Finishing my essay while nannying (he’s napping ;)).

Quick essay tips:
1. Outline paragraphs with quotes that you want to use
2. Change up your writing space every half hour
3. Pomodoro Method!! (Set a timer for every 20 mins to take a 10 min break, it’s a life saver)
4. Snack and hydrate, keep those brain cells working :)

You got this,

“Don’t be afraid to love unconditionally without reservations. Just because one person mistreated your love doesn’t mean you stop giving it, in fact, give it more freely, more openly, unconditionally and unapologetically. Your love is benevolent, don’t let inconsistency of the past take your power. You’re stronger when you love, you are stronger because you love.
You’re l o v e.”

- Chelsea Hayes
Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : The reader is a young graphic design major, who got an internship at Marvel Studios as a 3d coordinator. It’s her first day on a real set and she catches the eye of Chris Evans himself.

Prompt given by myself truly, because I love Chris, and I need motivaion to ge me through my design projects.


You couldn’t believe it, you were finally here. On set, working on a Marvel film. No, you weren’t an actress, you didn’t think yourself pretty enough or tall enough to be one ; no, you were a 3D graphic  designer and you had gotten a six months internship working with the 3D coordinators team at Marvel. You were 3 months down, having already worked with the team on the last shots of the new Spiderman film. Now, they had given you the chance to actually come on set and see where the magic starts. You couldn’t help but grin as you watch the set being built. Well, it was mostly large green cartoon walls being put together but still, you had seen some drafts of what it was going to look like, and damn, it’s going to look good.

“Hey Y/N ! Could you get me one of the 3D prints we got for today’s scenes ?” Seth , one of the coordinators, asked you as you two were setting the last computers. “I think we need to go over the set one last time.”

“I’ll get them !” You answered as you finished plugging a cable into your laptop. Readjusting your glasses, you left the corner and turned around, heading for the prints. There was so much people on set today, after all it was the first week and all the actors were starting to come up for their scenes.

You quickly found the prints and walked back to the set. Well. Easier than done. You were on your way, urning around when you bumped into someone. You fell over, right on the butt, all the papers in your hands now floating on top of you.

“Fuck” you mumble under your breath, your bum aching from the fall. You started picking up the papers on the ground.

“Shit, Sorry, that’s my bad” You looked up as Chris freaking Evans started helping you. He bent down, and started gathering all your papers, you froze for a second, because what the hell ?! It’s your first day on set and you already manage to make a  fool out of you. In front of Chris freaking Evans !

“it’s okay, you don’t have to..” You start to speak as he hands you the papers he’s gathered. You take them and you two get up from the floor.

“It’s the least I could do. Sorry about that, runiing into you and all.” He says and you nod at him. He’s looking down at you, really looking at you, up and down. And you almost want to pinch yourself ; is he actually checking you out ?

“You’re new. I have never seen you around.” Chris says, and god, you have to look up, because he’s so damn tall.

“No, I hum,  well I mean yes, I’m new and no you haven’t seen me around.” You ramble and really you need to go away before you embarass yourself more.

“You’re a part of the set designer team I guess by the prints ?” He makes a nod towards the paper in your hand.

“3D coordinators.” You precise. “Just here to make sure you look good.” The moment the words escape your mouth you wish you just shut up. You mentally did slap yourself this time. But Chris laughed – okay, what ? - and then smiled at you.

“Well, I’m sure I am in my good hands.”

His eyes didn’t leave  you and you started feeling so uncomfortable and you felt sweat dripping on the back of your neck. You awkwardly chuckled before squeezing the papers, before mumbling that you had to go back to set right now.

“Great, then I’ll see you around !”

You awkwardly smiled at him before running , literally running away from him. You quickly got back to the team, and gave them the prints. You quickly got your head into work and soon enough, the cast were starting to appear. As a coordinator, you had to make sure the captors were placed in the right spots on their body. You were assigned Mark, Scarlett and Chris. Chris Evans. You were putting the captors on Mark’s body, watching Chris out of the corner of your eye, while also listening to Mark.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Y/N ?” Mark suddenly asked you.

“What ?” You head snapped up, as Mark chuckled at your reaction.

“Just wondering.” He shrugged, you regained your focus as you finished placing the captors on your leg.

“Hu hu.” You said, going back to one of the laptops. You took, balancing it on your arm. “Okay, let’s see. Can you move ?”

Mark did as told and the movments were perfectly captured on your screen. “Perfect ! You’re good to go !” You told him, smiling.

“Thanks darling !” He told you, sending you a kiss in the air. What a charmer, you thought. You looked back at your screen, making sure that everything was okay with Mark’s zone, when someone taped on your shoulder. You jumped, almost knocking your laptop over ; Strong hands grabbed the laptop though and made sure it didn’t hit the ground. You met Chris’s blue eyes and he smiled at you.

“You gotta work on your clumsiness.” He chuckled.

“Yeh, I suppose I do.” You said, looking back at your screen, resseting your glasses higher on your nose bridge. “So, it’s your turn now ?”

“Yup. I’m all yours babe.” He said as he stood tall in front of you. You smirked, raising an eyebrow. You typed in some coding lines, and quickly reset a new bunch of captors. You put down your laptop and grabbed them before turning to Chris. You started with his legs.

“Wow, you really are small.” He said, as you were kneeling, attaching captors behind his calves.

“That’s not a fair observation.” You answered.

“How come ?”

“Well, you’re above 6ft tall, and I’m kneeling.”

