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Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Request: “24 - Clay Jensen”


24. “I knew you would end up together.”

Word count: 1.224

Posted: 18th of May 2017

A/N: Another imagine is up! I am so happy today, because I finally got my 13 Reasons Why book! I’ve been to the post office and the guy who assisted me looked like Brandon Larracuente. I was fangirling, but Brandon will always be better than him, of course.
Anyway, I hope that you like this imagine too and enjoy reading! Send me some feedbacks or comments about it, if you have some time! Thank you.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompts imagines. Sorry.

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“Are you okay?” Clay asked you to assure himself, mumbling in a really soft voice. The slow music in the background was more audible than his voice, but you luckily heard him. You nodded in response as you leant your head on the crook of his neck, swaying as you both followed the slow rhythm of the song.

“Thank you, Clay.” You gratefully whispered as he worried about you and you saw him smiling with the tail of your eyes.

It was your Winter Formal and Clay, your childhood best friend, forced you to come with him as his date. He lost a bet against Jeff, a friend of him, and Clay just had to come to the dance.

Clay wasn’t a party goer, neither a participant of any activity at your school. In fact, you were shocked when he invited you to go with him and you couldn’t deny that he convinced you quickly.

“Isn’t this strange?” You suddenly asked, standing up straight once again. There were just few centimetres between your faces and it honestly made your heart beat faster.

“Why should this be strange?” Clay asked and he unleashed some soft chuckles. The weak strobe lights hit Clay’s face for a second, revealing you his delighted face.

Seeing Clay peaceful and mirthful made you feel the same way. His overflowing joy that night was contagious and the blithe feeling ran through your veins, sending a ticklish sensation in your heart.

Who would’ve known that this would happen between the two of you? You were his first dance and he was yours. Wasn’t it amazing? He was your first in many ways: first best friend, first shoulder to cry on, first love. He was also your first choice and you’ve never regretted it, because you were his first choice too.

In short, your friendship consisted of being each other’s important firsts and you both couldn’t complain of that, never in a million years you would complain of it.

“I don’t know,” You raised your shoulders to show your perplexity. You were already hearing people’s prejudices and gossips in your head, knowing how disgusting your school was. “it’s strange.”

“(Y/N), everything here is just all about us.” Clay assured you as the moment suddenly went in slow motion, blurring the image of other people around you. Their loud murmurs in your head faded as you felt that you and Clay were the only people in the venue. “Just us, you and I. Don’t worry about the people around us.”

“Huh?” You corrugated your forehead as Clay started to move a little bit faster, swaying your bodies with the rhythm. “What are you talking about?”

“Well,” Clay flinched as the strobe lights hit his face once again. He moved closer to you and he tightened his grip on your hips. “(Y/N)?”

“Yes?” You curiously asked, couldn’t wait for his answer. You felt your heart beating fast and loud as you felt his hot breath against your cheeks.

“I love you.” He shortly answered and your eyes widened as you heard his confession. He surely has said that he loved you in the past, but you knew that it was just because of your friendship. Or maybe not? Maybe it was something more than that.

“A-are you sure?” You stuttered as the thing still didn’t sink in your mind. He was telling the truth, but you refused to accept it.

“Sure enough to do this.” Clay slowly said and he licked his lips to wet them, surely readying them before he took his move.

A moment later, your world went slower as you felt his warm and full lips on yours. You’ve never seen Clay this confident of himself and it surely made your heart jump of joy. He cupped your cheeks delicately and he drew some small circles on it, while the movements of your lips followed the rhythm of the soft music in the background. The room was dark, but you felt that the spotlight shone above the two of you, obviously to capture the moment.

You both shared a slow and sweet passionate kiss, Clay already knowing that you felt the same thing towards him. You wouldn’t have kissed him back in that way if ever. His lips were so soft and he really knew what he was doing. Clay was a shy guy, mostly when it came to girls, and you wondered where he got the guts to do such thing in front of many people

“I love you too, Clay.” You fearlessly confessed as soon as you broke the kiss. You looked into his eyes and his electric blue eyes sparkled while he flashed you his sweetest smile, obviously happy that the love that he felt for you was requited.

