motion image


The alledged abductee reported, that she was lighting a cigarette on the stove when she suddenly experienced a long period of lost time. It ended when the girl woke up in fetal position on the floor in her bathroom. After she got up, she went into the kitchen were she found the cigarettes on the ground. “Apparently, I’d dropped them,” she said.

Just a few days later, she was on her smart phone when she noticed that 40 images she didn’t take just appeared. They seem to be pretty blurry and obviously not in good focus, while a high level of movement probably caused the motion-sick images. In some, a humanoid-type creature can be seen like the one above. The images are really hard to make out, however the one on the top left clearly displays some figure or being as a head, arms, and torso are all visible.

As of now, it’s unclear whether aliens took the pictures or if someone else did. I can’t really say whether beings from another world found the woman’s smart phone and started snapping, however I can say that these images are pretty mysterious.


Liquid Drop Motion Bubbler

[Image description: A flat, hourglass shaped plastic toy full of clear liquid, with pink liquid on the bottom sits on a grey pillowcase. In the gif, the pink liquid is dripping down the toy in large, flat droplets]

I have found out that these types of toys tend to lose their colors over time, sadly. You will notice this in my waterwheel drop toy especially.
Anyway, the drop motion bubbler is a hard plastic tube that drops two-toned liquid when turned over. It makes a great visual stim. It is slightly fragile, and the liquid clogs sometimes if it isn’t turned over at least once a day or so. Mine is pink and purple, but they come in a variety of colors.

Purchased from:

Price: $$ (between $6 and $10USD, shipping not included)

The acoustic sweet spot.

The acoustic sweet spot is defined as the listening position equidistant to each of the two front channels as they are from each other, so the arrival time of the sound is equal at your ears.

It was brought in the vogue of the public by the big bang theory where Sheldon cooper tries to find the sweet spot in a theater.

Why is it important?

It is called the ‘sweet spot’ for a real good reason. 

In a motion picture, an image is considered to be ‘good’ if the location of the performers can be clearly located. This is known as stereo imaging and it adds realism to the image. 

The only person who hears this perfectly is the one who is in the sweet spot. ( no wonder Sheldon is obsessed with his spot! )

At this juncture, it is highly recommended that you check out the virtual barber shop to experience the acoustic sweet spot for yourself. 

The virtual barber shop places you in the sweet spot and abuses sound technology to bring you this high-quality audio realism.

We will dive deeper once you are done with your haircut! Have a good day.