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the most important kind of love :))

A reminder🌙

You can do this! There is no thing that impossible. You know you can do this. Everything is possible when you have a courage to achieve what you want. If you have a good intention in your dreams, it will be come true! You just need to work hard to get what you want! Please never stop dreaming and hoping. And the most important thing is, YOU ARE LOVED. everyone loves you, keep doing the good things that you do now honey because, it surely will leads to a good thing! There are so many people that care about you. Your soul is beautiful. You are beautiful. Do not let others fill you with negativity. Life is actually good when we working for it! Do not give up! And remember, you can do all the things you want to do in this world. Just make it happen! Everything happens for a reason and will end good. You got this! you need to know that i really love you , keep dreaming and work to reach your dreams!💖

I have so many emotions and ideas about the “first words your soulmate says to you tattooed on your wrist” AU

Since coffee shop AUs are so popular, just imagine how annoying it would be to get something so vague and Starbucks related

-Imagine having “Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get you?” and insisting on getting Starbucks more than is probably healthy or affordable

-“Yeah, I’d luck a uh [insert order here].” So then you know they have to get a job at a coffee shop
-ADDITIONALLY imagine applying to every single shop you can and literally no one is hiring you

-“Please tell me it’s you because I have had a rough freaking day and it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than a coffee to cheer me up.”
-You grow up knowing the first time you meet your soulmate, they’re going to be pissed off and you’re nervous but excited because you’ll be sorta cheering them up by being there

Or something even more vague and frustrating such as

-“Nice to meet you.”
-“Thank you.”
-“My pleasure.”
-“Here let me.”
-“Oh shoot I’m sorry!”
-“Need some help with that?”
-“No no it’s fine!”

Or something more specific

-“Oh wow you’re pretty.”
-Like it was accidentally blurted out when they see you
-Its like a motivation booster every time you doubt you’re attractive or wonder along with everyone else if you’ll be good enough for the person you’re destinied for–all you have to do is glance down and see they’re gonna think you’re pretty and you have nothing to fear

-“Hello, my name is Taylor, and I’ll be serving you tonight.”
-Being a boy growing up thinking it’s a girl and then BAM it’s a boy and suddenly his nearly nonexistent attraction to girls makes so much more sense
-And Taylor having “you know I’m really glad you’re not a girl”

-Or with generally the same thing but with a name that’s more traditionally ambiguous, like Alex
-Growing up with homophobic parents convincing him that “Alex is a girl’s name too”
-Hiding his tattoo from his friends and avoiding when they ask about it because he thinks that no, this is a boy Alex, he WANTS it to be a boy Alex, but he doesn’t want them to know because he knows how they all talk
-Imagine Alex growing up with the words “Oh thank god I knew you were a boy” on his arm
-Or really the exact same thing with two girls

-Or, again, roughly the same thing but the girl grows up convincing HERSELF it’s a boys name and that it must be a mistake or something because she’s straight damn it
-And then growing up and into herself more and becoming who she is and deciding that no she’s not straight and that’s perfectly okay
-And then she falls in love and it’s beautiful and gay

Just. Gay soulmates.

Ooh or something kinda morbid

-Say the pair grows up with “911 what’s your emergency?”/“My brother’s been shot!”
-Or like something along those lines for police officers or something
-Morbid ones are kinda great too
-Such angst

Or not having a tattoo at all

-A mute soulmate, or a deaf one cuz sign language and stuff
-That would lead to some messed up thoughts as a kid, convinced you’re broken and ending up alone
-The relief when you learn that you’re not

-Or having a tattoo in another language
-So you learn that language and beg your parents to send you to that country over the summer
-“No you’re crazy wait till you’re older and can spend your own money we can’t afford to send you there”
-So now you’re fluent and irritated and you know the words say something romantic like “your eyes hold the beauty of the night sky” or something extra like that which is pretty weird for first words, but you justwait it out
-And one day in your theater class you get paired up with the quiet kid to do an improvised romance scene and that’s what the quiet one says to you
-But it’s the only line in that language they actually learned
-“Are you freaking kidding me?? I learned [insert language] just so I could talk to you and that’s all you know??”