You closed the gap between the two of you by hugging him and you felt Clay’s heart beating like crazy inside of his chest. “Everything is just all about us.” Clay repeated once again and you couldn’t help but smile. It was strange, because you’ve been best friends for a long time, but you know that you would be used to it.

I knew you would end up together.” A sweet, but devastated voice behind you suddenly woke you up and the slow-motion moment vanished. Your world rotated faster than the usual as you heard people cheering for the happening between you and Clay, the music was suddenly heard and you pulled away from Clay’s grip.

“Hannah!” You both said in unison and you could see in her eyes the sadness and the pain. You’ve always hinted that she was in love with your best friend, nevertheless she’s always denied it whenever you would tease her with him.

“You’re perfect together.” She praised you and she showed you her sweetest smile. She seemed pretty honest with that statement, although you couldn’t help but be bothered of her possible negative thoughts or resentments. “You are so pretty, (Y/N), and you look adorable, Helmet.”

“There’s that word again.” Clay smiled at Hannah as he tightly wrapped his arm around your waist, wanting to protect you and to have you by his side.

Hannah smiled as she fiddled with the hem of the cardigan that kept her warm, uncomfortable of Clay’s actions. “You finally told her. Congratulations!”  

Those were the last words that you heard from her that night as she was approached by Montgomery and they both went in a corner to talk about some things.

“She knew?” You curiously asked to Clay, although it was already obvious. You were shocked because she knew everything that Clay has felt for you, maybe she told him your feelings for him too. Who would ever know?

“She was the one who pushed me to confess you everything.” Clay responded with a smile and you smiled back at him, realizing how great of a friend Hannah was. After all, she wanted you to be contented in your life.

Maybe Hannah was really happy for the two of you, nonetheless her feelings for Clay. She was altruist and she thought of your good, instead of hers. Thanks to her, you started to value your relationship with Clay and you realized that everything was really just all about you and Clay, no obstacles, no hindrances and no encumbrances. It was just you and Clay against the world.

handpaintedstockings  asked:

Seriously the costumes and sets in this show are spectacular. I'm a budding designer myself and totally seeing this show for the sets and costumes alone. I hope when it comes to Broadway there'll be plenty more costume selfies and backstage photos than the Chicago run. :)

agreed wholeheartedly! if the chicago set is mostly preserved, i’d be particularly keen to see if anyone can get better visuals of the rube goldberg machine around the sides of the stage that represents the volcano eruption while its in motion. 

image credit: [x]

as for costumes, it’d be awesome to get some more detail images such as this! this photo of squidward’s coat from claire fleming’s (costume maker) instagram here [x] 

i’d especially like to see more of the ensemble costumes. here’s hoping! and don’t worry, i will be vigilant about nabbing what i can from instagram stories too :) and hey! good luck in your sets & costumes making future! 🌟

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm really glad the requests are open again, is it possible to do a scenario of revali in a soulmate au. Please and Thank you. By the way, I really love the stuff you do have a nice day :)

[A/N: efhskbebobdvk thank youuuu, and sorry it’s so long! I was really inspired!!]

Soulmate AU

You had been traveling between villages for a few weeks selling merchandise and the likes, but today was going to be a relax day. You had been taking your time to walk the farmer’s market admiring all the different jewelry and large vegetables, and stop occasionally to look over precious stones. 

You weren’t sure why you chose to come today, but you paid no mind and tried to enjoy nonetheless. However…there was a strange inkling that wouldn’t leave you alone and you occupied yourself in merchandise that wasn’t even interesting to you, but for some reason you felt you needed to stay.

 When you came to a vendor, their spread was out of place from the others. This one had shrunken heads, bird skeletons in cages, and different pots filled with different ingredients. The smell was overpowering, but for some reason you decided to look within the stall.

