She’s a snap clone designed for cyborg applications who enjoys ice and welding fuel.

They’re a positronic intelligence housed in a decommissioned military support chassis with a fondness for late 23rd century Earth philosophy.

Together, they are utterly ineffective at stopping the traitor from delaminating the supermatter engine crystal lattice and blowing up Engineering.

DFW word of the day


1. Biology Moving or having the power to move spontaneously: motile spores.

2. Psychology Of or relating to mental imagery that arises primarily from sensations of bodily movement and position rather than from visual or auditory sensations.

Latin m tus, motion (from past participle of mov re, to move; see motion) + -ile1

mo·til i·ty (m -t l -t ) KEY (Noun)


Motile’s first single from Princess, “Lavaboyz”!
a video by Giulia Essyad


bkyon pa - to scold. predicative morpheme forming compound verbs used in “motile language”. {bkyon pa, bkyon pa, bkyon pa, bkyon} trans. v.; 1) to beat. 2) to scold [RY]

skal pa las kyi rlung - one’s individual share/ lot of subtle motile energy of karma [RY]

thur sel gyi rlung - downward-clearing wind, downward-voiding wind, downward-moving subtle motile energy governing excretory and reproductive functions [RY]

me mnyam gyi rlung - subtle motile energy stabilizing warmth governing digestive functions [RY]

yang zhing gyo ba - light and motile [IW]

rlung - 1) wind [element]. breeze. 2) the breath, breathing, vital energy, air, vayu, 3) prana [vital current of energy or air]. 4) pranayama. (subtle) wind; subtle motile energy; psychic energy [prana], wind, air, [vayu]; vital energy; currents [RY]

rlung gi khams - air element [light and motile yang zhing gyo ba'i rang bzhin can] [IW]

rlung ni rang bzhin gyis gyo ba'i phyir - because wind is naturally motile [IW]

srog rtsol - 1) life force. 2) [restraining]. vitality and exertion, [pranayama]. life effort, mind yoga; prana, energy of life-force; (yogic practices for) harnessing and channeling subtle motile energy [RY]

srog ‘dzin gyi rlung - life sustaining wind, vitalizing wind, life supporting wind, subtle motile energy maintaining life force [RY]


Dear friends,
We inhabitants of Black Hair City are thrilled to announce the release of Motile’s new LP Princess, the very first release from our Black Hair City Records imprint! Princess was written, recorded, and self-produced in Lisbon (as well as a brief session in Boston) from 2010-12. 

The album is streaming and available to download for free (or at any other price you so desire) right now at To celebrate the release, we’ve printed a limited run of 20 hard copies on glamorous pink CDs adorned with stickers housed in a custom sleeve designed by our very own Giulia Essyad.

Please share this post with your friends, and enjoy the record!



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anonymous asked:

Hey im 17 and I'm a virgin but lately I've been masturbating a lot idk it's kinda weird but it's like it makes me feel more content and I want to do it all the time, is it normal?

OF COURSE, it’s normal and its also good for you and Ill tell you why.
If you’re a male:
1. prevents premature ejaculation
2. prevents prostate cancer
3. prevents erectile dysfunction
4. improves sperm motility
5. improves your timing
6. reduces nasal congestion
7. manages depression
8. improves immunity
9. boosts your mood
10. orgasm (if you do it right)
If you’re a female:
1. improves strength
2. improves sleep quality
3. improves cervical health
4. improves general health
5. strengthens relationships (with a partner)
6. relieves cramps
7. helps cure (DOES NOT CURE ON ITS OWN, IT JUST HELPS) a urinary tract infection
8. improves sex
9. relieves menopause symptoms
10. multiple orgasms (if done right)

there are more benefits (obviously) but I didn’t want to make the post so long

Turbo Twist

To successfully reach and fertilise an egg, sperm must endure a long and arduous journey through the female reproductive organs. Many fall by the wayside, but a team of scientists has recently developed a technique that could provide struggling sperm with a little roadside assistance. They developed magnetic micromotors, based on minute metal-coated helices, which can be linked to sperm and remotely guided to power them towards their destination. As seen in this video, a tiny motor attaches itself to the sperm’s tail, drives it towards the egg and finally releases it to bring about fertilisation. For couples unable to conceive because of problems with sperm motility, this method could provide a more effective solution than traditional IVF, without having to extract eggs and induce fertilisation in an artificial environment. While much more research is needed, motorised assistance has the potential to transform the future of fertility treatments.

Written by Emmanuelle Briolat

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What if we actually let up on the training of children and allow ourselves, as adults, to be retrained instead? […] [I]f, for the child, language is a playground where meaning is contingent, illusionary, motile, impermanent, and constantly shifting to keep up with the data flows that course across their inchoate consciousnesses, then maybe adults should improvise more, pick up terms, words, lexicons from children who, in many ways, live the world differently than we do, live it more closely, live it more intensely, and, sometimes, live it more critically.
—  J. Jack Halberstam, Gaga Feminism (xxv)

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is offensive... I'm just curious, and really feel bad for the stress you're going through. why exactly is it difficult for you to get pregnant? is there anything that would help, other than what the doctors can do? sorry for the ignorance :s I really dont mean to be rude, if it is, just tell me or ignore this. sincere apologies if it does come off as rude. wishing you the best.

Nah, it’s fine.

It boils down to that my husband and I are, putting it bluntly, infertile. I have PCOS, which has affected both the frequency with which I ovulate and the quality of the eggs I release. My husband has low morphology and motility, which basically means that anything he releases is shaped weird and mostly just swims around in circles–basically, they’re a bunch of drunk mutants.

As to what else would help, that’s what we’re looking into. If this pregnancy doesn’t keep, we’ll be meeting back up with our reproductive endocrinologist to figure out what’s going on and see what else we can do to improve our chances. I get the impression that this cycle’s particular fuckups stem from the massive amounts of stress we were under a couple of months before starting this cycle, which can affect egg quality as well.

We have formed the idea that in each individual there is a coherent organization of mental processes; and we call this his ego. It is to this ego that consciousness is attached; the ego controls the approaches to motility — that is, to the discharge of excitations into the external world; it is the mental agency which supervises all its own constituent processes, and which goes to sleep at night, though even then it exercises the censorship on dreams. From this ego proceed the repressions, too, by means of which it is sought to exclude certain trends in the mind not merely from consciousness but also from other forms of effectiveness and activity.
—  Sigmund Freud, The Ego and the Id
Inhibition of bacterial motility and spreading via release of cranberry derived materials from silicone substrates

     You’ve been listening to me talk about cranberries for awhile now, and I’m sure you’re dying to know what is being done about this potential anti-biofilm agent. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that researchers from McGill University have been working on incorporating cranberry derivatives into silicone discs! Silicone is frequently used in medial devices like catheters and often falls foul of biofilm build up. But, by having the silicone itself secrete the cranberry derivatives we’ve been talking about, there is much less chance of a biofilm developing on the medical device. This article shows the potential effectiveness of cranberry-containing medical devices.

-Matthew Laaper

Defining Your Quality of Life + Other Stuff. An Update from Me!

Hey guys!

I’m trying to be a bit more relaxed(?) and personal in my posts lately and just keep you updated in my real world, day-to-day life as a patient who has Crohn’s Disease (and some extraintestinal manifestations that come with it) and a motility disorder. 

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