I love this AU idea so much honestly

anonymous asked:

WHAT CAN I DO DURING THE SUMMER, i do practically nothing and i need your input senpai!!! i don't want to waste my summer like i do every year, simple things. THANK YOU SENPAI IM GRATEFUL

hey there! i honestly feel like i have already answered this question a couple of weeks ago so i decided to just copy and paste the content + tweak some parts in order to make it more detailed i guess?

  • learn something new! for this summer, im learning how to embroider and work on acrylics! last summer i tried improving my watercolor skills. last last summer i worked on piano and poetry! keeping track of your lil steps such as documenting and posting em online will be a huge confidence and motivation booster by the way!
  • maybe set reasonable summer goals? like, reach this amount of sleeping hours maybe? finish this amount of tv series? i dont know, there’s no harm in adding and making an actual feasible list instead of huge ass ones that you will end up not finishing a single thing. it’s always better to know your capabilities and learning when you should and should not cross your boundaries.
  • hangout with your old pals? come on! it wouldn’t probably be as awkward. just try to keep up the convo, ask em what’s up or how are they doing, anything new? etc it’s good to rekindle the old friendship tbh and it’s better even if you do it twice
  • go on a cafe adventures! hunt for cute coffee shops! like one coffee shop per day maybe? it’s expensive af but if u come to think of it u can always just order a cookie
  • improve your present skills!! painting maybe? singing? idk, if you dont wanna enroll on legit workshop, u can just google or watch stuff on youtube!!
  • be an intern! this will prolly be a lil complicated and hassle but i think it’s a good way to be productive! the same goes with part time job bc u will have enough money for ur coffee shop adventures!
  • be phineas and ferb???? LMAO kidding
  • redecorate your room, plant your own bee garden, try to make future gift stack, make your own graphics, read more books, make cute playlists, experiment on makeup, conduct investigations, reread last school year’s notes?
i also made this post called “guide to becoming more relatively productive” ages ago and here’s the link: click. i hope this list would help you somehow! sending you love!

it’s okay to feel lost and not be sure of who you are and what you’re doing with yourself

MBTI In A Zombie Apocalypse

ESFP: Eats too much of the rations and hunts zombies for fun.
ESTP: Swindles groups of survivors out of supplies.
ISTP: Lone wolf who has a good shot at surviving.
ISFP: Severely in shock throughout, potentially resulting in their death.
ISFJ: Does the survivors’ grunt work: organizing supplies, washing clothes, cooking, etc.
ISTJ: Extremely cautious about attracting zombies, managing rations, and delegating tasks.
ESFJ: A hard worker who always seems to have extra food to give to the sick or young.
ESTJ: Probably the leader of the survivors due to being commanding and pushy.
ENTJ: Finds a way to use people to get whatever try need.
ENTP: They survive well with or without a group; smart and resourceful.
INTP: Quiet and serious; always focused and ready to react in case of a zombie attack or other crisis.
INTJ: They probably have better ideas than the leader, causing a schism.
INFJ: The leader’s adviser, if noticed. Otherwise, they’re probably gathering firewood with the SJs.
INFPs: Either sitting alone crying about the apocalypse or on a killing spree against their enemies.
ENFJ: The ultimate motivator and morale booster when things get rough.
ENFP: Comforts everyone; risks their life for others in a pinch.

🌸 Top 12 DO's & DON'Ts of Super Sorority Leadership! 🌸

A new semester is almost here, and many followers have been asking “how to” handle a new e-board position. From President to Sisterhood Chair, members are nervous about doing a good job. There are certain tips that apply to ALL leadership positions. Beyond your basic job requirements, your success has more to to with people skills and motivating others than most anything else!

Be an outstanding officer. Be a chapter motivator. Be a leader who inspires and gets things done!

🌸 DO • DO • DO • DO • DO: 🌸 

  • Just BE NICE: The most elementary, #1 way to be effective as a sorority officer is to just be genuinely NICE to everyone. Niceness motivates members, keeps the peace, encourages teamwork and never hurts another sister’s feelings. If every officer was nice to her chapter, 99% of the problems and drama would disappear. Be personable, be fair and relate to your sisters on a personal level. 
  • Be Creative: If you bring a creative energy to your position, others will be inspired by your vision. Not every new idea will be embraced by your chapter, but it’s important to bring freshness and spirit to each office. Add a signature flair to everything you do! Sororities thrive on the creativity of their leaders. 
  • Build Trust: Your sisters will follow you if they believe you are dependable, dedicated and have the ability to do your job. Show that you are willing to go the extra mile to pull off a tough recruitment, or raise extra money at your annual fundraiser. By always being there, being on time, being at every meeting ~ your chapter will believe you can be counted on in every situation. Trusted leaders motivate their sisters. 
  • Allow for Autonomy: Let others do their jobs on their own. You should delegate and oversee, without micro managing! Empower your sisters, guide them and counsel them, while letting them “own” their part of the project. The goal is to be a great coach, without cramming your ideas down the throats of your fellow members. No one likes a control freak. If others flub up, then as an officer you can help fix it, but give your sisters the chance to grow and be productive for the sorority.
  • Create a Culture of Fun: To bring out the best in people, establish an atmosphere that others want to be a part of. Instead of dreading your chapter/council meetings ~ sisters should look forward to being a part of sorority operations. Create theme meetings, wear funny hats, offer door prizes, invite surprise guests, listen to great music, recognize members accomplishments, etc. Serve favorite foods and drink, surprise members with fun decorations, pamper sisters with treats and prizes. Thoughtfulness, playfulness and a sense of humor go a long way in building member happiness. From an early morning fundraiser, to a late night recruitment meeting, if you create an enjoyable culture, sisters will respond.  
  • Acknowledge Every Success: Even the smallest accomplishments should be publicized. Being appreciated and thanked is the #1 motivator and morale booster in a service style organization. Every officer should recognize members in her own department and share the successes with the full chapter. Make sure the appreciation is honest, heartfelt and meaningful. Sisters can tell the difference between genuine praise and “fake” we-have-to-do-this routine acknowledgments. Recognizing true loyalty is the lifeblood of every sorority! 

🌸 DON’T • DON’T • DON’T • DON’T • DON’T: 🌸 

  • Don’t be a Diva: No one wants to be ruled by a queen bee. Sisters do not want to be lorded over, undermined, backstabbed, gossiped about, or told what to do from a ruler on high. Sorority leadership is not a monarchy. No one elected you to play princess. Whether you are managing the sorority house, planning philanthropy hours, or leading recruitment, you will not succeed by being a dictator or a demanding drama queen. Maybe reality TV show characters can get away with temper tantrums and outrageous demands, but as a chapter officer you will only turn off your sisters, make enemies and loose all respect. Lead by example, always be the one to go first and work harder than anyone else. 
  • Don’t Overdose on Rules: Every chapter has lots and lots of rules. But if you constantly focus only on the restrictions and what you can’t do ~ it will sap the energy and motivation right out of your sisters. Obey the standards, but find a way to present your projects in a positive light, instead of focusing on all the things you can’t do. Nagging and punishing sisters for not following the rules at every turn, can quickly turn your chapter into a dark and dreary place. A strong leader finds a way to promote her project in the brightest light. Avoid hassles, loosen up the restrictions and be as flexible as possible. 
  • Don’t Drag In Your Personal Problems: Sisters are there for you in times of need, but there’s a time and a place. Talk to your closest friends about your boyfriend issues and family dilemmas in your dorm room or the student union, not at sorority meetings. Effective leaders do not mix their personal problems and getting sorority work done. No one wants to hear you rant and rave about the frat guy you just broke up with when they are attending a committee meeting about recruitment tee shirts. The quickest way to loose credibility and thwart productivity is to use your committee as your therapy group. Always separate your officer self from your regular self when it comes to chapter business. There will be plenty of other opportunities for tears and hugs outside of sorority meetings and chapter events. 
  • Don’t Let Yourself Go: If you’re not eating right, not exercising, drinking too much booze, smoking, and daily overdosing on caffeine, you will not be an effective sorority leader! To accomplish all your goals, you must take care of yourself first. Be a role model, not the sorority “hot mess.” Being personalty healthy leads to being in command of your office and your life. Things can get out of control quickly in college both mentally and physically. A strong sorority leader keeps her life in balance. Only when you are feeling good inside and out, can you effectively lead others in the right direction. Don’t be a frazzled girl on the edge ~ be a pulled together, organized sister who others want to follow.
  • Don’t be a Lone Wolf: Successful leaders don’t work all alone. It’s Ok to plan and create privately, but when it comes to getting sorority work done, it’s totally a team effort. If you are remote and stand offish, it will only alienate your sisters. To be a great leader, you must be a “people person” and enjoy collaboration. Once you are a chapter officer, much of your time is not your own any longer. Especially if you are President. Your door is always open and your life suddenly revolves around your sisterhood 24/7. For the time you’re in office, you will be immersed in your chapter, saving your alone time for later. Remember, your teamwork makes chapter dream work! 
  • Don’t Set Unreasonable Expectations: The reality is, many members don’t care as deeply about sorority life as you do. Not everyone lives and breaths chapter operations. So when your high expectations are not met by your sisterhood, you can feel dashed and discouraged. There will always be a percentage of sisters who just don’t do much, they show no passion for sorority activities and they barely maintain the minimum requirements to stay active. Others do what’s required, but don’t give anything extra. Then there is the top 10 - 20% who are involved and hard workers. Set your office expectations accordingly and you will avoid a lot of heartache. Temper your goals to match reality and then give your position all you’ve got. When these elements match, you will be much happier and great things will be accomplished!   

🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸  🌸

Finals Week Tips

Finals week is a difficult week for everyone. Heck, I get flustered over having two exams in one week, but five?! What the heck, school!! I have a social life too!

Oh wait, no I don’t.

Back to the point.

If this is your first finals week, congrats! You’re now at the point that your school system thinks you can sanely handle 2-8 exams in one week. Can you? Maybe, maybe not, but you’re going to have to do it anyway. Don’t go into it blindly, ask other people for tips and whatnot! You don’t only have to learn from your own mistakes, you can learn from other people’s mistakes too!

I know this list is like a week or two late, I’m sorry! I’ve had my own finals to study for and completely forgot about this post until now.

Now onto the tips!

  1. Study early - Yeah I know, average studyblr tip. Don’t decide the week of that you want to study all of a sudden. Study the week before at least. This will give you time to make flashcards, study guides, and other helpful materials.
  2. Don’t cram - Cramming bad. Sleep and healthy study habits, good.
  3. Speaking of sleep, get plenty of it. - Go to bed early, wake up early! I usually change my sleep schedule over finals so I get to sleep around 10 pm every night and wake up around 6 am every morning. This gives me plenty of time to study for my first exam of the day as well as any other exams I may have that week.
  4. Go ahead check your grade, but don’t dwell on it - I’m guilty of this too, I almost always calculate my grade before the final to see what I need to keep my grade or raise it. Some people don’t like it when people do this. My opinion: do it! It works great as a motivation booster if you’re super close to whatever grade you want! 
  5. Even if you’re going to have to retake the class, go to the final anyway - It can be hard to go to a final for a class that you know you’re going to fail, but who knows. Maybe there will be a curve that will help you out! Not only that, but you get the experience of what the final will be like for the next semester you take that class.
  6. Eat - For your sake, please eat. Preferably something tasty and healthy. Don’t eat something that will make you bloated or constipated before an exam, I guarantee you’ll be even less happy in in that final than you already are from having to be there.
  7. Take breaks - You’re more likely to burn yourself out if you take no breaks. My general rule: Study for 30 minutes, break for 5. I’m also guilty of studying for hours and taking a 20 minute break though, so I may not be the best to come to for study habits.
  8. Drink plenty of water - Stay hydrated! I try to steer clear of coke and other sodas (see tip 6), but water is a great source of hydration! Drink water while studying and also during the exam to keep you focused.
  9. On the way to your final, listen to your favorite songs - Keep yourself energized! Listen to your favorite up-beat song and keep yourself pumped, you’ve got this!
  10. If you need help with any concepts, talk to a professor, TA, or friend - Talk to someone if you need help on any concepts! Professors and TA’s are there for a reason. However, if you can’t get a hold of one of them for some reason, try asking a friend! 
  11. Know your study habits and adapt them - Ultimately, this list leads up to this tip. Know how you study best, what your habits are, things that you tend to do but not notice. If there are things that you do during studying that you’re not proud of (like studying for 5 minutes and breaking for 20), try to correct them! Finals time not only for exams, it’s also to better yourself! 

anonymous asked:

Any advice for loss of motivation to study?


Motivation and the lack thereof. We’re human. We all suffer from it. I’m driven by the fact that I know I need to study, I have a test that costs $50, I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked so hard to attain, and I want to learn more. So, that’s keep me going.

