Paul was one of a kind: a musicians’ drummer who thought about the music, not just the rhythm, and cast his own sound on everything he played. But he could play anything, and with anybody. He was committed to his work, and didn’t stop learning as he grew older. When he wanted to start writing music, he learned how to write. Once, while playing at the Vanguard, I heard a crash, looked up, and Paul wasn’t there at his drums. But coming from behind his drums was his arm, reaching for the cymbals so he wouldn’t miss a beat. He had fallen off the drum stool in his musical excitement, but never stopped playing.
—  Keith Jarrett, quoted in Paul Motian Dies at 80 (

Rob Price and I are gearing up for a duo show as part of the Prospect Heights Music and Art Festival on July 16.

We play one set at 7pm at Branded Saloon on Vanderbilt Ave in Brooklyn.

Here’s a clip of us playing a great Paul Motian song, “Circle Dance” from way back in 2011 in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Kahekümne viies päev. Liikumises.

Oeh, ma olen nii läbi! Tööl oli täna täiesti meeletu päev ja kodus tahtsin ainult vedeleda ja pesta ja süüa ja veel vedeleda. Aga pildi pidi ju ka ära tegema…

Vaatasin teiste pilte ja taipasin, et minul pole loomi, lapsi ega midagi, mis tavaliselt liikumises on. Mis veel liigub? Vesi - tehtud. Mis veel liigub? Autod - tehtud! Inimesed kõnnivad, autod sõidavad, loomad jooksevad…

Raamatud. Raamatud on minu. Tõde ja õigus sai riiulist võetud, sest see on hea. Ja nii mu raamat liikuski. Nüüd tekkis tahtmine seda raamatut ka taaskord otsast peale lugema hakata, aga no ootab selle asjaga, kuni 150 teist raamatut on järjekorrast loetud.

…Sebbene ci insegnino a cercare una qualità senza tempo nell'arte, in realtà ad essere veramente senza tempo è la vita: la medesima successione, incredibilmente simile a se stessa, di esigenze, di richieste e dipendenze, che continuano a ripetersi e mescolano di anno in anno…
—  Paul Motion citato daAdam Gopnik in “Una casa a New York”

Bill Evans (p) Scott LaFaro (b) Paul Motian (d)


Masabumi Kikuchi & Gil Evans - Drizzling Rain (1972)

Sad to hear that pianist Masabumi ‘Poo’ Kikuchi has passed away. He has an amazing body of work mostly recorded in Japan, ranging from hard bop through to improvisation and fusion through to his recent work in New York with Paul Motian and others where he live up until his death.  He played with Miles Davis during his mid-70s ‘retirement’ and with Sadao Watanabe, Gary Peacock, Mal Waldron, Terumasa Hino, Joe Henderson, Masahiko Togashi and others.

This was from a record with Gil Evans from the early 70s. 

Kikuchi was equally distinctive on piano and Rhodes. Listen to him on the latter with one of his own compositions.

AUDIOPHILE MAN - CD REVIEWS: Gary Peacock Trio - Now This (ECM)
Featuring drummer Joey Baron, who has had his work compared to Paul Motian and pianist Marc Copland who enjoys harmonics and has worked with Peacock for many years, this trio format creates buckets full of sound and ambience that fills the ears and belies the lack of numbers involved in creating it. To read more, click


Paul Motian(pf/Masabumi Kikuchi)-If You Could See Me Now


Bill Evans Trio - Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Riverside RLP 376 - Enregistré le 25 juin 1961 - Sortie en 1961

Note: 7/10.

Ce disque est réputé être un incontournable. C’est très bon. Mais n’exagérons rien. “My man’s gone now” par exemple, superbe morceau très bien joué, ne tient pas la comparaison par rapport au MJQ.

  1. Gloria’s Step 6:01
  2. My Man’s Gone Now 6:14
  3. Solar 8:39
  4. Alice In Wonderland 8:25
  5. All Of You 8:10
  6. Jade Visions 3:40
  • Bass – Scott LaFaro
  • Drums – Paul Motian
  • Piano – Bill Evans

Bonus Deezer, parus en 1984 sur Milestone M 9125 Bill Evans - More From The Vanguard.

  1. “Gloria’s Step” (take 3) – 6:54
  2. “Alice in Wonderland” (take 1) – 6:59
  3. “All of You” (take 3) – 5:06
  4. “Jade Visions” (take 1) – 4:16
BROOKLYN 4: An afternoon with PooGastbeitrag über Masabumi Kikuchi von Henning Bolte

BROOKLYN 4: An afternoon with PooGastbeitrag über Masabumi Kikuchi von Henning Bolte

Heavy day-planning: due to physical and other handicaps only the meeting with Masabumi Kikuchi worked out. Masabumi Kikuchi (1939), pianist of the legendary Tethered Moon Trio with bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Paul Motian, released the trio-album Sunrise (ECM) with young bassist Thomas Morgan and the late Paul Motian last year, an album ranking high on my 2012-favorites-list. I am happy that…

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Bill Evans - More from the Vanguard

Milestone M 9125 - Enregistré le 25 juin 1961 - Paru en 1984

Note: 7/10.

Troisième album issu du concert au Vanguard le 25 juin 1961, sorti plus de 20 ans après Sunday at the Village Vanguard et Waltz for Debby. Cet album est pour l’essentiel constitué des mêmes titres, mais comme il y a eu trois concerts dans la journée, les prises sont différentes.

  1. Alice In Wonderland (take 1) 6:59
  2. Detour Ahead (take 1) 7:13
  3. All Of You (take 3) 8:04
  4. Gloria’s Step (take 3) 6:54
  5. My Romance (take 2) 7:12
  6. Jade Visions (take 1) 3:52
  7. Waltz For Debby (take 1) 6:49

Bill Evans (piano) Scott LaFaro (bass) Paul Motian (drums)

Bill Evans Trio - Waltz for Debby

Riverside RS 9399 - Enregistré le 25 juin 1961 - Sortie en 1961

Note: 7/10

Deuxième album issu du concert dominical du 25 juin 1961 au Village Vanguard. 3 sessions dans la journée et très belles!

  1. My Foolish Heart 4:56
  2. Waltz For Debby 6:54
  3. Detour Ahead 7:35
  4. My Romance 7:11
  5. Some Other Time 5:02
  6. Milestones 6:37

Bill Evans (piano) Scott LaFaro (bass) Paul Motian (drums)

A bonus du même concert: