One of the wisest teachers left my cohort with three simple pieces of advice when we graduated, and i thought it was necessary to share it with all of you:

1. Always have good manners. ‘Please’ and 'thank you’ cost you nothing, but they earn you an awful lot of respect.
2. Never say anything when you’re angry. You cannot take back spoken words.
3. The world is a mirror that reflects your actions. Treat it well and it will treat you well. Treat it badly, and it will do the same.

38/100 days of prodictivity
Today is the first day I would describe a a failure regarding prodictivity. I started studying at 6 pm (I woke up at 12 am). I “studied” until now which is 1 am. I wanted to study biology physics and general chemistry but I didn’t even finish biology. I am disappointed in myself but I can’t change it now. So I have to work harder tomorrow!

::Motivation Monday - Always Room for Growth::

If you are striving for growth, desire change, or really want to see what you are capable of doing in life, you gotta step out of that comfort zone. Step out and do something that makes you fearful, nervous, or that flat out makes you uncomfortable.

I know, stepping out of the place of comfort makes you feel…well uncomfortable but that is the point. When you step out of your norm not only are you able to see just what you are capable of, but you learn new things about yourself and the situation which are great stepping stones to your next level in life.

It’s time to get UNcomfy!

Living Simplistically