You have to come to this point where you ask yourself, “How serious am I about Japanese?” If you’re serious, you take the plunge, you’re in it for the long-haul, and you can’t turn back. Of course, if you feel it’s overwhelming, there’s always a lifesaver to pull you out. However, if you decide to stick with Japanese, it’s for the long-term. Just like your native language is with you forever, your second language–if you’re serious–will also stick with you forever. 

  1. But, I know there are times when we start to lose steam or feel discouraged. One way to combat it is just to keep pushing harder. For me, laziness and busyness are contributing factors–there’s many things that need (and don’t need) my attention. When I start making excuses, I know that’s when I need to study. So, determination!
  2. Setting a schedule of when you’re going to study can also help. By making of schedule of what you want to study each day and diligently keeping it, you can pull yourself out of a rut because you’re making progress. And, when you see progress, that’s a real motivation booster! It’s actually really encouraging to see how far you’ve come. It makes you want to go further.
  3. Set mini goals of what to you want to accomplish each day or week. This helps you track your progress. 
  4. Mix up your study time by doing something fun with Japanese! Read, watch, or listen to something that interests you. For me that’s the sports, weather, and arts and culture sections of NHK News. I found some really interesting articles and videos about different things like art galleries and travel destinations. It’s nice because NHK News usually has short videos with their articles.
  5. When you listen or watch something, make a game of it. Listen for vocabulary words you know! Or listen for words that only begin with さ、し、す、せ、そ. You’ll be amazed with how much vocabulary you can catch with that method.
  6. Make flashcards of interesting sentences you heard, seen, or have had corrected by a native. Say them out loud. These are very helpful!
  7. Join Japanese social media like Ameba or Mixi (this one requires an invitation). Ameba has games all in Japanese.
  8. Keep a daily journal in Japanese–it gives you a chance to test out those new grammar concepts. 
  9. If you haven’t already, start a language blog documenting your travels through Japanese.
  10. Look for local study groups in your area. I know there are sites for that, but I actually had to Google Japanese study groups in my area just to find one. If you can’t find anyone, then teach someone you know who’s interested in learning a language. My cousins often wanted me to teach them Japanese words, although they want to learn Spanish. After taking them to a study group with me, they are really fired up about learning the language. Even my eight-year-old nephew said, “Auntie, I want to learn the language you’re studying.” Having people who want to learn is a really encouraging feeling. And, if you’re both learning together, there’s a sense of accountability. 
  11. Practice your Japanese with people who speak the language and don’t speak the language. I do the latter quite a bit. I find I have a lot more confidence to speak and use a lot more vocabulary when I’m speaking with someone who has no clue what I’m saying. Although you won’t get your grammar or pronunciation corrected, it does get your brain and mouth used to using the language on a frequent basis.
  12. Another tip that I recently learned is if you’re making mistakes, don’t punish yourself by throwing yourself back into the trenches of the lower levels and forsaking all you’ve learned up until now. Don’t even throw yourself back a few lessons to punish yourself either. The key is to know when to move forward and when to release yourself. There’s only so much time you can spend in front of a book until you get tired of it. Don’t spend too long on a lesson and get out there and use what you’ve learned! Whether it’s speaking to yourself, or natives on Line or HelloTalk. Even getting your work corrected on Lang-8 or Hi-Native are great ways to practice everything you’ve learned. By doing so, you can learn to use grammar better. I’ve started making sentences of grammar points I was struggling with and putting them on Hi-Native to see how natural they sound.

    So why not have smaller periods of study and devote more time to actively using the language and the concepts, vocabulary, etc. you’ve learned. Even if you’re just thinking in the language, that’s still good progress. And, if you’re thinking in Japanese, write out words or phrases you don’t know to look up later or ask about. 
  13. When you get your work corrected, highlight what you did right in addition to marking what you did wrong. I used to only mark what I did wrong, and I would feel bad seeing all that red on the pages of my notebook, but then I realized there were things I did right as well. Knowing that I can conjugate a verb properly, use tame ni like no one’s business, and have a lovely command of noun modifiers is inspiring. However, I won’t overlook that I’m having issues with spelling intransitive verbs, using onomatopoeia, and the proper use of demo as a particle. There’s also word choice and grammar–some words I don’t know and for some sentences, there are better, more natural ways to say them.

