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Ariel Needs Legs, now in motion comic form. Featuring the vocal talents of the lovely Ming Doyle.


Carmilla: The Final Battle.

PLEASE watch in HD, make the ridiculous rendering time worthwhile.

This video is for my last post production assignment, the brief was to make something with after effects, since i’m already pretty familiar with the program I thought i’d challenge myself and experiment with something new. I’m calling it a motion comic for lack of a better term. (:


Whenever the Overwatch animated shorts and stuff get brought up, I keep seeing people be all “I watched them all for the first time today, so good”, so I thought it might be nice to bring together all the various pieces of Overwatch fiction/lore in one place so folks can check it out.

Character bios

The Heroes page on has a bio for every Hero with a ‘story’ tab that gives backstory and info like real name, age, affiliation, etc. 

“Motion art” videos

These are videos done in a ‘motion comic’ style, with limited animation artwork and voiceover. They generally cover character backstory.


Eight-page comics, each spotlighting one or two characters with a tale of what they’ve been up to recently. The exceptions are “Legacy” and “Junkenstein”, which are set a while back before Overwatch was disbanded.

Animated Shorts/Cinematics

Fully 3D-animated films. I’m listing them here in a rough chronological order rather than release order (see here for some dorky notes RE: determining that order).

In-universe articles

These are in-universe articles and news stories posted on

Hope you enjoy!


We REALLY need to get this trailer out to the larger DC Comics readership! Any help you can give spreading it would be much appreciated! And not just DC, but anyone you think would be interested, even if they don’t normally read DC. It’s a different book for sure. Not in a weird way. ;)

This is a WONDER WOMAN book written & Illustrated by my Wonder Woman @renaedeliz As far as I know, the first time a woman has ever written and illustrated her own major story like this in mainstream comics, and for Wonder Woman. 270 page graphic novel currently coming out in digital weekly chapters and in print (right now issue 1 is out, issue 2 (of 9) comes out next week!)

Thank you for watching and sharing!


First part of Victubia is here!
It’s the first part of many! ;)
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Introducing Lord Pewdiepie and Lady Marzia as they move to the biggest city in the country of Victubia; Victubia Capital.
Where strange things are lurking in the dark…

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