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there's also poodle moths and they look adorable and fluffy just saying

he is the flannel moth

soft and fluff

i will draw him eventually

but goddamn poodles are fuckING  je sus

So it’s not like I forgot about the contest, just been a busy week at in my life, plush we got thunderstorms so I lost power XD;;


The grand winner is…



The 3 runner-ups are:

*Prize is the mobs and minions stickers made by Haku.

Will be sending the winners asks shortly after this post. Prizes will take a while to get shipped, at the latest expect them near the end of the month. Please look forward to it! I will keep you guys updated ^^

Thanks to everyone that participated! I had fun doing this so I may do another one in the future :3


If you don’t care about what I have to say just read the bolded text. I’m a little off from the actual amount of followers I was gonna do this at but I don’t have anything better to do so here you go. These are the blogs that I really enjoy because of the blogger and/or blog itself so thank you guys for making tumblr enjoyable for me. 

List is really long because I really only follow blogs if I really enjoy them. So, If you’re not on this I still enjoy your blog If I follow you at all so thanks a bunch to you guys too for making my tumblr experience; blogroll here (tbh I probably won’t ever unfollow any of you but you know I had to decide who to put on this) 

Check out these blogs at the least:

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