 Further into their makeshift tent, books lined the walls on rickety shelves. You ran your fingers over the spines of the books noticing none of them had any titles. You found it odd how some look brand new while others looked worn and well read.  Not a one matched, but some had similar spine decor.

 You were about to walk to another shelf when one book caught your eye. It was a deep navy blue, with a red and white spine. You traced over the intricate impressions in the cover and mused to yourself that the material felt soft as feathers. Gently picking it up you looked it over and like all the other books it did not have titled, nor an author. When you opened it, your confusion only increased as you flipped through all the pages. There was not a single word nor picture in it.

 Strange, you thought, and went to pick up another book only to find you couldn’t. You set the book you were holding down and used both hands on the other to take it off the shelf. It would not budge for the life of you, it was like it was glued to the spot.

 “You can try all you want, but you are not the owner of that book.”

 You spun around from the sudden grainy voice, and the shopkeeper was hunched over at the entrance. They gave you a wrinkly smile as their hand shook to hold up one finger. They pointed to the book behind you, “That is your book.”

 You raised a brow before looking between them and the object, “…And why is that?”

 They hobbled in using their cane and walked by you all the while speaking, “Do you plan to take responsibility of each and every book?”


 “Then you do not need to know anything more than that.” They ran their crooked fingers over the blue book. “Why did you come here today, young one?”

 You were taken back, not sure where this was leading, “I had the day off, I suppose.”

 “You do not sound sure.”

 “Erm…I am not sure what I would need to be certain of.”

 They gave a slow smile, their jaw jittering along with their body. “Take the book.”

 “Wha-, well, I don’t know if I want it. It’s just a journal.”

 “Is it now?”

 Their question fluttered around your head like a bird in a cage, and it left a deep curiosity that began to slowly burn. You weren’t even aware, but you had picked up the book, running your fingers against the soft cover. Gazing upon this hardcover it gave you a familiar feeling, and you looked up, “How much will it b-”  

 The old person was not there and the makeshift tent you were in was gone. 

You looked around with wide eyes to realize you were in the middle of the farmer’s market still. Taking a step back, the shop you once were in, now you stood on a patch of dirt. You held the book closely to your chest and you decided that you were done looking around for the day.

 Finally home and in your bed, you were reading a book under the lantern’s light, but you weren’t able to keep focus. Your eyes would wander to the journal on your nightstand, its existence proving to be loud and obnoxious. You sighed and leaned over to grab it to pull it back in your lap. As you flipped through the pages again you were scolding yourself that there was nothing there. You ran your hand along your head in frustration, and left it open at a blank page.

 “What’s so special about you?” But the book did not answer your heated question. You leaned back against your headboard feeling like giving up, and blankly stared at the page of the book. You ran your finger along it as if reading a sentence, but you began to squint your eyes.

 Was there….something forming on the page?

 Upon closer inspection, an image slowly bled its way in. An image emerged overlooking mountains high in the night sky while clouds slowly made their way across the horizon and leaves rustled from the winds. You were in awe and amazed from the slow motion image, and you rubbed your eyes thinking you were seeing things.

 But you weren’t.

 Though you were terrified of this strange phenomenon, each night you open the book to find it had new paintings of different scenery and sometimes people. You gather that whoever this was, is a Rito given one photo had their arm stretched out with a large bow held by their wings. It was like a drug you couldn’t wean yourself off of and you anxiously await the night to fall asleep to these images.

 The Rito was apparently close to the Princess as there was one image of her with a young blond man kneeling in front of her. You gathered that these images were memories, and whether they were current or from the past, you could not decipher. You were becoming fond of whoever this Rito was and adored they images from their point of view in the sky.

 One night while admiring the old paintings something new happened. A new image bled onto the page, this time of the Rito’s wings held in front of them as if they had committed a heinous act. Their hands shook and looked pain..

 ‘I feel so alone.’

 It read underneath the painting causing a sharp pain to shoot through your body. You ran your fingers along the image as if they could feel your comfort. “What’s wrong..?” You whispered and your heart felt heavy as the book did not reply…

 ‘They doubt me.’

