motionless army

Don’t Feel Bad if your single it just means your the best on the album.

BENEATH CORVID WINGS - For warriors beneath the Morrigan, on battlefields from the traditional to the personal.

1. Face Everything and Rise - Papa Roach

2. Scream - Halestorm

3. The Fighter - In This Moment

4. Survive - Rise Against

5. Glory and Gore - Lorde

6. Run Boy Run - Woodkid

7. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

8. I Can Do Anything - 3OH!3

9. Warrior - Ke$ha

10. Little Lion Man - Tonight Alive

11. The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy

12. Brave - The Nearly Deads

13. Street Fight - Hedley

14. Fire With Fire - Night Terrors of 1927

15. The Antidote - Story of the Year

16. The Army Inside - Lacuna Coil

17. Death March - Motionless in White

18. Iron Army - In This Moment

19. Warriors - Papa Roach

20. And We Run (Feat. Xzibit) - Within Temptation


What normal people want: Clothes, shoes, cars, bags, gift cards, ect.

what I want: Band members, concert tickets, Band members, warped tickets, BAND MEMBERS, My Chemical Romance to get back together again

gerard way "chubbier"

for all you fuckers out there gossiping “ooo gerard’s gaining some pounds” and making fun of it please kindly walk out the damn door and fuck off. where did everyone go with “body shaming is not right”? ever thought maybe he’s happy with himself for once? or the in past we’ve known he’s struggled with depression and antidepressants aren’t uncommon to make you gain weight unitentionally.

so god damnit give him love, that’s all he shares with the rest of us.

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