motivate quote

Boys cry,
girls masturbate,
boys have feelings,
girls get angry,
boys can use makeup,
girls can like porn,
boys can like sewing,
girls can get violent,
boys can wear dresses,
girls can be good at sciences,
boys can like boys,
girls can like girls,
boys can like pink,
girls can have body hair,
boys don’t have to be muscular,
girls don’t have to be curvy,
boys don’t have to love sex,
girls don’t have to be thin.
—  J.C
“Please don’t think that I never care enough.” she said. “I know…I can’t blame you for feeling that way. As if someone took away one of your favorite pens. As if someone fastly grab your toothbrush or the spoon you’re about to take. As if you suddenly stopped doing the things you’re used to. I am sorry. I am really sorry if you’re feeling like that.” she stared at him for several minutes. Then she looked ahead and wiped a single tear that fell from her eyes. “But I was just like a glass of water. A glass you knew that will always be there for you. A sun you knew that will always be there every morning you woke up from tiredness, sadness and hopelessness. Yet, I felt the storm coming in. I felt the glass falling. I felt the cracks. I felt as if you meet someone new and suddenly you’re no longer looking for me. You’re no longer afraid to lose me.” she took a deep sigh. Pulling back all the tears she’s keeping inside. “Because if you’ll ask me, I…I will never blame you for not caring. I just…I just wanted you to know that I am human too. That once I was an echo, and I was dying to be heard too”.
—  ma.c.a // But If I run, would you chase me?

that’s what happens to me when i’m tired and bored, at 9pm. 

i don’t if it could be a good idea to start creating study-related wallpapers for walli (wallpaper app i collaborate with). what do you guys think? of course the wallpapers would be much better than this, i was just bored ;-;

Let’s be strangers again. Like we never knew each other, as if we’ve never been lovers. Think of me as someone who doesn’t know you personally. Spilled out everything that hurts you. Tell me about your heartbreaks and all the things that suffocating you. I’ll listen to all of the things you’ve done in the past not caring if it will change my perspective or not. Tell me, how it hurts. And how much it pains you. As if you’re talking to someone you thought you’ll never see again. As if you knew your secrets will still be safe. Let us go back to our beginnings. Let us walk towards the start. Let us be unknown to each other once more. Maybe we will fall in love with each other after it all.
—  ma.c.a // I love to believe that “Maybe”