 ‘Why him? Am I not good enough?’

 ‘I have worked so hard. I do not understand.’

 ‘I am afraid…’

 Each night new paintings appeared with a text underneath, and they grew more desperate. Their images were becoming distorted and began to come in like melting strip of film. The more the weeks dragged on it spurred you to try to connect to this Rito that was a complete stranger. You whispered encouragements you knew they could not hear and brought the book with you everywhere as if it was a way for them not to be alone.

 You were sitting on a rock somewhere in the Great Plateau flipping through the pages again. It was like watching a timeline of a sound person slowly coming undone. Some days this Rito would have wonderful and beautiful days, and others…they were wallowing in self hate. You sighed coming to an empty page, “I wish I could help you….”

 As if the book heard you plea a new painting came and what you saw made your jaw drop. It was you, clearly blurry and more of your lap than anything, but it was your clothes being swept in the gentle wind.  Beneath it, words appeared..

 ‘Who is this? Why is this person in this book?’

 Frantically, you scrabbled about looking for your travel sack and rummage through to find a quill. However, before you could attempt to write a reply in a silly hope they would receive it, a new image appeared, but this time of your hands holding the book.

 ‘Their book almost looks similar to my own.’

 And you gasped, feeling excitement course through your veins. You stood up holding the book out in front of you, “Yes! Yes! It’s because they’re connected! Oh please! Tell me you can hear me?! Sense me?! Something?!” But there was no reply, however, it spurred a intense feeling of determination. They had a book that was in connection to this one, and you knew that somehow they would be able to see your memories.

 With a burst of energy, you bound for the Rito village across the land and you hoped that they could see what you see. Maybe they would realize you were on your way and your heart rammed in your chest from fear and excitement. You had no idea what these books meant to either of you, but somehow you know it was the fate of the Goddess that you two should meet.

 When night fell, you sat by your small campfire for warmth and held the book in your lap while patiently waiting for a new image. It seemed like hours before a new painting emerge and this time it was them soaring in the nighttime sky. You held your hand to your mouth in astonishment at the words appearing before you.

 ‘Are you still waiting?’

 “Yes!” You said in excitement, beaming at this wondrous phenomenon. You could only wonder what images along with words appeared for them and you looked up to the sky in great anticipation. “Oh please, oh please. I’ve been waiting so long.” You whispered to the sky and bounce from your spot on the ground. It was exhilarating, it was magical, nothing in this world could top this! You could hardly sit still and stood up to turn in a circle looking at the sky. You closed your eyes and pressed the book tightly to your chest. “I don’t know how this works, but please come soon.”

 An hour or so passed and you were still wide awake. Nothing new appeared in the book and you were becoming impatient. Slowly, and surely, you heard loud flaps in the distance and right as you turned around a gush of wind blew harshly causing you to shut your eyes from the flying dirt. As you blinked away, your vision gazed at the feet of a Rito and followed it up to their face. For a Rito, he looked quite handsome and within his wing was a book with your colors but matching spine decor.

 He looked a little smug as he looked you over and quirked a feather brow up. He noticed the book in your hands and held his up, “Seems we might become reading partners. Shall we open a book club?”

 You snorted and shook your head at his jest, but the excitement bubbling within you was about to burst. “Strange book club with only two members.” You took a step closer and tried to ignore the awe you felt at his height.

 His beak quirked in a smile as he too took a step closer, “Well, they do say three’s a crowd.”

 “I’ve been anxiously waiting to meet you.” You spoke in a hush voice, finding the air within you disappearing, but it was not unpleasant. He gave another cocky smile and pulled up a page from his book, it was of your point of view looking up to the sky with the captions underneath, ‘I’ve been waiting so long.’ 

You could feel your cheeks burn and gave a sheepish laugh.

 “I am Revali.” He spoke surely, but gently. 

 “I…” You laughed and smiled, “I’m [Name]…” You placed your hand on top of his book and he looked at you curiously as your eyes glimmered with your deeper emotions, “And I will make sure you never feel alone again.”