She’s a snap clone designed for cyborg applications who enjoys ice and welding fuel.

They’re a positronic intelligence housed in a decommissioned military support chassis with a fondness for late 23rd century Earth philosophy.

Together, they are utterly ineffective at stopping the traitor from delaminating the supermatter engine crystal lattice and blowing up Engineering.

DFW word of the day


1. Biology Moving or having the power to move spontaneously: motile spores.

2. Psychology Of or relating to mental imagery that arises primarily from sensations of bodily movement and position rather than from visual or auditory sensations.

Latin m tus, motion (from past participle of mov re, to move; see motion) + -ile1

mo·til i·ty (m -t l -t ) KEY (Noun)


Motile’s first single from Princess, “Lavaboyz”!
a video by Giulia Essyad


bkyon pa - to scold. predicative morpheme forming compound verbs used in “motile language”. {bkyon pa, bkyon pa, bkyon pa, bkyon} trans. v.; 1) to beat. 2) to scold [RY]

skal pa las kyi rlung - one’s individual share/ lot of subtle motile energy of karma [RY]

thur sel gyi rlung - downward-clearing wind, downward-voiding wind, downward-moving subtle motile energy governing excretory and reproductive functions [RY]

me mnyam gyi rlung - subtle motile energy stabilizing warmth governing digestive functions [RY]

yang zhing gyo ba - light and motile [IW]

rlung - 1) wind [element]. breeze. 2) the breath, breathing, vital energy, air, vayu, 3) prana [vital current of energy or air]. 4) pranayama. (subtle) wind; subtle motile energy; psychic energy [prana], wind, air, [vayu]; vital energy; currents [RY]

rlung gi khams - air element [light and motile yang zhing gyo ba'i rang bzhin can] [IW]

rlung ni rang bzhin gyis gyo ba'i phyir - because wind is naturally motile [IW]

srog rtsol - 1) life force. 2) [restraining]. vitality and exertion, [pranayama]. life effort, mind yoga; prana, energy of life-force; (yogic practices for) harnessing and channeling subtle motile energy [RY]

srog ‘dzin gyi rlung - life sustaining wind, vitalizing wind, life supporting wind, subtle motile energy maintaining life force [RY]

Gaw and Dop

  Because practical test of aircraft was impossible within the Space Colony, the design of Zeon aircraft was carried out by only in the simulation that basis of the existing aviation technology. The Aircraft that had been developed in the theory leading, had different unique appearance from a typical one. The Dop is such a typical Zeon’s aircraft which has huge canopy that was assumed the situation of Minovsky particles fields and very short body that pursuit of motility to the limit.

Minovsky physics

  The Minovsky physics is the physics of Minovsky particles and its application technology. Y.T.Minovsky, The inventor of Minovsky physics, was born in the Side 3 U.C.25.

  The Minovsky particles that make him to be described as one of the best genius of Universal Century, is specific substance that static mass is almost zero, has a positive or negative charge, the aligned to the cubic lattice-shaped by the balance of its electrostatic input and T Force  (interconversion action acting between Minovsky particles) reveal the property of “crystal”. The announcement which is predicted the presence of this particle by Minovsky, was criticized as intended to revive the “ether theory” of the 19th century, and attacked or ignored.

  The theory that can be treated Force such as electromagnetic forces, nuclear foces, gravity and Space as unified single field instead of describing as the separate phenomenon. That had able to be explained only in part by the 20th century of genius Einstein’s “Unified Field Theory” assumptions. Minovsky was achieved complete it by assuming the existence of the particles. Theoretical physics of Minovsky has been applied to a number of technology during the subsequent 20 years. Thermonuclear reactor (Minovsky-Ionesco reactor), mega particle cannon, jamming, Minovsky communication, field motor,  anti-gravity (Minovsky Craft), etc., which were to promote all of the military technology development.

  U.C.72, Y.T.Minovsky was defected to the federal via the Side 6. The reason is the antipathy to the Zabi family that dictatorship the Zeon. Also he hoped that was to be Zeon and federal two forces balance would avoided the war. But his personal efforts end in futility, the war was broke out and it has led to death half of humanity.


