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Psyche, by Borondo. Asalto Festival 2016.

This is my first collaboration with Borondo. We are planning some new ideas… Stay tuned!

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One of the megastars of this year’s Festival of Speed was gymkhana-master Ken Block. Ken brought the one-off ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang to the hill, and although it was his first time at Goodwood he didn’t hold back, dispersing rubber all the way up the run. He seemed to be on a special mission to kill the tyres at the top staging area, which is where I caught up with him. Awesome car, and genuinely cool guy!

Tribute to the Iberian Wildlife, by Dulk.

 In Asalto Festival 9, 2014. Zaragoza, Spain. Original Picture.

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Malakkai @malakkatone in Desordes Creativas 2015.

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Usually when I’m considering an Auto Focus post, it’s a single car that is piquing my interest…but in this case, the pretty 356A of Steve Wright and Ian Clark is only part of the story. What really grabbed my attention at the Donington Historic was the pair of split-screen campers that complete this crew, one as a tow vehicle and the other, I’m guessing, as team transport and hospitality. These guys aren’t just racing in style, they’re arriving in style too!


This was the first of the Some Pygmalion series that got nominated for the 2013 TriBeCa Film Festival’s #6secfilms contest. I wasn’t the winner, but it was exciting for me, and for Vine to be featured in the festival, as Vine was only a few months old. This was back when Vine had no editing tools, and you could not even view the frames you’d taken until it was finished. You could only post it or delete the whole thing and start over. It was the closest to “live” that stop motion gets. It was pretty cool, actually. Most limitations end up having a juicing effect on creative stuff in a way, don’t they?

We feed, we’re food. 

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 In Bloop Festival, Ibiza, 2013.

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