Yo, it’s a good day to remember Bellamy is his own character completely separate from, and not reliant upon, his relationships with Clarke and Octavia.


Anyone else sometimes not true to themselves about what they eat and how little they workout and still expect to be dropping pounds every week?
Yes! SAME!

I’ve put on 4lbs the past two weeks and have been so disappointed yet I haven’t worked out once and have eaten chocolates, crisps, cakes all lots of other bad things! I didn’t log them and when I went back to look at my log it was all heathy foods I had eaten but then actually thinking back I ate rubbish but didn’t log it!

I can’t be annoyed at myself at all because I was not true to myself.
Weight loss is hard. VERY HARD. EXTREMELY HARD.
If it was easy then no one would be posting about their journeys and everyone would be skinny!!

I bought a weight loss diary and I am going to track everything I eat everyday! I am also going to make a weight loss board with pictures and also pegs so I can move the pegs down when I lose weight! I am so motivated to stick at it for the next 10 weeks and see what I can lose! 10 weeks from today hopefully I will lose about 18-20lbs 🏃🏽

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Hi! I’m Lotte, a new studyblr with a growing follower count of 100, i’m a smol bean lol. Under the span of a month, you’ve all shown me the warmth of this community! Everyone is so nice and encouraging. What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a follow forever post?  Even non-studyblrs are tagged as long as I like your blog! P.S. my ask box is open to anyone with comments or questions! 





It is only when you stand up for what you believe in that your voice can be heard. You must work for what you want to happen, you must push forward and never give in the fight. When in doubt of what might happen, look fear in the eyes, stare that fear down until you are the one in control. It will only be times when you put what you want down as a priority that life will fall into place.

Priority by Amy Kennedy


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