The hardest thing about finding motivation is convincing yourself that you can achieve something that seems so far away. It is like when you are 4 you never imagine being 13, then you never imagine being 18, then you never imagine being 25 but eventually you get there. Look at your goals as something that is inevitable, something that will definitely happen, then the struggle doesn’t seem that bad after all.

Things I’ve Learned in 2016 by Amy Kennedy



If you’re studying french, or in french immersion like I am, here are some tips + resources I’ve found helpful throughout my five years of immersion. Commençons!

1. IT’S ACTUALLY OKAY TO USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Wait, what? I know it’s 100% against what your teachers have been telling you since forever. Mais c’est actuellement trés précis. Now, I’m not saying you should just copy and paste your english draft into google translate, copy the french translation and be done with it. That would be bad. Don’t do that, mauvais élève. Rules of using google translate:

-only use it for single words/short sentences

-double-check it in BonPatron

which leads us to:

2. USE BONPATRON: Probably my favorite french grammar site ever. The link is here. You paste your text into the text box and it corrects/ points out any errors for you. I’ve been using it forever, trust me. It has saved my ass more than a few times. 

3. USE WORDREFRENCE: Another of my faves. It’s basically the virtual version of the classic french/english dictionary. Link is here! 

4. DON’T IGNORE ACCENTS!: when I was in 7th grade I decided accents were a pain and that they didn’t make a difference anyways, so I just completely disregarded them. Worst mistake ever! Accents completely change the word! For example, ou and où have two different meanings! I know they’re a pain and can be confusing, especially if you’re typing on a computer without a french keybord. This brings us to:

5. USE THIS SITE FOR FRENCH ACCENTS ON YOUR COMPUTER: It’s a site that allows your to copy and paste french accents into your word document. 

Well, that’s it. Bonne chance! 

Life isn’t about how popular you are… What girl or boy you are dating or who you know. Life is about always being true to who you are or what you believe in. Never let anyone convince you that their way is better than your way. In the end all we have is our hearts.. and our minds. This is the reason we sing.. this is the reason we cry… this is why we live.
Don’t put a deadline on your happiness, set goals with the intention of meeting them at some point, whether that is sooner or later. The minute you tell yourself you have to meet a goal by a set date you lose focus on what you are truly trying to achieve, you’ll become frantic about the issue. Life has a way of throwing obstacles which can hinder what you want, don’t let this intervene. You’ll always have the fire in your bones to achieve what you want, never give up, never give in, keep pursuing your dreams.

Motivation for dreamers by Amy Kennedy


1. Be Proactive: Take action towards your roles and relationships in life. To have a can do attitude.

2. Begin with the End in Mind: Envision what you want, and work towards making that a reality.

3. Put First Things First: Prioritize, manage yourself, and implement activities that aim to reach the second habit.

4. Think Win-Win: Always look for mutually beneficial solution. Realize that a ‘win’ for all is always better than a ‘win’ for one.

5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: Use empathy - it can be good to be influenced by the ideas of others, and it creates an atmosphere of  positive problem solving.

6. Synergize: Combine the strengths and weaknesses of people through teamwork - you achieve more together than you can alone. 

7. Sharpen the Saw: Have balance in your life, try to be aware of and maintain a lifestyle that’s sustainable and effective in the long-term. 

8. Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs: Those who inspire others to find theirs are the leaders needed now and for the future, according to Covey.

Credit to Stephen Covey’s book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Pull yourself together and get to work. You only have so long to achieve what you want to, stop putting things off and start working your ass off. Get yourself moving and putting in the effort. Get the help you need to succeed and do what is necessary. Just wait and see everything falling into place before you and see your dreams become a consistent reality.

I’m Trying By Amy Kennedy