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Tour Series #7: Fan Encounter

Michael: Michael: It was your last day visiting Michael on tour, so he promised he would wake up early and spend as much time with you as he could. You were dressed in a pair of black jeans, one of Michael’s sweaters with a beanie on your head. It was gloomy out, you liked to think Mother Nature didn’t want you to leave Michael either. You stepped out of the bathroom after finishing your make up and smiled over at Michael, who’s blue hair was still going every which way. “Every time I look at your hair I think of that Busted lyric about hating his blue streak…” Michael laughed, ruffling his hair with his hand. “I was going for more of a Josh Ramsay look, but I guess that works too.” You laughed, pulling your purse over your shoulder. “Are you ready to go?” Michael nodded, standing up. “I was just looking for my beanie, which is placed upon your head.” He smirked over at you as you blushed looking down. “Sorry, babe. Do you want it?” Michael shook his head before stuffing his wallet into his back pocket. “It looks better on you anyways.”

You spent the morning exploring the city you were in. Going to all of the local shops and just admiring the city with Michael. It may have been a gloomy day out, but you were spending it with the love of your life and you could care less. After lunch, you decided to go for a walk. You grabbed Michael’s hand, lacing your fingers, fixing your beanie with your other hand. Michael squeezed your hand, smiling down at you. “You’re perfect, you know that?” “Shut up.” You blushed, hanging your head. Michael laughed, pulling you into his side, placing a kiss to your temple. You wrapped your arms around his waist, your torso twisted so you could hug Michael and walk at the same time. You looked up at him to speak when you heard a few hushed screams and rushing feet. Michael had been spotted. You reached up and pecked his lips before letting go of him, stepping aside so he could talk to his fans.

This was all fairly new to you, but you enjoyed watching Michael interact with his fans. The smile couldn’t be wiped off his face as he talked with them. You knew he cared about his fans almost as much as he cared about you. You were snapped out of your thoughts when a girl said your name. “Y/N?” She asked shyly, smiling at you. “Yes?” You smiled at her. “Would it be weird if I asked you for a picture? I think you’re really great and I love you and Michael together. I think you’re the cutest couple.” You blushed at the girls kind words and nodded. “Of course we can take a picture!” You put your arm around the girl, posing for the picture. “I hope I find a love like yours and Michaels.” The girl told you, before turning to walk away.Your words were caught in your throat, no one had ever said something like that to you. “I’m sure you will sweetheart.” You finally spoke, looking over at Michael and then back to the girl. “It may take some time, but you will find that someone.” It had never occurred to you that other people admired your relationship with Michael. The stupid tweets or Instagram photos that were posted, they had given your relationship a fanbase in a sense. It was all a little weird to you, but you liked it. You liked knowing you gave people hope, hope that they would find the one for them, as you had found the one for you.  

Calum: You didn’t have much time with Calum left. Both of you tried to ignore the fact that in a few short hours you would be on your way back to Sydney. The past few days had been incredible and you were sad to leave. Currently, you were sat in the greenroom, leaning into Calum as the rest of the boys goofed off. The two of you were silent, just enjoying each others company. Calum ran his fingers up and down your arm aimlessly. You looked up at him, “Do you think we could go for a walk or something? Alone..” He nodded, removing his arm from around you and started to get up. “We’ll be back.” He called back to the boys before grabbing your hand and leaving the green room. The two of you found your way out of the venue, and away from the screaming fans by the buses and walked around the city. You were both silent, just being with each other was enough.

You looked over at Calum, catching him staring. “What?” You asked, blushing. “Nothing.” Calum smiled, pulling you closer to him. “It amuses me that I still have the power to make you blush red.” He kissed the top of your head as you tried to hide your face in his chest. “I love you.” He said softly, causing you to look up and smile at him. “I love you, too.” You leaned up, pecking his lips. Calum stopped walking, wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you slightly to kiss you again. His hands began to roam over your backside and you giggled pulling out of the kiss. “We are in public Calum, hands off.” Calum grinned, pushing his hands up the back of your shirt as he started to kiss your neck. You wanted to protest, but Calum knew all of the right buttons to push. You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, playing with the hair in the nape of his neck, holding in a moan. You were going to miss these moments more than anything.