Dear friends,
We inhabitants of Black Hair City are thrilled to announce the release of Motile’s new LP Princess, the very first release from our Black Hair City Records imprint! Princess was written, recorded, and self-produced in Lisbon (as well as a brief session in Boston) from 2010-12. 

The album is streaming and available to download for free (or at any other price you so desire) right now at To celebrate the release, we’ve printed a limited run of 20 hard copies on glamorous pink CDs adorned with stickers housed in a custom sleeve designed by our very own Giulia Essyad.

Please share this post with your friends, and enjoy the record!




This guinea pig was brought into the hospital because the owner noticed she was not eating as much as usual and seemed to be bloated. She has also been barbering her own own hair and ingesting it. Her abdomen was indeed very gas distended so radiographs were taken.

In the very first image you can clearly see a round structure in the stomach. She was given barium in order to determine where exactly the object was and whether or not there was another blockage in her GI tract. The rest of the images are in chronologic order of the study (note that some images have been excluded for simplicity sake).

The object is clearly in her stomach but the barium is able to pass through into the cecum and colon. Most likely this is a tricho/phytobezoar. Because she is still eating and defecating she was given some fluids and sent home with pain medication as well as a pro-motility drug to see if we get her to pass the object. If it is still there on the re-check radiograph we will have to consider taking her to surgery.

Father’s Day was tough, because we’ve been trying for a long time, and nothing. I’m not a father even though I want to be. We have gone through IUI and nothing. We can’t afford more. And it appears that the motility-impacting culprit is diabetes, and the wonders of nerve damage. It doesn’t help when everyone else seems to be having kids, and my parents won’t shut up about it – especially in front of my wife, and it just breaks our hearts even more. I’ve accomplished many of my dreams in life, but this one… may have been stolen from me. And I feel mad that it’s a topic more men aren’t able or willing to talk about publicly, so we feel very alone in dealing with this. Yet, I’m not willing to share this publicly, and so I feel like a hypocrite.

anachronizomai asked:


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This answered ask is brought to you by the completion of: “Pharmacology for the Treatment of Gut Motility” (i.e. the lecture that I took notes on the day I watched it–and then it didn’t save. I’m not bitter that I had to re-do those notes, nope, not at all…)


49. Is your life anything like it was two years ago?
not at all. med school is super different from college, and I mean, two years ago, I was a junior and taking terrible departmental courses, half of which were “memorize or die” – but now everything is “memorize or die,” and it totally sucks. I also think I had more friends at school two years ago, and not having as many close friends at the close of my MS1 year makes me a bit sad… also I’m a lot angrier more frequently this year because racism. and the sadness and “depression” I’ve experienced this year have come from more external rather than personal/internal reasons. and um… two years ago, I was just starting to learn about social justice, and now I’m actually doing the thing, so my life is a lot more exciting in that regard.

The fabulous Tara Foster with her daughter Madison Jo (3) and son Joshua Alton (9 mo). Tara always knew that she wanted to be a mother. She and her husband conceived their first pregnancy shortly after getting married and were over the moon. They told everyone and just a short time after she started spotting and miscarried. They were devastated but assumed they would be able to get pregnant again as soon as they were ready. After trying and trying with no success they decided to look into things further and learned that she wasn’t ovulating regularly and her husband was having some motility issues. Just as she was getting ready to have an HSG procedure to see if her fallopian tubes were clear she learned that she was pregnant with Madison. Her pregnancy went very well and she had a midwife assisted birth in hospital which was exactly what she had hoped for. They started trying for their second as soon as she started having her cycle again and were able to conceive Joshua within 11 months of trying. Her second pregnancy went wonderfully also and her midwife had moved to a birthing center which was a dream of Tara’s and she had another amazing birth. Tara has inverted nipples so nursing Madison was a challenge at first and she had to learn to use a shield, she was never able to wean off of it so 3 plus years later she’s still using one for her. She was able to latch Joshua without complication and without the shield which has been wonderful. She says she is mostly a referee when she tandem feeds but is so grateful to have the relationship with each of them. Tara is very comfortable with her body and wants to promote positive body image for her children. She hopes that by showing them confidence helps to impart their own self love. #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #4thtrimester #4thtribodies #pregnancy #everybodyisbeautiful #feminism #feminist #selflove #bodylove #fourthtribodies #4thtrimke

