal things and they’re so beautiful you’re lost for words. 
Falling asleep on the car ride home after a long day of adventures. 
The excitement of arriving at the airport in a new city. 
When the sunlight looks nostalgic and it feels like you’re in a happy memory. 
Looking back on cute photographs and being transported back to that day. 
Being excited to see someone and they’re excited to see you too.
Random moments you think to yourself "you have to remember this moment forever." 
When someone does or says something nice and you’re so surprised and thankful and your heart is blushing. 
When you open the curtains in the morning and it’s sunny outside and the light floods into your room.
Misty mornings where the world’s edges are soft and blurred. 
Chewing the sweet pearls in milk tea. 
Going home on a Friday. 
Feeling the breeze on your face and red leaves swirling around you while riding a bike down a boulevard. 
When a song is perfect for your mood and it understands.
Being with someone that makes your heart feel warm, and you finally know what it’s supposed to feel like. 
When you’re lying on the grass watching the clouds and seeing animal shapes in them. 
When you can’t stop thinking about someone. 
Taking the first bite of something delicious and all the flavours and textures mix perfectly.
Wearing your favourite clothes and feeling pretty when you look into the mirror. 
Hugging someone you love and feeling happy inside and safe.