You snapped your eyes open when you heard the sound of a camera shutter. “Calum, stop.” You scolded. His hands moved back down to your backside and squeezed, before nipping at your neck again. “Calum, people are watching us! Stop!” You groaned and pushed him off you, noticing the small group of girls standing a few feet away, cameras and phones in hand. You pulled your shirt down as far as it would go, pulling your sleeves over your hands, something you only did when you were upset or nervous. Calum gulped and gave you sad, sorry eyes. You weren’t mad at him, but you were were extremely nervous about where the pictures of the two of you were going to go. Before you knew it, the crowd of girls got bigger and bigger, blocking your way back to the venue. Calum ran his fingers through his hair, spinning and searching for a way out, but you were surrounded. “Fuck.” He muttered to himself. “We’re going to have to go through them.” He looked at you and you nodded, clutching his arm for dear life as he started for the group of girls.

The girls started to scream, reaching for Calum as he waved and smiled slightly. “I’m sorry, we have to go.” He kept repeating. That didn’t go over too well with his fans. “Go where? To fuck in some alley?” One of the girls screamed. “What a fucking whore!” “You could do so much better!” were also screamed at you. You took a deep breath, holding onto Calum’s arm tighter as you continued to walk threw the girls. You had never had so many rude things screamed at you at once, it was a lot to handle, but you bit back the tears. “She’s not even pretty.” You heard one of them whisper to her friend.

Once you were free, and back on venue grounds you let go of Calum’s arm, wiping your nose with your sleeve. Calum’s eyes widened as he realized you were crying. “Oh,” He sighed, pulling you back into him. “I am so sorry. I didn’t think anyone would find us..I’m sorry. I should’ve backed off when you asked me to. I’m sorry…” He sighed again, rubbing your back. “You know I love you more than anything right? You are the most beautiful, amazing thing in my life and I will never let something like that happen to you again. I promise you.” He kissed the top of your head repeatedly. “I’m not mad at you Cal, it’s not your fault. I’ve just never felt so…hated before.” You buried your head into his chest as you began to calm down.

Ashton: As you only had a day or two left of being on tour with Ashton, he decided he wanted to take you out and explode whatever city you were in (neither of you were sure which one since it changed every day). He offered to buy you whatever you wanted, but mostly you just wanted to spend time with him. You were both dreading you leaving, and so did the other dudes because it meant Ashton would go back to being his on edge self without you around. “Ash can we go in here?” You motioned to a boutique that had some cute dresses in the window, a local place, and he smiled. “Of course princess.” You walked into the store hand in hand, where you were greeted by the shop keeper telling you she would be around if you needed help with anything. With a polite nod you begin looking around the store, Ashton following in your wake wherever you went. You thought it was cute that he wanted the day to be all about you, he wanted you to feel like his princess.

“Hey Ash, do you like this one?” You said, holding up an emerald green dress that went to your mid thigh. His eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw it, which you knew meant he wanted you to try it on. You walked back to the dressing rooms and closed the door, quickly changing into the dress. When you opened the door, Ashton’s mouth almost touched the floor. “What do you think Ashton?” His mouth was still hanging wide open and he didn’t answer you. “Ashton!” “What?” “What do you think of the dress?” “You look absolutely gorgeous Y/N! Can you wear that all the time?” You blushed, his comment making you want the dress even more. “Come on, get changed so I can pay for it and we can show you off in that beautiful dress.” You kissed him quickly, changing and following him to go pay for the dress. You saw the car waiting across the street for the two of you to take you back to the venue, smiling that there weren’t many people and turned back around to face the cashier with Ashton. Neither you or Ashton had realized that a girl walking by outside the store was a 5SOS fan, immediately tweeting out Ashton’s location and that you were with him. When the two of you turned around a few minutes later, there was a mob of fans waiting outside the store doors. 

