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Applying wallpaper to walls has never been so fun. With this perforated “tear off” wallpaper from ZNAK, you can customize the appearance of your space by tearing off the pieces as you please. The wallpaper is created out of non-woven material and the shapes are inspired by the the transformation process of snakes.

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See an Autopsy of the Original Mac and Other Iconic Gadgets

In the new book Things Come Apart, Canadian photographer Todd McLellan painstakingly disassembles 50 everyday objects, including a tiny Swiss Army knife and a single engine aircraft, and carefully photographs the results. Essays by noted DIY repair gurus like Kyle Wiens provide context for the pictures, but the main attraction is getting to see the 21,959 components that make up the most iconic products of the last 100 years.

The photos are enjoyable as pure eye candy, but they also illustrate the history of modern manufacturing. A clock produced in the early part of the century has just a couple dozen mechanical parts, while its mid-century counterpart has hundreds of electromechanical components. By the end of the century, the pendulum had swung back with simpler devices that consolidated functionality in electronics and computer chips. ”In the newer objects you would see a lot of the same technology used,” says McLellan. “There began to be a lot of LCD screens that were repeated due to the nature of newer technology relying on screens instead of buttons. What interested me about all of the objects is the design that happened for all the pieces to occupy such a small package.”

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