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We’re looking forward to Calder: Hypermobility, opening this Friday. The dynamic exhibition will focus on the extraordinary breadth of movement and sound in the work of Alexander Calder. Whitney members see it first during special preview days this Wednesday and Thursday.

[Alexander Calder (1898–1976), Aspen, 1948. Sheet metal, rod, lead, and paint, 38 × 25 × 31 in. (96.5 × 63.5 × 78.7 cm). Calder Foundation, New York. © 2017 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]


Laments of an Icarus

The paramours of courtesans
Are well and satisfied, content.
But as for me my limbs are rent
Because I clasped the clouds as mine.

I owe it to the peerless stars
Which flame in the remotest sky
That I see only with spent eyes
Remembered suns I knew before.

In vain I had at heart to find
The center and the end of space.
Beneath some burning, unknown gaze
I feel my very wings unpinned

And, burned because I beauty loved,
I shall not know the highest bliss,
And give my name to the abyss
Which waits to claim me as its own.  

Charles Baudelaire 

Images:  Ludovic Florent -  Poussières d’étoiles (Stardust) 

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Made with Instagram

Last week I was able to attend a live orchestra of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It was one of the best experiences of my life. As always, I had a pocket sized sketchbook on hand…

Happy sketching everyone~

oh, the panels are great! paranatural has a great sense of motion and movement.

i think whats getting people irt recent art crit, is more like… the style itsself? the colors are a lot more pastel as opposed to older chapters, which had more blacks and saturation and color difference.

another thing is how… round everything seems to be. personally i enjoyed the sharp edges on everyones faces, hair, yknow. id add photos to make my point clearer but alas, im on mobile.

my main point was how things got sort of softer and lighter once chapter 5 started. some folks dont care for it, some do.