“Shit! I was hoping this wouldn’t happen…” Ashton muttered to himself, quickly trying to figure out a plan to get you out of there safely. Since fans had already spotted him, a back door wasn’t an option. “Y/N I am so sorry, but there’s only one way out of here.” You barely managed to nod, huge crowds scared you more than anything and being in one of them was not going to go over well. “I promise I won’t let anyone hurt you. Just stay close to me.” You nodded again, grabbing Ashton’s arm as hard as you could with both hands as Ashton had your dress in his other hand. Without wasting a minute, he opened the door and began pushing through the mob of screaming girls. “ASHTON! ASHTON!” they all yelled, each reaching out with their phones to try and get a picture with him. “WHO EVEN IS SHE?” You heard someone yell. “YOU COULD DO BETTER ASHTON!” another one shouted. “HE DOESN’T DESERVE YOU, YOU’RE JUST WITH HIM BECAUSE HE’S IN A BAND YOU WHORE.” “HEY THATS MY GIRLFRIEND, HAVE SOME RESPECT.” Ashton yelled, who began to push through the people even faster. It took everything you had in you to just keep looking at the ground, the tears wanting to spill from your eyes. Sure you got hate on twitter, but never had it screamed in your face before. Once Ashton got you into the car, you cradled your head into his chest, a few tears streaming down your face. “I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry..” He rocked you back and forth slowly, soothing you. “I promise that will never happen again.” Later Ashton tweeted about the encounter, telling fans to respect his relationship with you. Most of the comments were positive, and that was what you chose to look at.

Luke: It was the last show you had to watch before going back home, and you were trying to make the most of it with Luke. You stood side stage with Liz as usual, exchanging stories about Luke and most of hers being embarrassing things Luke did as a kid. You found them all cute, especially when she told you about that time when Luke gave you a flower on your first day of Year 3. You thought he had gotten the flower for you, when he really had taken the flower from his neighbors garden and blamed it on his brother. Classic Luke, always trying to win you over since day one. It finally paid off almost two years ago now and you were glad you finally came to your senses. Standing there, some fans would wave at you and Liz from the front rows that could actually see you standing in the wings. You always loved talking to fans, and Luke loved how good you were with them. You knew from day one that the fans were important to Luke and that they would be important to you too.

“Alright guys! This is our last song!” Luke said into the mic, the entire crowd going “awwwww” collectively saying they didn’t want the set to end. You smiled even though the set was ending because you and Luke now got to spend your last night together watching 1D and relaxing. “I know I don’t want to leave either, You’ve been great guys! This one’s called Try Hard.” They all played their hearts out, running off stage once they took their bow. Luke wrapped you in his arms once he ran off stage. You inhaled his scent, a mixture of his cologne and sweat, a smell you found oddly comforting.  “Come with me to the bus before 1D? I wanna change out of this sweaty clothes.” “Of course babe.” He grabbed your hand, lacing his fingers through yours. When you exited towards the bus, there was a small group of fans who didn’t have tickets to the show waiting for a chance for any member to come outside. After going on the bus and changing, you nodded at Luke when he looked at you, knowing he wanted to spend time with his fans. They always tried to make sure every person was included, which was one of the things you loved about him being in 5SOS. You watched as Luke took the time to talk to every one of them and take pictures. It warmed your heart when you saw them walk away with huge smiles on their faces because of something Luke said or just that they met him. 

Occasionally one or two of them would wave at you and smile as they let the next girl have their moment with Luke and you always returned the smile warmly. “Y/N! Y/N!” You heard a few of them shout, motioning for you to come to them. Luke nodded, which you took to mean you should come over with them. “Hi girls!” You say when you walk over. “Oh my gosh you’re Y’N!” One of them blurted out, immediately covering her mouth with her hand. “Yeah that’s me! How are you?” You could see how nervous she was, feeling bad it was because of you. “I’m good! I just can’t believe I’m meeting you and Luke! Can you guys sign my phone?” “Of course!” You gladly accept the phone when she hands it to you, handing it to Luke when you finish.“Do you want a picture with Luke?” You ask, sure that she won’t want you in it. “Can you be in it too? My friend can take it!” “Absolutely! Let’s do it.” Luke hands her her phone back, getting on the other side of her, putting his arm around her and his hand on your shoulder. “Thank you so much, you two are my favorite people ever. I’m never going to forget this!” She turned around, giving her friend her chance with Luke. You noticed her twitter written on her hand, taking out your phone and following her. It wasn’t every day that you met a fan that nice, making a mental note to get Luke to follow her too. “Thanks so much guys, sorry you couldn’t see the show! We have to go now, love you all!” Luke waved as you guys walked back into the venue to watch the show. Looking down at your phone you saw a notification “OMG @Y/T/H AND @LUKE5SOS FOLLOWED ME I CAN’T BREATHE.” You smiled, loving that you were able to make a fan happy.

(Calum and Michael written by Nessy, Ashton and Luke written by Danielle)


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