motion potion


Young Poseidon
let me hold the trident.
said the salt in my
sweat matched the
salt in his water.
he said I hid remedies
behind my teeth
that could warm
the bottom
of his oceans.
so i put my tongue
in motion
to craft mending potions
for his temple’s ruins.
he said his harp’s chords
have been played before,
but i struck a new one.
said he fucks with
the violet and blue
my essence is seeping,
said he peeps the way
my cheeks flush pink
when he plants kisses
that branch into something


deeper than
late night creeping.
but light never touched
our horizon.

you held me in hiding.

you lifted your hands,
slowed the wave to
a halt.
said i was sweet but
sweet won’t satiate
for the long haul.
dropped me off
at the dock of the bay,
now i’m sitting here
wasting the day,
wondering why

i never made you wait.
thought a couple
quick fixes
would make you stay.
tried to carve
a space for us
in a universe
that knew better.
now my scarlet letter
scars the left
side of my chest.
i used to convince myself
it was beautiful,
now it’s worthless.
a badge of battle at best.
i wanted to
rattle your senses,
evaporate second guesses,
undermine any doubt
and from our vine
we’d sprout
blooms so exquisite
that stars would
come early to visit
before the sun went down.
wading so deep in you
i drown slow.
i should know by now:
that gods like you
hide the lost little boys
in their eyes behind
high tides
and three am play fights.
don’t waste my time
with it if it’s not divine.
if lust is your only guide.
i’m no siren.
i won’t drag you down
into what you don’t want.
all I ask is you
give a heads up
before anything starts.
i’m trying to break these cycles,
Young Poseidon.
don’t string me along
with kindness
and the promise
of you trusting me
with both hands
on the trident.

spells and serenade.

I am haunted  
by your etchings  
I want to see more clearly
enlist my crystal ball  
the potions in motion  
is the start of it all
my tongue descends
on my moon
I worship
against the tide
the everlasting storm
I am in depths
of your soul
encircling in slow motion
and consuming your heart beats
to the rhythm of song
I will place on your breath
you will want me on your flesh
tasting and hushing the dark of night
and to nourish
this bleeding heart of mine

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