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Start placing emphasis on the good things in your life. Remind yourself of how far you have come, not how far you have to go. Remind yourself of the good qualities in your heart, not the cruel words that tear you down. When you look at yourself and your life more positively, more good will come than you imagine.

Good words save open hearts by Amy Kennedy


If you are at the point in your life where you feel nothing is quite going right, remember how much you have achieved. There was a time where you could not even formulate words and now look at you. There was a time where you knew nothing, now your mind is a library of information. You must come from nothing to truly understand how far you can go. You cannot rush greatness, let it come easy.

Extract by Amy Kennedy


The truth is; you can plan and plan and plan, organize to the smallest of details and spend weeks working on end and yet you still will not know where life is going to take you. Life has a funny way of throwing the weirdest paths and trails at you, throwing adventure, struggle, change and growth right onto your doorstep. Ride the wave as it comes and let life carry you away.

Riding the wave by Amy Kennedy


You know, and this is just me thinking aloud here, I feel like a lot of older fandoms are really complacent with leaving comments in some way.  Like, I know fic is less interesting to reblog–and I’m guilty of not reblogging much too–but I do send the author comments when I can, especially if it was something I really enjoyed.  With the older and smaller fandoms I’m in, I feel like that kind of courtesy gets lost.  If I get notes on a piece, they’re often primarily likes with some untagged or barely tagged reblogs thrown in.  One of my pieces has 30-something notes, and I think four of them are reblogs, and none of those have tags.

I know I’m just complaining, but it makes me want to write for other fandoms more, because I know I’ll get more commentary or more engagement from my audience.  Posting into a void is a lot less rewarding than posting to a group that leaves comments almost excessively (@ the pli/roy fandom, i love all of you <3)  I mean, like, I love all my ships about equally, some more lasting than others, but the main motivation is still recognition.  I just… want to be appreciated I guess.  I don’t know, and it’s not constant, either.  I feel like I’m not being fair.  There are a lot of people who do leave super sweet comments, or send me a quick IM or ask, and I appreciate all of them!  I especially love when people who sent their request on anon reveal themselves in the tag!  (1. I know the fic was received; 2. I know how they felt about it; 3. I get some kind of thanks for the work I put in)

I don’t know, I was just thinking about it, I guess.  Not like I’ll have much time for writing anyway, but you know.  Just a thought *shrugs*

people: why do you want to go to all these obscure countries?

me: *sweating* definitely NOT because I have an unhealthy obsession with both Eurovision and Cabin Pressure, haha!

Life can be as sweet as you make it, life is something that deserves to be filled with happiness, and truth to self. Don’t waste your life trying to please people who will have no significance to you in ten years, be who you are and say what you mean. Live life the way you wish to and find a place of peace in your heart.

Things I’m Still Learning by Amy Kennedy