motion addicts

My warm-ups from the last few days have had a common theme. I love the different styles used in the Legend of Zelda games. Can you guess who’s my favorite? You’re right! It’s Link! Pfft It’s totally the Twilight Princess design.

You’re on top of me,
now curving your back,
raising your loins from mine
to escape the heat,
or rather
just to tease me, 
but the fever of our flesh 
still sears through this
newly created space
between wet
black cotton
inches away from purple satin.
I thrust in an upwards motion,
addicted to your grinding,
but you wont let me
near anymore.
You bury your face in
the space between my
neck and my shoulder,
to let my eyes trail
your neck,
and shoulder blades,
to your thin waist
where my hands
are still trying to
pull you down on me.
But now I see –
What you really want from me.
I’m hypnotized by your wiggling,
my hands
slide from your waist to lower –
my fingers can’t help but kneed.
Too round, too soft.
Your wiggling
immediately turns into you
slightly squirming in anticipation.
I keep gently massaging you,
petting you,
“You want this too much.”
I feel you
biting and kissing my neck,
a reaction to my stern words.
your squirming intensifies
into an undisciplined
humping motion.
I hear your soft moans,
how you gasp
and hold your breathe, freezing
in your motions as you
feel me lifting my
hand –
Only to
slowly bring it down again,
gently massaging you,
petting you.
I won’t give you what you want
until your your gasps
and sighs
into uncontrollable moans.
I won’t give in to my own
to pleasure your body the
way you like me to,
you’ll beg me to, softly
I raise my hand again,
Once – hard.
Your answer is a whisper –
Twice – hard, the same force,
until you wiggle again.
I listen to your breathing,
waiting –
til you grow impatient and want
to whisper ‘harder’ again,
before you do,
I interrupt you by giving you
the exact amount of force
you want.
Third time, fourth – harder.
I lose control by
the way you gasp and moan,
and repetitively give you
my force;
fast and hard,
til your body quivers
and you collapse onto me,
panting; trying to
catch your
limp with orgasmic pleasure.
me with a passionate kiss,
you offering me your all,
I would take it all;
knowing how I
—  Tease II - M.A. Tempels © 2016 
(Tease I)