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“Dance has to come from within and not by imitating others and biting their style. It’s all about being true to yourself.”

- BBoy Serge


Laments of an Icarus

The paramours of courtesans
Are well and satisfied, content.
But as for me my limbs are rent
Because I clasped the clouds as mine.

I owe it to the peerless stars
Which flame in the remotest sky
That I see only with spent eyes
Remembered suns I knew before.

In vain I had at heart to find
The center and the end of space.
Beneath some burning, unknown gaze
I feel my very wings unpinned

And, burned because I beauty loved,
I shall not know the highest bliss,
And give my name to the abyss
Which waits to claim me as its own.  

Charles Baudelaire 

Images:  Ludovic Florent -  Poussières d’étoiles (Stardust) 


Floating on the rays of sunrise by Jaap Berghoef
Via Flickr:
The marshes of the nature reserve Agger Tange behind the dunes of the North Sea near Agger (North Jutland, Denmark) in the light of the rising sun.


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Black and White Movements Photography by Gjon Mili

Gjon Mili was an Albanese photographer, living in New York, who was born in 1904 and died in 1984, of a pneumonia. Known for his black and white long exposure pictures, he has worked a long time on artists portraits for magazine Life. On that time, the long exposure didn’t exist on the tools of cameras ; to get this effect, he used stroboscopic lights to illustrate the action and movements sequences.