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Hello everyone!
We here at Studio Wackart!  are currently looking to recruit people to help us chew through our comic project. We are already a good handful of people working on the visuals of this grand tale, but we would love to welcome new artists into our midst so that we may continue to expand the project further.

The project requires an intermediate level of artistic integrity and adept skill-level in at least one of the three above mentioned disciplines. You will be welcomed aboard on an independent art -team, provided with software that you will be required to use for the visuals ( cs2, however newer versions as well as all software compatible with the .psd format are allowed )

The team currently consists of a bunch of artists spanning many levels of discipline. On board we also have a composer who will produce an epic soundtrack for the adventure, as well as a fully voiced cast of characters, extras and writer’s and editors who quality ensures the script and storyline. We are therefore in good hands in terms of structure and plot.

The participation is voluntary, however you will be able to request chief Artist, Wackart for favors such as graphic or illustrative endeavours. We wan’t to give back to our team members the best we can, even if we are not able to hand out cool cash.

The comic follows a duo of characters as they embark on an epic journey, and a race against time to find four divine tablets, before a terrible tyrant gets to uncover the secrets of them, and risk unleashing hell upon the world.
The comic will feature progressive subjects and talk about current subjects such as faith, fanatism and anti-religion.  All set in a unique fantasy world, with a breath of new ideas, concepts and twists.  

If you want to give it a shot, and try out the project-experience, please do not hesitate to either send me a note or message at this website or send me an email at  If you have just the slightest doubt that you’d have the capability, contact us as well and let us assess your situation together. You might be able to contribute more than what you think.

We hope to hear from you soon.
If you possibly can, please share this around
to anyone on your social media or vicinity, so that we may stock our
ranks with awesome people, and together bring forth the best production
we possibly can.

- Studio Wackart!


Part 2 of the Voltron Motion Comic for anyone who can’t find it! (It’s got the “Sharp work, Samurai" line in it ;))


..Reigen were to encounter Mob in 100.2

__on an unrelated note___

y’all should check out @ruemilly ‘s brilliant mp100 fic, which is another(much more tear inducing) interpretation of what would happen if Reigen were to meet mob in the state he is in as of ch100.1. i cried


Ariel Needs Legs, now in motion comic form. Featuring the vocal talents of the lovely Ming Doyle.