motionless dream

Collision Course; Voltron Legendary Defender AU: Dads of Marmora; gen; 5,300+ words; PG-13; mentions of violence, tiny hints of Ulaz/Thace, but so little you have to squint with a telescope or something

Credit for this AU goes to @drisrt and this amazing picture that inspired this story. Also some lines of the dialogue are taken from the Blades of Marmora episode of Voltron.

Posted on AO3, too.


Keith gets adopted by the Galra empire rebellion, basically.

Keith has barely three years of life on his cells, has barely grown up to his Father’s knees and into his Mother’s laugh when he’s thrown into the first sense of flying, of fleeing, of his Father solemnly reading through the coordinates Keith doesn’t understand, that Keith thinks are just a pretty game of lights, lights that remind him of his Mom’s knife.

He’s holding it, holding onto it, tries to find the connection between the numbers and the faintest of glows, illuminating the insides of his fingers, misses how his Dad flinches when he asks: “When will Mom catch up to us?” already sleepy, already curling up beneath the safety straps of his seat.

Gently, his Father’s jacket is tucked around him and the scent is the lullaby that sings him into dazed, motionless dreams, the remnants of home, the flickers of the unknown.

(He sleeps through the harsh descent, the crib of his Father’s arms, the hushed ambush, the quietest of heists.)

He sleeps through it all.

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Euphoric Dream

A Chris Motionless & Devin Sola Imagine

Word Count: 2,044

Warnings: smut, language

~Requested by Rachel/Harley(?) on Tumblr~

You smiled as you watched your boyfriend Devin. He was playing his bass guitar and banging his head on stage. You watched his band, Motionless In White, play from the side of the stage. You were just out of the crowd’s view.

The whole band was always so passionate while on stage. You loved experiencing their live shows so much. Seeing Devin perform also made you fall even more in love with him, each and every time. They had played several songs and it was almost time for the show to end. It was an extremely loud and crazy crowd tonight.

“Thank you all so much for coming out tonight! Each of us up here on stage really appreciate all of you. Unfortunately this will be our final song of the night.” Chris says.

You could hear the shouts of a few people in the crowd. Soon the few shouts turned into a roar from the entire crowd as Immaculate Misconception started to play. You smiled and watch the guys play their hardest. The crowd went their hardest, too, jumping and screaming even more than during the previous songs.

You sang along with the crowd as the lyrics “come and fucking get us” and “open your mind before your mouth” came. It was so loud and exhilarating. You loved to hear the crowd scream the lyrics. Soon the song was over and the crowd screamed up to an even higher volume. You smiled and felt so proud of the guys, they had come so far.

Once the song ended, the crowd roared again. The sound was deafening. You smiled and watched as Devin did too, looking out into the crowd. The guys threw out their guitar picks and setlists, then walked backstage towards you.

“You guys did amazing, just like always!” You say, loud enough to be heard over the crowd’s screams.

Your boyfriend smiles at you, then hugs you. You closed your eyes and smiled as Devin held you in his sweaty arms. Chris jokingly joined in on your hug, inspiring the other members to join as well. After your goofy group hug, Devin and the band went to talk to their crew. A few minutes passed before they came back over to you.

“We all have to wait a while until we can leave. This venue is different and there aren’t any hidden exits, so we have to wait until most of the fans are gone.” Chris explains to you.

“Alright. You guys wanna do something fun to pass the time?” You ask, figuring that you would be waiting for a while.

“Sure.” Balz says.

“We could play truth or dare?” Vinny suggests.

“I asked if you guys wanted to do something fun, Vinny.” You joke, rolling your eyes.

“You got any better ideas, Harley?” He asks, challenging you.

You laugh, then shake your head. It was decided that you all would play truth or dare for a while. After everything was taken care of, all of you sat in a circle. You were in a backstage room, out of view from everyone else. Ryan went first.

“Ok…Vinny, truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Vinny says, cracking his knuckles.

You laugh along with Balz and then Ryan thinks of a ridiculous dare. He ended up daring Vinny to twerk in front of everyone. Everyone laughed and clapped at Vinny’s surprisingly good twerking skills. Balz pretended to look away during most of the performance. He went next, daring Ryan to breakdance. That was also a fun and crazy performance.

Several truths and dares later, Vinny said he wanted to go again. No one objected, allowing him to take another turn. So far Vinny had done a few hilarious and entertaining dares.

“Ok, let’s see.” He says, looking around at everyone with a dramatic expression.

