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It is only when you stand up for what you believe in that your voice can be heard. You must work for what you want to happen, you must push forward and never give in the fight. When in doubt of what might happen, look fear in the eyes, stare that fear down until you are the one in control. It will only be times when you put what you want down as a priority that life will fall into place.

Priority by Amy Kennedy


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Today has dragged like no other but at least I’ve been fairly productive?? Tbh I’m pretty stressed and very exhausted.

25/26-03-17, 25-26/31. Favourite study youtube channel and hidden study tip

Studyign is by fav my favourite, her videos are so helpful and pretty. For the study tip, I really wouldn’t know bc I’m genuinely just young and clueless, help me

Today it was really sunny so I took my work outside, which was really relaxing ?? I got a lot done and I hope it stays this way for a while


Confession: Most of the time, I hate my writing.

You may be thinking, “That Jovana, she’s a tough girl. And she’s always giving advice; she must be confident.” You might even have enjoyed a poem or two I’ve posted on my Tumblr.

But, there it is: I am 90% convinced I’m a bad writer. 

I’m not fishing for compliments, or trying to say that I’m a “good enough” writer that I deserve to be confident.

Almost everyone who writes consistently over a long period develops such a keen taste that they scrutinize every fault in their writing. We also envy skills in other people’s work that our work lacks. Sometimes, when I read wildly popular work I hate, I wonder if I need to revamp my entire writing style to match it.

While endlessly hating your writing is a fruitless endeavour, it’s natural. Don’t fight it; embrace it. We wouldn’t be working our butts off on our stories if we didn’t feel enough passion to power through the self-doubt. If we didn’t care enough to question whether we’re doing our craft justice. 

Sometimes, we care too much and forget about the fun reasons we’re here.

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Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you don’t feel like you’re “ready” yet. It’s time. You’re ready now.