“You went down on your own.” You raised your head at that comment and you saw Chris smirking at you. You bit your lip, stopping yourself from flirting back with him, and continued with attaching captors to his body. You made your way back up, you had to go on your tiptoes to reach his chest. You saw Chris smirking, and it amused you but you weren’t showing it.  

“Stop it.” You whispered.

“But you’re so tiny.”

You shoved him in the chest, he didn’t even flinch at the move. You placed the last captors on his arms before going over to your laptop again. Chris started to walk behind you but you stopped him.

“No, you stay right there.”

“Oooh, bossy.”

You shook your head at his cheekiness before checking that every captors were right.

“Okay, move for me now.”

“Yes ma'am.”

He started to dance randomly and you chuckled slightly before frowning. The captors on this left arm weren’t reacting.

“Okay, just a minute.” You said. You started writing codes lines to see if the captors reacted.

“Is that code ?” You hadn’t noticed Chris getting close to you. You hummed, not really caring about his presence right now. You finished typing the codes, before looking up at him. What you didn’t expect was him being very close to you, and that took you quite off guard as you looked down at your screen immediately. But Chris didn’t let it go. He slid his finger under your chin, making you turn your head towards him again.

“Am I making you uncomfortable ?”

You didn’t know what to say, he didn’t make you uncomfortable, but he’s Chris Evans and you’re .. you.

“You’re very .. Intimidating.”

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to.”

You two stared into eachother’s eyes for a moment before you head Chris’ name being called. You tore your gazy away from him, and cleared your throat.

“You should be good to go.” You said , saving the coding so it’d refresh the captor’s actions. “ Can you move your left arm ?”

Chris stood in front of you and obeyed. His left arm’s movment was indeed captured this time and you smiled proudly. You looked at up at Chris, and he was smiling too. You suddenly felt a bit shy, with him watching you.

“You should go, they’re waiting for you.”

Chris didn’t leave right away, no, he kept looking at you, a light smirk at the corner of his lips.

“See you around, little one.”

You didn’t answer as you just watched him jog over Mark and Scarlett and Jeremy. Your heart was pounding in your chest, as you couldn’t believe what had happened over the last couple of hours. What a first day! 

When feeling overwhelmed by a faraway goal, repeat the following: I have it within me right now, to get me to where I want to be later.”
Karen Salmansohn
—  Salmansohn Karen
Οδηγός Επιβίωσης Πανελληνίων για Αρχάριους

Ξυπνάς που λες και τσούπ θυμάσαι ότι δίνεις Πανελλήνιες φέτος!Μην ανχώνεσαι no one has it all figured out αλλά ελπίζω αυτό το post να βοηθήσει.
step one: MOTIVATION: Το πιο σημαντικό κομμάτι αυτής της χρονιάς είναι να θυμάσαι τον στόχο σου και προπάντως ο στόχος σου να είναι δικός σου και όχι γονέων , συγγενών και φίλων. Το κίνητρο για την επιτυχία είναι ο εαυτός σου. Το παίρνεις απόφαση και λες τα δίνω όλα φέτος.Θα βοηθούσε να έχεις ένα χαρτάκι στο γραφείο σου με εμψυχωτικά quotes ή ας πούμε ως background στο κινιτό μια όμορφη φωτογρφία από την πόλη στην οποία θέλεις να περάσεις.
step 2:WORK PLACE: θα πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να βρεις έναν χώρο στον οποίο δεν θα υπάρχουν πολλά αντικείμενα που θα σε αποσπούν από το διάβασμά σου και θα μπορείς να συγκεντρωθείς καλύτερα σ'αυτό. Επίσης είναι καλό ο χώρος στον οποίο θα διαβάζεις να σε εμπνέει , να έχει κατάλληλο φωτισμο της αρεσκείας σου γιατί π.χ εγώ έχω πολύ θέμα με το φως. Αν δεν είναι κίτρινο ή έστω πορτοκαλί το φως τησ λάμπας άλλα είναι άσπρο sorry but Huston we have a problem.Είναι ζωτικής σημασίας η καλή στάση της πλάτης εν ώρα διαβάσματος so buy the fucking chair it’s worth its money.
extra tip: Διάβασα οτι όταν διαβάζεις σε διαφορετικά μέρη αν λίγη ώρα θυμάσαι καλύτερα αυτόπου διάβασες. Δηλαδή μισή ώρα στο σαλόνι , μια ώρα στο δωμάτιο κτλ. Ο καλύτερος τρόπος να δεις αν έχεις μάθει κάτι είναι να προσπαθησεις να το μάθεις σε κάποιον άλλο.
step 3:SACRIFICES: Εντάξει καταλαβαίνω έχεις μια ζωή , ένα κοινωνικό στάτους μια παρέα κτλ ΑΛΛΑ κλείσε το pc, διάγραψε έστω προσωρινά το facebook και το viber και το whatsapp. Θα αποδώσει η θυσία την έκανα κι εγώ. Να βγαίνεις να ξεδίνεις αλλά με μέτρο και όχι ξενύχτια. Βολτούλες είναι προτιμότερες.

It’s not unusual to want to be with someone who you’re sure doesn’t want to be with you, and to keep wanting them anyway.
It’s not unusual to fall in love with all the wrong things and all the wrong people.
It’s not unusual to feel like you deserve more or different or better.
It’s not unusual to wonder if anyone can ever really love you, the real you; all of the real you.
It’s not unusual to wonder who the real you is.
—  Kovie Biakolo – things that are not unusual