moths are cool!

January - December 2016

A year passes fast..

It was sooo difficult to chose just one pic for each month. I really did draw a lot this year and some months have many drawings I still love…others not so much :D
Yes, I did draw a lot this year!! AND IT WAS GREAT!!! I feel I made some nice progress this year and also finally dared to apply for art school and got accepted and for all this I wanna thank you!!! Thank you for all the support and love and inspiration you give me!!! The year is not over yet but this is already my little way of saying THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! <33

Thank you very much for everything and for 4000 followers!!!
AN AMAZING NUMBER!!! I would never thought I would get there!! It still amazes me that you love what I post and stick with me and talk to me. I love to share and am always happy to get your input, hcs, ideas and questions!!!
This was an important year for me! Thank you for staying with me and joining me!

real talk

why tf do people hate moths so much?? they’re just like tiny fluffy butterflies???

i mean

look at how furry they can be!! this one looks like a damn plushie!!!

and look how cool their wings are!!!

this one has snake heads on the tips of its wings!!!

and this one has a damn SKULL on its back!!!



conclusion: moths are adorable little furballs who deserved to be loved

moth-gurl replied to your post “other orcs: have cool, imposing sounding orc names my orc: her names…”

as a big woman also called daisy im already in love with this chara? yes


she’s a half orc she’s 6′3 she loves animals and pretty girls and i love her

I never wanted to think my mother was right about anything;
I wanted to think she deserved all my hate.

But truth be told, I know that baking soda cleans coffee stains off ceramic mugs.
Because my mother told me.

I know that when my stomach hurts, thinking about the ocean will help.
Because my mother said it would.

Keep the flour in the refrigerator so it doesn’t get moths;
Always let the cake cool before you ice it.

Have some chamomile tea, wash your face with cetaphil.
Take a bubble bath.

Somehow I am better than I ever imagined I could be,
Because my mother believed I would be.


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2016 was just me looking like a literal strawberry/blueberry… 2016 was the year of realizing my lesbianism - Kylie Jenner

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Story time

okay so about 3-4 years ago when I was like 8 or 9 i saw something on my deck railing. no biggie, probably just a chip in the wood we could replace. but when i was looking out my window (this was like mid summer in oregon so it was kinda hot) I realized it wasn’t a chip in the wood. No. This thing was a HUGE MOTH. And when I say huge, i dont mean like size of my thumb or anything. I MEAN BLOODY MASSIVE. This thing was the like 6-7 inches long (17.78 centimeters) and I could barley pick it up. I was scared okay? This huge ass moth just comes out of nowhere (also i should mention that this thing is BRIGHT red. thats a warning sign to me.) and scares the shit out of me. It was about the time when i first picked it up that this guy had a few tears in his wing, so he couldnt fly. This thing was the way bigger than my hand, so as a kid, i decided to haul ass to my mom and see what she could do. she ended up getting a big jar and poking a bunch of holes in the top for it while I gathered flowers. (cause i read thats what moths eat or some shit? i dunno.) We ended up keeping him for a day or two while he healed. I didn’t name him cause hey, if this guy was gonna die, i didn’t want to cry about it. He ended up healing fine. and i let him go a few days after i caught him. now, im thinking about this, and i searched the type up.

it was an Atlas moth. but theres one little detail.

“ The Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) is a large saturniid moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia, and is common across the Malay archipelago. “

How the everloving fuck did an Asian moth end up at my house in the middle of oregon.


Found this incredible Imperial Moth by my porch lights this morning! First time ever seeing this species!

This is a large North American moth in the family Saturniidae, the same family as other impressive moths like Luna or Promethea Moths. Adult moths, like this one, lack functional mouthparts, and do not eat during their short adulthood.

I live for cool moths.