The rest of you sat in silence, awaiting Vinny’s decision of who he was picking.

“Harley! Truth or dare?” Vinny asks you.

“Hmmm…Truth!” You tell him.

“Boring!” Balz shouts playfully.

“Shut up!” You reply, laughing.

You look back at Vinny, who was thinking of a good question. Seconds later he smirks, turning his attention back to you. You raise an eyebrow, curious as to what his question was.

“Alright, Harley, my question is…Would you ever have a threesome?” Vinny asks.

Your face grew into a confused expression and you tilted your head to the side. The rest of the guys made dramatic reactions as well. Devin started to laugh along with Ryan.

“Sure, I would have a threesome.” You say nonchalantly.

Your answer threw the guys into a fit, all of them having even more dramatic and humorous reactions.

“Alright boys, it’s my turn now.” You say, laughing.

All of you played truth or dare for a little longer, then  relaxed. Soon you were able to leave the venue. On your way out, the guys took a few pictures with some fans that stuck around. You smiled and took some of the pictures, then watched as the fans took selfies with the band. Once you were all done everyone was driven to a hotel.

Tonight’s show had been the last one of this current tour, so you all were going to stay in a hotel. When you all got to your hotel room, most of the guys went to sleep. You, Devin, Ryan and Chris were the only ones still up. That didn’t last long, though. Ryan went to sleep after getting something to eat. Then it was just you, Devin and Chris.

“You guys tired?” You ask.

Chris shakes his head in response.

“Not really, actually.” Devin says.

“Oh. Well then, what do you guys wanna do?”

“I don’t know.” Devin says, his sentence trailing off as he goes into thought.

You all sat in silence, merely enjoying the calmness for a few minutes. All three of you were on your phones, typing and scrolling. Devin and Chris were texting each other and having a secret conversation. You had no knowledge of this. Minutes later both of them spoke up.

“Harley?” Devin says, gaining your attention.

“Yeah?” You reply.

“Were you serious earlier? You know, when we were playing truth or dare?” Devin continues.

“Um, yeah. I guess.” You say.

“Well, what about when Vinny asked about threesomes? Were you being serious then?”

Your mouth went slightly agape as you realized what Devin and Chris were about to ask you. A hundred thoughts flooded your mind. The guys could tell that you knew and that you were thinking, so they stayed silent while your mind raced. You thought about your answer to Vinny’s question earlier that night. Had you really thought about it enough? Were you serious and certain?

You decided that you did in fact agree with your answer earlier that night. With Devin and Chris, you felt comfortable. They were both great, good-hearted and good looking guys. If Devin wanted a threesome with you guys and was ok with it, then you were too.

“Ok.” You say, breaking the silence.

Devin and Chris exchange glances, then look back at you.

“We’re gonna have to go somewhere else.” Chris says.

You nod your head and all of you stand up. Devin wrote a quick note for the others, just in case they woke up. You guys didn’t want anyone to worry. Devin came up with a simple alibi and then the three of you left the hotel room. You and Devin waited by the elevators while Chris paid for another hotel room three floors up from the other one.

When all was done, you guys went up to your extra hotel room. It was about the same size as the other hotel room, so it was perfect. However, there was one difference. A king sized bed was in one of the rooms. That was the only bedroom, which meant it was much larger and more luxurious.

Devin and Chris followed behind you as you walked into the room, taking in the sights. They let you have a few moments to yourself. After the guys decided that they had waited long enough, the started.

You felt chills as Devin came in front of you, softly pressing his lips onto your neck. Chris quickly joined in from behind, massaging your breasts. You closed your eyes and let them touch you. Soon Devin’s lips attached to yours. Chris’ hands continued to travel your body, pleasuring you.

Within minutes you were dripping wet. The two men pleasuring you were so attractive and arousing. You felt even more lustful and dirty as things progressed further. Chris picked you up and carried you to the bedroom, kissing you as he did. Devin followed close behind, stripping his clothes.

Chris set you down on the bed and lifted your shirt over your head. Then Devin came over, wearing nothing but his boxers. He caressed your breasts and sucked on your nipple. Chris stripped down to his boxers as well and watched as his cock hardened.

After pumping his length a few times, Chris walked over to you and Devin. He placed a hand on Devin’s shoulder, getting his attention. The two of them then backed away from you. You watched as they whispered to each other.

While the guys were probably coming up with some sort of plan, you started to take off your clothes. You left on only your bra and panties. Soon Devin and Chris walked back over to you.