Ode to Cholinomimetics (part 2)

The heart is aaffected by ACh:

it slows conduction/contraction’s pace

Its negative inotropic, so the muscles are weak

itll cause bradycardia to slow the heartbeat

And vasodilation to widen blood vessels

and peripheral vascular resistance is lesser.

As GI motility increases its hustle

so too does the tone of the detrussor muscle

And sphincter tone does the opposite

even as bronchioles are made to constrict.

Acetylcholine, when dirrectly applied,

contracts the sphincter of iris of eyes

And also of ciliaary muscle to help

accomodate seeing things closer to self.

Yes, ACh contracts the iris’ sphincter 

while lowering intraocular pressure.

Leaked Lyrics

Pretty Face (To be sung with tears and occasional wracking sobs.)

Walking in daylight never meant a thing.

Always been one for avoiding tans and light conversation.  

Just cloaked in my insufferable pride… my insufferable pride.

Keeping my motility locked inside of me.

Everything was nothing special until I saw the sun rise and its’ pretty face.

I fell in love with that pretty face.

For me it was one thing, for you another.

I was your brother, you were my lover.

All I have left is a hand full of regrets…acid regrets eating me inside,

Sun-burnt memories washing away like sand in the tide.

You can call down the moon but the sun only rises for itself.  

The moon weeps and no one hears it but the night.

Medicine List Pt. 3/3

Fall Medications (mid-September to the end of November):
• Erythromycin 250 to 500mg. My second GI put me on this from mid-September to mid-November. This antibiotic has the effect of stimulating stomach motility, though it does so by making the stomach churn so violently that it can aggravate nausea, cause vomiting, and diarrhea (I did not experience the last two side effects). I didn’t feel immediately better after taking this, but about a week after I went off this med and I had my second gastric nuclear emptying scan, I got normal results! So I am inclined to think that it helped push my stomach past the hurdle of normal digestion.

Well, this is my medicine list so far. I’ll be putting up a diet I followed as well a modified lifestyle. But let me know if these help or if you have anymore questions!

G17V RHOA: genetic evidence of GTP-unbound RHOA playing a role in tumorigenesis in T cells.

G17V RHOA: genetic evidence of GTP-unbound RHOA playing a role in tumorigenesis in T cells.

Small GTPases. 2015 Jun 23;:0

Authors: Chiba S, Enami T, Ogawa S, Sakata-Yanagimoto M

RHOA is a member of RHO family small GTPases. Over the past 2 decades, numerous biochemical and cell biological studies on RHOA have demonstrated signalings such as activation of RHO-associated coiled-coil forming kinases through guanine nucleotide exchange and GTP hydrolysis, cellular responses such as actin fiber formation and myocin activation, biological consequences such as cell motility and cytokineses, etc. There have also been a plenty of active discussion on the roles of RHOA in tumorigenesis, primarily based on gain- and loss-of-function experiments. However, cell-type-specific functions of RHOA have only recently been delineated by conditional gene targeting strategies. Furthermore, very little information had been available on human cancer genetics until we and others recently reported frequent somatic RHOA mutations in a distinct subtype of T-cell-type malignant lymphoma called angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AITL), and other T-cell lymphoma with AITL-like features. The RHOA mutations were very specific to these types of lymphoma among hematologic malignancies, and a single hotspot, glycine at the 17th position, was affected by the replacement with valine (G17V). Remarkably, G17V RHOA did not bind GTP, and moreover, it inhibited the GTP binding to wild-type RHOA. How G17V RHOA contributes to T-cell lymphomagenesis needs to be clarified. [199 words; 150-200].

PMID: 26103434 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

via pubmed: lymphoma daily