    Be open to alternative ways to say things. You learn fast that not everything has to be by the book. While the textbook is a great foundation and honorable in every sense of the word, not everything can be learned by it. Even my Japanese friend said that he was surprised when he came to America–some things he had learned in his English textbook weren’t even being used. 
  14. Be encouraged! And do your best! You can definitely study Japanese or any language as long as you have the right mindset. ^^


anonymous asked:

You know how I found your amazing blog? From a generic studyblr. I followed said blog a long time ago, back when I used to obsessed with cutesy, filtered pictures of re-re-re written notes with expensive stationery. I remember the days when I used to aspire to have such a 'routine' and 'productive' lifestyle. I remember when I thought the '100 Days Of Productivity' thing, was an amazing idea. And maybe it was back then. All I see now, is a huge bunch of rich people with a lot of free time~ 1/?

2/?-Now, I’m not saying everyone who takes up that challenge is like that. For some, it still remains as that motivation booster. Which is what the challenge is supposed to be, I guess…Coming back to the topic, I’m really not into that frivolous stuff anymore, but I don’t think I’m ashamed of the fact that I once was. Back in the days of middle school, and early high school, I had plenty of time to spend watching basic white girls giving inefficient ‘10 STUDY TIPS FOR A+ GRADES <3!!’ ~cont.

3/?- Then the stress dropped in. Honors classes began, and so did the increase in assignments, research and essays. I seriously had zero time to even think about those YouTube videos and Tumblr blogs, and when I did, it all came crashing in how utterly stupid, and non-productive it all was(is). I felt sick to the stomach. “How did I waste so many precious moments of my already short life like that?” I mean, I should have known, since all everyone was saying back then was #YOLO. ~cont.

4/? - So I felt stupid for a long time. It was always revolving in the back of my head, “I wasted so much time, I wasted so much time”…. I now revisit my previous statement, “I’m not ashamed of those days”. During a particular break, I started thinking about it all in detail. Which led me to the above statement. Those days DID teach me a lot about the world. And about myself. As of today, I’m a self-certified 100% cynical geek/nerd who gives 0 shits about how others waste their time ~cont.

5/?- Seriously. If they want to that with their time, they’re more than welcome to their views. The only thing that’s harmful about what they’re doing is influencing people(like the middle school me)into thinking that 'studying’ means cute, pastely notes and textbooks, teamed with hundreds of succulents and midliners. That’s where blogs like yours come in. I’m glad you’re here to bring people back to reality. And to show people that studying is about actual passion for knowledge, and not grades~

6/6- So thank you Source, and people like Melissa from hexaneandheels, for being there. Looking at your posts in my dashboard gives me ten times the motivation/inspiration the regular studyblrs do :) Keep doing you, and keep spreading love for knowledge.

Your story speaks the truth, thanks for letting us into your view and experience about the matter. And thanks for the compliments. We really appreciate them.

Wish you a nice day, and all the best.

I urge everyone to read the whole thing. I have nothing to add, what’s written above speaks for itself. 

13 Mood- and Motivation-booster checklist

Setelah tiga bulan lebih kembali ke kampus, saya coba merumuskan list barang atau aktivitas yang bisa memantik mood belajar. Buat sebagian orang, macem gua, niat belajar naik-turun apalagi masa-masa agak down karena situasi akademik, iklim (di tempat baru), dan asrama. Aih… Well here you go! Semoga tips ini juga bekerja padamu :)

  1. minum air putih dengan suhu yang pas
  2. oral freshness (sikat gigi, dental floss, mouthwash)
  3. mandi air hangat
  4. membuat today’s to-do list
  5. merencanakan buat liburan (self-reward)
  6. Nutella atau coklat pada umumnya :9
  7. memasak, because some say cooking is healing
  8. minuman yang bikin kalem atau jreng, seperti susu, milkshake, jus, teh, kopi
  9. nelpon orangtua :’)
  10. ngobrol (curhat solutif) dengan teman atau saudara yang (somehow) bijak, excited, dan inspiring.
  11. berpakaian terbaik, to feel good about your look  
  12. Beres-beres meja belajar/meja kerja.kamar/rumah
  13. Berdo’a atau melihat orang lain berdoa