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Not That Subtle (Prompt Request #27) - Scott McCall

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​Scott McCall x Reader

12. “You cheated on me?” 
26. “Please tell me this is not what I think it is”
27. “You better tell me right now what the fuck is going on”

Scotts untidy room got you even more irritated then you were already. You sat on his bed with arms crossed over your chest. It felt like you’ve been waiting for him an hour, but you were pretty sure it wasn’t that long, but still.

Finally. The door to his room opened and in came Scott, he looked tired but flinch when he saw you there, sitting on his bed unannounced.

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okay, think about taking a photo as filling a bucket with water. aperture is basically how wide the pipe is (in the case of photography, how wide of an angle you’re setting the lens to allow light through)  and shutter speed is how fast the water is flowing (or in photography, how fast light is flowing. 

aperture affects depth of field. (basically how much of the background is in focus, like something at 1.8 would mean the background would be blurred up but the subject would be in focus. at 16, the background would also be in focus with the subject)

shutter speed affects the motion of the image, where you can freeze or blur movement, as demonstrated in the 2 of the images above. a fast shutter speed like 1/160, 1/250, 1/1000 would freeze motion while something like 4 secs, a long exposure, would blur movement. in the water photo, 4 secs made the water silky while at 1/160 it froze the waves in place.

i wouldn’t worry about depth of field/motion blurring yet, i’d just worry about finding the right size of pipe and speed of water to fill the bucket right. 


just to recap for you 

Imagine Damon confessing his love to you, but still refusing to be nice to Stefan

“Really Damon? Why can’t you just be nice for one day? Its his birthday!” You sighed, Damon was being a real pain and you didn’t know what to do with him.

Stefan was your friend, and as annoying and funny as there bickering was, you just weren’t in the mood for it today

“Nice? I invented nice” he smirks, the one he always uses to get his way. You sent him a withering glare before sitting down at his mirror and you began fixing your make-up.

“Why do you do that?”

Your foundation brush freezes in motion.

“Do what Damon?”

“Put on make-up, you never need it” he explains, coming up behind you, placing soft kisses on your neck.

“Its one of the many reasons why I love you Y/N” he whispers in your ear before placing his mouth on yours.

Moments go by, and only the feeling of his lips and the words he had said register in your head.

“I love you too Damon” you reply once his lips are no longer attached to yours. His reply is a blinding smile, one only you have had the pleasure of seeing, before he lays back on his bed.

“I’m still gonna give Steffie hell though ”

You can’t help but laugh at that.

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Pawel Zaluska’s incredible video Frozen Soap Bubbles shows iridescent globules of liquid crystalizing before your eyes in a matter of moments. Needless to say it took a lot of trial and (mostly) error. The reward for his patience is a video that captures the whimsical charm of winter. Bubbles spin and dance as they react to the cold, geometric crystals fluttering across their surfaces like flakes in a snow globe. Each suddenly freezes in motion, overtaken by the cold but still beautiful.

 Watch the video and read about Zaluska’s project.


Water freezing in slow motion. #slowmotion #ice #icecrystals #freezing Video by @aaronwbeck (at Exploratorium)

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dont think about young child Toast growing up in the wastelands, dont think about her small fingers being able to take apart a gun and put it back together, dont think about her growing up under the harsh sun and even harsher winds, dont think about her lip curling in anger when her family were attacked by war boy scouts, dont think about her fighting for her life for her families lives and most certainly dont think about the paralyzing fear when she realizes that they mean to take her, dont think about her anger and resentment building over the years and the only thing that keeps her from lashing out is her sisters, dont think about her reaching out and grabbing the gun from Angharad going through the motions but freezing up because its been years since shes held a gun, dont think of her finally finally letting her anger bubble out of her as she spits on the corpse of her captor.

So @strewbi and I were discussing here how soft bro Damen in modern aus grabs left boobs just like chris evans does. and like evans it’s just a thing he does, he doesn’t mean anything by it, he just laughs heartily with all the tender cinnabun sugar of his soul and flings out his hands and happily and joyfully pats the pectoral of whoever’s in range. Within 48 hours of meeting Damen, Jord gets the left boob touch 5 times. Paschal gets Mark Ruffalo’d, Nikandros has learned to deftly block it with a deadpan, exasperated expression. 

However, canonly Damen is always super hyper aware of Laurent’s personal space and how Laurent feels about Laurent’s personal space, so as much as the left boob touch is an unconscious action I feel like Damen would start the motion, and freeze, and then stop when around Laurent, not wanting to overstep Laurent’s very important personal space boundaries. 

However.2, I feel like, as time went on, and the number of people who could claim to have been vivaciously and lovingly boob-touched by Damen’s jovial self grows, Laurent would start to feel like. okay. my boyfriend is touching everyone’s chest but mine. great. super. swell. 

lmao I don’t know if he’d ever be like ‘okay damen it’s okay if you left boob grab me in public’, but I do feel like on days when Damen’s gone on San diego comic con 2014 levels of boob grabbing sprees, Laurent expresses his displeasure by having damen pay special attention to his nipples and chest for hours at a time when they go to bed that night. ;)