“Good girl.” Devin says with a low voice, eyeing your pile of clothes on the floor.

You bite your lip and watch as Devin slowly pulls you to the edge of the bed. You took deep breaths, your lust taking control over your body. Things quickly got more heated.

Everyone got in position and you pumped Devin’s huge cock. He let out low, breathy moans. Chris then crawled over you. He lined up to your entrance, his cock sliding into you in seconds. You let out a long, desperate moan.

Chris started to slowly push into you as you gave Devin a handjob. Soon that wasn’t enough for him and he wanted more.

“Put my fucking cock in your mouth.” Devin commands you.

You obey and start to suck harshly on the tip of Devin’s cock. Your moans vibrated Devin’s cock as Chris continued to thrust into you. The amount of euphoria you were experiencing was immense. All three of you moaned, your moans being the loudest.

Later you gagged and choked on Devin’s cock as Chris thrusted into you. You could hear both of them moaning and it turned you on so much. Devin gave you a break, pulling his cock out of your mouth. You tried to catch your breath and moaned profanities and Chris pounded into you. His sweat dripped onto your forehead.

Before long Devin’s cock was back in your mouth and you gagged on it once again. It didn’t take much more to make him cum. Seconds before Devin came, he pulled out of your mouth and pumped his length. He sprayed his cum on your face as he moaned.

You had barely experienced Devin’s orgasm when Chris had his. He moaned loudly and came inside of you, setting off your orgasm as well. You moaned as Devin’s cum was still dripping onto your face. Profanities left your mouths.

After you all came down from your climaxes, you laid down flat on your backs. Then after a few minutes of that the guys began to pleasure you once again. They started by kissing different parts of your body, slowly moving down lower. You had several more orgasms that night. It was an euphoric dream.

The next morning Chris made sure that all three of you were up in time. You took turns showering, then quickly went back to the other apartment. Everyone there slept in super late, so you guys didn’t have too much trouble. You quietly snuck back into the apartment. Devin threw away his note, since you guys didn’t have anything to explain.

After that you all sat in the living room of the hotel room. You watched some tv and played video games for the next few hours until everyone else woke up. It was a nice end to your…euphoric dream.

Features of my dream boyfriend/husband:

Legs like Alex
Andy’s sexy voice
Be adorable like Ricky
Mike’s sexiness
Sassy like Gerard
Caring like Kellin
Austin’s height
Fucks like band members in smut

Have you guys ever had dreams with band members in them? and it just feels so fucking real and then you wake up and youre like SHIT! and then you try to make yourself go back to sleep? 😂


You asked, friend. You asked. PS. I wrote this really quickly and while trying to hold together the shattering shards of my soul so forgive me if it’s a bit rough.

x x x

Maedhros standing on the edge of the cliff, his hair a messy, auburn veil whipped across his eyes by the wind; framed in the smoke and the roar of the lava behind him, below him. His hand clenches tight about the burning jewel and it hurts him, he knows that it is hurting him as it sears into his scarred palms but he can barely feel it. Not light, not pressure, there’s nothing there but numbness.

And Maglor runs, he scrambles over the rocks, he skids over the shale, reckless in his haste. His heart almost beats out of his chest, his eyes sting with tears and smoke, his lungs feel like they’re aflame in the haze of the heat and at last he sees his brother.

Maedhros stands there motionless, wraithlike; a dream, a nightmare painted in flesh. But for the anger of the earth below him, for the hiss and broil of steam, the surge and glower of the lava, the tremble of the stones below his feet, Maedhros stands serene. And how he painfully smiles; through flushed cheeks and red-rimmed eyes. It is innocent and it is ruined.

And how Maglor screams for him to stop, not to do this, that it would get better, he scrambles over the stones and he shrieks that it has to get better, it has to; and even as the words tumble over his lips he knows that he is lying.

Through blood and the bruising Maedhros turns, tears flow silently down his cheeks and limned in the red glare of the magma they seem to wash him clean.

“I cannot go with you, Káno.”

His voice does not shake, he does not quail; as Fëanor’s son in the pride of his youth come again to Arda’s shores he stands so full of grace. He cradles the jewel to his chest, and how Maglor keens as he turns, he begs for him to stay, and wreathed in ash and cinders and such tender despair Maedhros glances back only once. “I cannot go with you.”

His smile is celestial; radiant and aching in its sorrow. And softly, strongly, with all of the conviction in the world he takes but one step forward; in madness, in pain, in such futile hope, at the end of all things he whispers, “I am going home.”