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The Last of Us Part II | Ellie’s Motion Capture


Diversity Win! These Men Are Wearing Motion-Capture Suits So Someone Who Knows How To Do Special Effects Can Turn Them Into Women Of Color


Black History Day 3: Cab Calloway.

Cab Calloway was groundbreaking as one of the first African-American musicians to be prominently featured on film. His work with the “Betty Boop” cartoons (as seen above) was legendary because it was basically the grandfather of what we know now as motion capture animation. They recorded Cab singing and dancing (dancing which included an early version of the moonwalk so take that Michael Jackson) and they TRACED HIS MOVEMENTS FRAME BY FRAME to translate them into the character he was playing. None of that unitard covered in ping-pong balls mess. Painstaking frame by frame tracing to capture his motions. You can watch full length versions of the Betty Boop cartoons featuring Cab Calloway pretty easily. I think they’re all on YouTube and they’re in the public domain so they’re easy to find and download. The names of the cartoon shorts are “Minnie the Moocher”, “Snow White ”, and “The Old Man of the Mountain”.
So go watch them now and appreciate a hard-working black musician who pioneered the jazz genre and was a key player in animation advancement.


For this latest installment of Ferrari Friday, we have the awesome 512M from 1970 that I shot at Silverstone Classic last summer. The ‘M’ stands for ‘modificata‘, since the bodywork was changed from the earlier ‘S’ designated cars that started the 1970 season. A rule change for 1972 that limited engine size to 3l meant that Ferrari didn’t develop this car for 1971, ending the era of 5.0 V12s. What a sound it made!


HIDEO: [During the first motion capture work] we talked about how he’d stand or where he should be stationed, but Mads-san was already too cool, even though we just started. He verged from my direction sometimes and I thought “maybe we should re-do that?”, but when I checked the footage through the frame they were so good I OK’d it anyway.

It’s always the thing. We will have to do what the director tells us, but sometimes we also do something else. And then we can work together and create something completely different.


One of the megastars of this year’s Festival of Speed was gymkhana-master Ken Block. Ken brought the one-off ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang to the hill, and although it was his first time at Goodwood he didn’t hold back, dispersing rubber all the way up the run. He seemed to be on a special mission to kill the tyres at the top staging area, which is where I caught up with him. Awesome car, and genuinely cool guy!


For the second time in as many years, Group C returned to the Goodwood Aerodrome for high-speed demos during the 73rd Members’ Meeting. I’ve seen Group C racing at Silverstone and Spa, but had never seen a Peugeot 905 or Toyota 87C in the metal (or composite, I should say…). The car in the last shot is a Porsche 962C, the very car that won the 1987 Le Mans 24H. It was great to see it reunited with one of it’s drivers, separate post on that coming soon!